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The Official Lore of Athentha

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Athentha is made up of five islands. A chain of floating islands. Athentha, Lyonesse, Rowan, Talia and Allia. Named respectively by the founders who created them, Absolon Athentha
Rowan Yazu, Grant Lyon with brothers, Virga Talia and Esben Nichol Allia. The islands know nothing of technology or magitech.


Athentha: Around 2,500-4000 total. 100% Demon, 0% of Elf, Dwarf, Hume, Fae, Vampire.

Lyonesse: Around 3,500 total. 70% Hume, 90% Elf, 25% Dwarf, Demon. 10% Fae, 5% Vampire

Rowan: Around 1,000-1,500 total. 80% High Elf, 60% Hume, 10% Demon, 25% Dwarf, 15% Fae, 2% Vampire.

Talia: Around 1,000 total. 90% Hume, 70% Elf, 50% Dwarf, 30% Fae, 5% Fae, Vampire, Demon.

Allia: Around 600 total. 90% Vampire, 70% Elf, 50% Hume, 30% Fae, 20% Dwarf, 10% Vampire, 5% Demon.


Athentha: The air is cold and chilly in the northern part of the island. The land is covered in ice snow and rain for most of the years with little sun. The air in Southern Athentha is hot, and windy. Barely any rain and plenty of sun.

Flora/Fauna: Onyxmouth {rare}, Zenith Ore, Otherworld Ash, Red Oak, White Oak {rare}, Ebony Oak.

Agriculture: The area is barren due to the many wars scarred upon its rich soil.

Indigeous Animals: Griffins, Unicorns, Phoenixes, Dragons, Sphinxes, Hippograffs

Military: Athentha is an land of ice and snow. The capital of Athentha houses a base of the top military dogs. Learned and trained in the most powerful of magic and weapons. The training here is ridiculously rough and weary. Only the strongest survive this training.

Imports/Exports: Athentha imports Food, Medicine, Weapons, Plants. Athentha exports weapons, armour, medicine, airships.

Education: One or two schools, academies, most taught at home.

Transportation: Ships, Airships

Landmarks/Monuments: There are statues of Absolon all around. Made from copper ore. Also the old Temple of Absolon houses the statues of Absolon and Aslyn Legendia in battle of the first age of Athentha.

Hot Spots:

The Underdepths, Ebony-Yahera: The small village lies at the edge of YuGhu-Zu Mountains. Sitting north of Absolon, this village holds the underdepths of Ebony-Yahera. Where it once held demons of all sorts, it now is a tourist site. It still houses the unawakened demons for it is cursed.

The Villages of Val Roux and Val Cruxia: The sister villages were built in 1670AY, during the first age of Athentha. Val Roux and Cruxia were named after the twin witches who lived in each village. Cruxia houses the rainbow ore that can create the true form of the Dark Winged Beast. Roux houses the Orange Oak trees, a mysterious and little known about tree.

The Fishing Town of Hydra: found towards the bottom half of the large island lies Hydra. Its major trade would be fish. But it also holds the only White Oak Tree. It is planted ontop of a witch’s grave. It is said this tree keeps the town bountiful.

The Old Temple of Absolon: The old temple is rich is the telling of Athentha’s bloodied past. Built during Absolon’s rule, it houses the history of war.

History: Founded in 1678AY, for AY is the abbreviation of Athentha-Yral, when it once together before the secession of Yral from Athentha in 1680AY. This is the time period for the island, dates will change however but the AY is permanent. There is a blood red moon every couple decades to signal in the ceremony of the new Demon King. The title is passed to the ruler of the major islands, unless otherwise dictated. There are five major artifacts,buried under the five major islands. Though with the new islands they are buried under the five temples, Argyll, Solstice, Obelisk, LeuEryth and Glacial Yew. At one time, they were buried under the five separate islands to keep the evil from obtaining the cursed artifacts. The Elders are the rulers along with the heiress Rin. Though their intentions are evil, they are acclaimed heroes in the face of the beast. The Dark Winged Beast is the main legend of the islands, everyone knows everything or as much as told about it. Created by Miach using his own child, it is said to ravage the islands every decade the moon is in the sky. The Last known person made as the beast is the young half breed Rin. Kogal is the main shaman/healer of the islands. He is also the advisor and oversees things when Rin cannot. He is also the only one who can kill Rin permanently. The two rogue artifacts Rheumy and Amaranth do not work for the blood red children. They work for whomever hires them or their own ambitions. The Fae Morven knows all about Rin's forgotten memories and that serves the purpose of helping the girl restore these lost pieces.



Lyonesse: The second largest island, has a climate different from Athentha altogether. The land sees more of the sun with few snowy seasons. Rain falls seasonally upon the lush forests of Lyonesse. Also, the land climate tends to be more of the four seasons closely related to the human world’s own.


Roslynth: a rare and beautiful flower that grows among the temple of Solstice or as the old called it Yao Jin Si. It blooms every two thousand years during the drought season. Resembles the cactus of the human world, only it’s not one. It's a blue lily with a pink center.

Drydth Lily: a common white and orange lily found out throughout the island of Lyonesse. Mostly common around the cities of Yral or Drydth. Seen mostly around the spring, summer and rainy seasons.

Crystal Cacti: a small octacular shaped flower that has a short life span. It begins blooming in the spring months of April, May and ends its life cycle in October, November. It is coloured white to an off white colour and the center is made out of crystal glass. Usually seen around the cities of Zargo-Lyth or Yao Kuth.

Fahrenheit Varuna: the orange leaf trees that line Lyonesse and its cities. Grown since Grant Lyon came into power and founded the island. Known for its name, the tree can stand up to any kind of heat and is pretty indestructible.

Gravity’s Union: the pink coloured trees only found in Drydth, Zargo-Lythe and Solstice. These trees were brought to the land by a druid who thought they would protect the land from evil.

Agriculture: the land of Lyonesse is full of lush green grass and sprawling forests due to the ecosystem it learned and tweaked from humans.

Indigenous Animals: Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Horses, Lizards, Fish, Birds, ect.

Military: The training of Lyonesse soldiers aren't as bad as Athentha’s own. Not as many die here as they would in the island of ice and snow. But the training is still rigid and tough. Each soldier goes through basic training, magic training, demon hunting and learning to keep Athentha’s demons from gaining too much power.

Imports/Exports: Lyonesse imports cotton, silk, roses, chrysanthemums,  fruit, nuts, dates. Lyonesse exports peanuts, furs, clothes, trees, swords.

Education: schools, academies

Transportation: Foot, Coaches, Airships, Ships, Bicycles

Landmarks/Monument: Solstice Temple, Lighthouse of LeuEryth, Fareheheit Falls, Xu-Drydth Heights.


Solstice Temple: The old Temple known as Yao Jin Si has stood since the land was built. Erected in 1674AY, the temple was completely built when the Athentha-Lyonesse war broke out. It houses the imprisoned demons of Athentha, the ones who failed the three trials. The temple of Solstice is alive. It is also the key turning point in the war.  

LeuEryth Lighthouse: The lighthouse was founded in 1700AY by Grant Lyon himself. H wanted to make one in honor of the old days he spent with his grandfather on the coasts of Nova Scotia. He lived there briefly before joining up with Absolon Athentha. The lighthouse is made out of prefabricated iron and steel as its base. It has a narrow cylindrical core surrounded with a open lattice work base. Built on the high cliffs of LeuEryth, it was built in the water. The lantern room has been made with the strongest glass, unbreakable by any means. There is also a stormproof ventilator to remove the smoke and heat. And a lightning rod and grounding system connected for a safe conduit.

Drydth Cascades: These high range of mountains run from the lands of Yral to Xu-Dryth Heights. The mountains are long in range and high amounts of dangerous creatures. Mainy hawks and hippogriffs. Some dragons also roost here but they are a rare sight. Among these mountain peaks lie the rare medical plants of Wyrmmouth. The line the mountain side from the top to the bottom. The top also aways encounters a blizzard effect all year long. The other parts of the mountain are in normal conditions most of the year.

Xu-Dryth Heights: These dreary heights make the up the southern part of Lyonesse. It always rains here as if it is haunted or cursed. These heights were built by the crashing waves that carved the land and the buildings built by the family only known as Fredrickson. And it seemed the only people to live in it was a family of druids and witches. No one knows the true history of the heights which makes it a tourist exhibit.

History: Founded in 1706AY, the land of Lyonesse was formed. Grant Lyon was in the exploration party led by Absolon Athentha. He was also Absolon’s right hand man. They were in heavy negotiations and business deals until the Athentha-Yral war. It also caused the Yao Ji Si also known as the Solstice Temple to be created by the Lyonesse to keep Athentha from becoming too overpowered. Though not as great a beginning that Athentha had, Lyonesse built itself up from the mixing of cultures from humans and their own kind. The start it had was a measly little market place. Along with the temple, Lyon built to allow humans to live among all sorts of creatures.


Climate: The climate of Talia almost is identical to the human world and Lyonesse. It has the same four seasons that Lyonesse and the human world have, though they last longer than Lyonesse and the human world. Summer and Fall last longer than Spring and Winter.


Varuna Rose: These common flowers can be seen all around Talia. Named for the man who planted the flowers before it became an island. The flowers are small with red centers, white outlines.

Iris Eye: brought to Talia by Virga Talia. These irises look akin to the ones you find on Earth. Nothing special except in the shape of an eye than an iris flower. Rare except around Yu Dhu Library.

Chrysanthemum Core: small yellow flowers that look like cores. The insides have a sweet perfume like smell uses for perfumes and magic spells. Found around the inner cities of Talia.

Vanus Empty: the large oak trees that reside in Talia. The barks are red orange and yellow while the leaves are pink or purple. Found all over Talia.

Petroso Pinea: the trees that are made from fire, and grow on the outer banks of Talia’s major cities.

Agriculture: Grassland, Farmland, Urban Areas, Suburaran Areas, Corn fields, Cotton fields.

Indigenous Animals: Dogs, Cats, raccoons, dragons, unicorns, birds, ect.


Imports/Exports: Imports: Silk, Rice, Linen, Food, Medicine. Exports: Fruits, Cotton, Corn, Sheep, Cows.

Education: Thousands of Schools and Academies, Learning based schools teaching everything from both worlds.

Transportation: Airships, Walking, Coaches

Landmarks/Monuments: Yu Dhu Library, Glacial Reed Cove, Glacial Reed Ruins and the new city of Glacial Reed. Ruins of Xu-Ghen and Gwlad Yr Gaven.

Hot Spots:

Glacial Reed: The ice villa and capital of Talia houses the largest population of the entire land. It was founded in 1692AY built by Virgo Talia himself when he decided he wanted something similar to the capacity and knowledge of Athentha’s major city Val Roux. Though the majority is in ruins and hasn’t been rebuilt yet due to the city’s major problems and delegation with the war front. What is left is a beautiful city carved out of ice and decorated with steep history.

Yu Dhu  Library: The largest library in all of Athentha and the four islands. It was erected in 1567AY before it was discovered as an island. It has stood through many wars and destructive forces of nature. Though through a few storms the library had to be rebuilt as the structure of the building had rotted in a few places. Also they wanted to rebuild it to make it more structural built to withstand nature and human kind. It houses all the books containing the history of the Gods, the history of the land. It also houses the books on Athentha’s Bloodied Past, Talia’s Past History and the Dark Winged Beast.

Witherland: The land is barren and desolate from the wars of the island as it was used as a battlefield in dire times. It is also haunted and a prime candidate for housing the cult of Legendia, the cult of Dragoon, and the cult of YuGhu.

Damascus: The land houses the ancient tribe of Zu-Ghen a tribe that look like high and ancient Fae. Though hardly seen among the city due to the human invasion, there are a few still here today. Hiding in disguise among human folk, they have settled nicely into the land and prosper greatly once in awhile you will see fae mingling with hume life.

Serpentine Falls: The falls came to be long before the land was discovered. Crafted and shaped by the island itself into the shape of a serpent. It was called Serpentine because the abundant amount of serpentine ore found all over the falls. Crisp pristine water can be found here since it has not been touched much by human hands. Salmon, trout and catfish are also abundant here which makes it a great fishing spot if you can brave the always wild rushing rivers downstream.

The Ruins of Ansgar: The ruins of Ansgar is where the first Ansgar resided. Before its collapse and ruin, it was a great bustling city. It housed millions of people and was the biggest city of Talia. However during the war of Athentha and Lyonesse the city was destroyed. It was the biggest and most horrible causality to happen to the city. No one survived the magical attack from the Athemthians or Lyonesse gun fire. These ruins are the only reminder left of the city. It is said a powerful artifact lays buried in the underbelly of the ruins. Guarded by the past.

History: Virga Talia founded the island of Talia in 1680AY. He was part of the group made up of Absolon Athentha, Grant Lyon, Rowan Athentha and his brother Esben Talia. Though Virga wanted his brother to rule the island with him, Esben wanted nothing to do with the lan. His ideals and wants clashed with Virga’s own. And so after a heated argument over land disputes, Esben left Talia. The land is always neutral to the never ending disputes and wars between Athentha and Lyonesse. Though it is the third biggest island, Talia has had its fair share of wars and fights. Lyonesse and Athentha had feuded many times to own the island as part of its land. Talia is stepped in many lore passages and the history of old, as it has ties with the DarkWinged Beast. And also lots of shady deals with the human world.


Climate: Rowan’s climate is a combination of Athentha, Lyonesse and Talia. There are a total of three seasons which make up of Spring, Fall and Winter. The seasons seem to last a bit longer than normal human seasons with Fall lasting the longest out of the three.


Fossillia Ancestoria: The small clover looking flower can be found all over Rowan. It does well, mostly blooming at the end of the Spring season. The life cycle of the flower ends at the beginning of the Winter season. The clover comes in a variety of reds and yellows. It is also small as a human’s palm.

Ullium Archangelica: This flower looks like the shape of an angel. It rarely blooms in the capital cit. Blooming in the beginning of the fall season and lasts until the Spring season. It is an all white color and  inches in diameter.

Hypericum Pertortaum: These tall trees grow all among Rowan as the island’s main tree. All uses that are needed come from these trees. Made of sturdy white redwood, these trees have been around since Rowan’s founding. The bark has many healing properties and used in many spells and/or rituals.

Jae Sun: These trees are rare among Rowan. You can only see them among the important cities. Since their bark is made from the sun itself, the tree is very expensive to use. The tall tree is made of red bark hotter than the sun itself. Special tools and gloves must be worn to acquire this bark.

Agriculture: Grassland, Farmland, Urban Areas, Suburban Areas, Corn fields, Cotton fields.

Indigenous Animals: Unicorns, Ravens, Bluebirds, Griffins, Loch Ness, Pegasuses, Minotaurs, Cardinals

Military: Run by the people itself, the military isn't as cruel as its sister island Athentha. Though Athentha acquired it in the Athentha-Rowan war, the land has remained in the hands of the people. The training is still rigorous and hard, it trains the mind and body to defend against all swordfighting.

Imports/Exports: Rowan exports cotton, minerals, diamonds and alloys. Rowan imports fruits, dates, nuts, exotic fruits, fabric, and metals.

Education: Rowan has many schools and academy open for all to enjoy and strengthen the brain and body. Each city has one or two within its location.

Transportation: Cars, buses, trains, airships

Landmarks/Monuments: Very much like the temples and academies of the other islands, there are many statues of Rowan herself about. This because she did much for the island unlike the the neighboring islands. As she had made the rule the people, Rowan made much forward by changes big and small. The other monuments and landmarks are the Glacial Museum that shows the many years of war and battle. The Fjord Institute dedicated to fighting and learning the styles of Athentha.

Hot Spots:
Argyll: Sitting in the middle of the island is the medium sized city of Argyll. It houses the temple of Argyll-Obelisk. His temple houses one of the ancient artifacts of old. And of course this temple is cursed and alive.

Obelisk: This city lies on the line of Argyll and Callisto. Though it does not house a temple, it does however have its own hotspot. It houses the curious museum of objects and items from the old battle of wars from Athentha to Allia.

J’Dah-Sanctum: The old church housed many of the war victims and old wounded people. It is said to be haunted and late nights you can hear whispers and screams. However, this is just a tall tale for the sanctum is still used today by the church. The church of Legendia uses this church to gather the masses together to become a part of a cult.

History: Formed in 1682AY, spring it was, Rowan came to be by Rowan Yazu. She had been traveling with her brother Absolon Athentha and his party. As she watched the other rule their lands either by force fear or other means she decided her land would he ruled by the people. She decreed that not one person would rule but everyone together. However her gentle wanting to help the people was twisted when General Ja Si Kun came to the land. He became leader in 1701AY and by influencing the people with all the good things he promised to bring. He has ruled ever since turning the people to cruel beings and bringing the land in the age of darkness. Many have tried to challenge him for leader but all have failed.


Climate: Allia is a hot climate due to the lush trees, it's more like the rainforests of earth. Those that live here are accustomed to the many rainy seasons and hot days. There are only two seasons here, Spring and summer.


Eclipta Aeroflo: These pink flowers grow all along Allia. They have medical properties as well that can be eaten. Common everywhere. They are used in an abundant of ways.

Talthanus Sativa: These long lush trees are the highest and heartiest of the land. Their green leaves cover most of the skies and give shade to the forests floor. They can grow to be ten feet tall. They are impervious to fire and axes. You need a special axe called Sunfire to cut the trees.

Arcanist Ambrosia: The smaller trees that litter the land in the smaller cities and towns of Allia. Though not as big as the Talthanus Sativa but they are seven feet tall. They are rare among the inner cities.

Jehu Infinitum: These rare flowers bloom in the capital city of Allia. They only bloom in the summer and die in the spring. These special flowers harness the old magi as they seem to absorb some kind of magic upon the people that wear them. They are used for the festival called All Haven and only then. They are purple colored.

Populus Narrante: These common black flowers bloom within the island. They are commonly used in dark art spells and rituals. Though you can find them everywhere, a few rare ones are hidden among the Commons. These special ones have hidden powers no one knows of yet.

Agriculture: Plains, Forest.

Indigenous Animals: There are no animals here. Unfortunately the island is too small to hold animals.

Military: There is one base to train the people of the land though it hasn't been used in ages. It has been abandoned for now in the city of Serphus Aluminium.

Imports/Exports: Allia imports clothing, medical supplies, fabric, iron, coal and oil. Allia Exports blood, cotton, tomatoes, alloy and metal.

Education: Academies, Schools, Temples

Transportation: Airships, Walking. Coaches

Landmarks/Monuments: Crescent Halls is the only landmark of the land. This building shows the history of the small island and it's fight to be free from Talia’s grip.

Hot Spots:
 Serphus Aluminum:

Serphus Umbral:

Ashlyn Peaks:

History: Founded in 1704AY, Allia was a part of Talia in the beginning. Nichol had decided to rule the island with his brother. However in 1717AY Allia got tired of Talia and it's ruthlessness to him and his land. He raged war to secede from Taila. In the end he won this war and became it's own island. The vampires mostly live here save for one exception. Serphus, a man cloaked in shadow.

The Outskirt Lands, Deserts and Other Places that are either Annexed from Athentha or a part of Athentha:



Other Info, and Important Info:


[OOC: Shall be heavily edited to fit all that happens in this island, Past present and future. Warning in advance. Also if it seems alot of it is repeating, its from the original lore I have made. It might be easier to find it here in case you're looking]

•Founded in 1678AY.

•AY is the abbreviation of Athentha-Yral, when it once together before the secession of Yral from Athentha in 1680AY. This is the time period for the island, dates will change however but the AY is permanent.

•There is a blood red moon every couple decades to signal in the ceremony of the new Demon King. The title is passed to the ruler of the major islands, unless otherwise dictated.

•There are five major artifacts, buried under the five major islands. Though with the new islands they are buried under the five temples, The Ebony-Yahera Underdepths, Argyll, Obelisk, J’Dah Sanctum and Serphus Aluminum. At one time, they were buried under the five separate islands to keep the evil from obtaining the cursed artifacts.

•The Elders are the rulers along with the heiress Rin. Though their intentions are evil, they are acclaimed heroes in the face of the beast.

•The Dark Winged Beast is the main legend of the islands, everyone knows everything or as much as told about it. Created by Miach using his own child, it is said to ravage the islands every decade the moon is in the sky. The Last known person made as the beast is the young half breed Rin.

•Kogal is the main shaman/healer of the islands. He is also the advisor and oversees things when Rin cannot. He is also the only one who can kill Rin permanently.

•Though the islands were five at once, Athentha Rowan Lyonesse Talia and Allia, they are now three made to live along one side. The five islands are Athentha, Lyonesse, Talia Rowan and Allia.

•High Elves and Vampires still are around. High Elves reside in Rowan. Vampires scourge the island of Allia.

•The two rogue artifacts Rheumy and Amaranth do not work for the blood red children. They work for whomever hires them or their own ambitions.

•The Fae Morven knows all about Rin's forgotten memories and that serves the purpose of helping the girl restore these lost pieces.

•The Solstice Temple, unlike the other temples, is alive. It houses the crystalized prisons of the demons whom fail the trials. Or are sealed due to being sealed away by the elders.

•Rin is the only half breed of all the islands.

-Cities of the newly islands-

Absolon, Capital of Athentha
Ebony-Yahera Depths
Val Roux
Val Cruxia

Solstice (Yao Jin Si)
Yao Kuth

Serpentine Falls
Yu Dhu Library
The Ruins of Ansgar
Glacial Reed

Gwlad Yr Haf
Cuthul-Yr Haf

Crescent Hall
Moonskull Palace
Ash-Dust Falls
Serphus Aluminum
Serphus Umbral

YuGhu Temple
Ebony-Yahera Underdepths

Desert Towns:

Valhalla Heights


•The  Yu Dhu Library is the largest library among all three islands that hold many books. Including the old historical books.

•the Serpent Legendia is the most valuable and powerful book in the land. It holds ancient Athenthian black magic and usually locked up in the vault in Absolon.

•The main organization is the Blood Red Children. There are little organizations for each island, but this the main one. Any smaller organization reports to the BRC for imports/exports and other such things to help then run. Each little organization pays a small fee for their services.

Off the coast of Terrenus lies the five islands of Athentha, Rowan, Lyonesse Talia and Allia. They have been there for eons though no one had noticed them. Absolon Athentha and Rowan Yazu had been adventuring along the realms of Valucre but had noticed they quite didn't like the places they would roam. The two decided to find their own home. Along with three others they left the lands of Terrenus and settled on the coast onto the five islands. Absolon taking the largest one and calling it Athentha, this island was nestled in the north. Absolon also set into motion that his island would be ruled by a King, demon if even. Rowan took the land east of this, and named it Rowan. She wanted a land where the people governed themselves and so decreed this. Grant Lyon, Absolon's right hand man had taken the land south to Athentha and Rowan, calling it Lyonesse. As for the brothers Virga Talia and Allia West took the land west of Athentha, Rowan and Lyonesse. Talia and Allia were born.

Though at first Talia and Allia were one, ruled by both brothers. But soon Allia didn't want to be ruled by Talia and caused a small civil war between the two. Many casualties occurred, about three thousand died on each side before Allia was liberated and moved to the tiny forest like island. Athentha, Rowan and Lyonesse were never at peace as well. Absolon had decided he wanted the lands for himself. He wanted to rule them all as he thought he saw fit. He had begun training soldiers to the best of all abilities. Super soldiers as he called them. He had enslaved the land of Athentha, Forcing all the men and women to be trained. Such harsh conditions they were trained under. Absolon then went after his sister Rowan. Invading the land to the south, he attacked. It was a surprise attack. Rowan was not ready for it. She had lost thousands in this and surrender quickly to Absolon. With Rowan under it's belt, Athentha set up a training school there to help train future super soldiers.

Of course Rowan never did that even after her passing. Athentha then went after Lyonesse. These two had been fueling a fire since they first came together. Athentha had always thought of Lyonesse being weak. That the people that came from there were nothing more than common folk. Ones that needed to be ruled by superior races. Lyonesse had heard of the attack in Rowan and had begun building a castle tower. It would be called the Solstice Temple. A place that could hold demons of such power. Which Absolon was. Grant knew this and didn't want the same thing that happened in Rowan to happen in Lyonesse. Absolon came, he came hard and fast wiping out many a Lyonesse. Though in the end, Grant tricked Absolon into the Temple and was sealed away.

This passed the land off to his second in command, Miach. Miach became the demon King of Athentha. In time he rebuilt the snowy little villa. Even help Rowan find people to govern it's land. Rowan would always be governed by the people. It was Rowan's last wishes toward her people. Peace had settled once more. The elders had been established in Athentha and in Talia. Ones to govern the lands through peace and equality.

Or so people thought. Miach had become something more than Absolon. He had helped the people of Athentha become strong warriors. A man who came to be his right hand man, Oisin de Ivaneous was not as he seemed. This demon of a man was able to cause Miach to go insane. And people noticed. The once good king started taxing people, killing them even. And raged war once more on the islands of Rowan, Allia, Talia and Lyonesse. Though there was more damage done this time around. By the time Miach had come into power he had one last child, a girl cursed by the Blood red moon. The elders getting wind of this made up a deal to the Demon King. He would make his daughter a powerful weapon for the elders to use and the elders would give him the islands.

And so he did this. Only Kogal and Sayndar were able to lock away the Demon King into the temple as well. The elders had played their part and decided they would watch over Athentha until Miach's child, who ever he passed the title onto would come into ownership to repeat the cycle once more.

In 1687AY, the organization called the Blood Red Children was formed. They have contributed to many of the events that have occurred between Absolon and even after Miach's rule. They have no names, only identified by their different colored eyes. Though you can tell which seed goes with which child. They have also made artifacts out of Hume children, including the Gemini Mirror, Amaranth and the Griffin Beak, Rheumy.

Rin had been locked away in the depths since her fifth birthday, her brother had been shipped to Rowan to be trained and kept from telling the half breed the truth of her birth and her mother's death. She was seven when she made the pact with the demon because of her weak heart. This also was when she killed the scientist and her father. Also when the humans started invading.

When she was seventeen, to escape being a tool for the elders and children, she abdicated the throne. Though she still has rights to claim the title of Demon King and is still rightly heiress. She was imprisoned in the Solstice Temple after failing the trials. But she was released two decades later.

Rin is currently the heiress of the new islands she has created. She has named the island.

Races of the islanders:

Races, Characteristics and all that Jazz of the five islands.

Main/Only Race:Demon
Porcelain Alabaster Skin(Northern Island),Porcelain Tan Skin(Southern Island), Slow Aging, Pointed Ears, Fangs, Claws, Tails, 4x Strength, A Bit Clumsy, Good Thieving Skills, Excellent Eye Sight. Short Tempered, Rash, Impulsive. Excellent in melee combat, somewhat excellent with magic

Main Race:Elves
Freckles, Fair Skin, Excellent Eye Sight, Excellent Bartering Skills, Intelligence, Slow Aging(Elves), Judgmental, Cocky, Brave. Excellent in magic, somewhat excellent in melee.

Main Race:High Elves
Characteristics:Peaceful, Law obeying, Fair Skin, Pointed Ears, Non Judgmental, Believe in Equal Rights, Caring, Different colored eyes, will die for beliefs,excellent in archery, somewhat excellent in melee and magic.

Main Race:Humans
Characteristics:Brash, Tan Colored skin, Dialect differs from Athentha and Lyonesse, (Athentha having an al bhed like language, and Lyonesse having an elf like language), Caring, Impulsive, Rash, Brave, Money hungry, fey having pale sunkissed or moon kissed skin, intense knowledge of magic.

Main Race:Vampires
Characteristics:Pale moonlight skin. Fangs, weakness to the sun, charismatic, cunning, suave.


Information of Indepth Characters:

Red Blood Moon Children: The figures are not talked about much. They came around 1767AY, and no one knows much about them. They have no names. You can only tell the difference by the color of their eyes.

Elders:The elders play a huge role during the years Miach came in to power and Rin was born. Though at first seemed like a good idea, it soon to grow disastrous. It was the elders that found the shadow artifacts and spread the corruption throughout the islands. There are five elders that govern each island. One for each island. Their names have been changed throughout the ages so their current names are what they are now.

Elder Yazu A young elvish man. 5'8", with brown medium length hair and steely grey eyes. Hr is half blind. Dressed in the black red robes of Athenthian culture. Ruler of the island of Athentha since Rin abdicated the throne.

Elder Alvin A stoutly loud man who is brash and impulsive. He is 6'0 with red short hair and green eyes. He is a human. Dressed in blue and gold robes of the Lyonesse culture. Rules over Lyonesse.

Elder Syrus A normal size demon man who is peaceful and tries to keep the peace. He is 6'3 with brown shoulder length hair and sea green eyes. Donned in robes of yellow and black of Rowan culture. Rules over Rowan.

Elder Yevon A vampire of sorts. 5'9 with black hair, medium length. Blue green eyes. Donned in the colors of black and blue of Allia nature. He is intelligent and cunning. Rules over the land of Allia.

Elder Frederick An elvish man, short and a bit flabby. Indecisive and know it all. 5'5 short brown greyish hair and blue eyes. He is the ruler over Talia.

These elders came into place to keep the demons of Athentha from gaining too much power. Sadly these same elders would become just as corrupt.

Shaman: Kogal is the only shaman on the islands, for he knows much of healing and the like. Only one who knows how to kill the dark winged beast.

Dark Winged Beast: a legend of Athentha brought around the year Miach came into power. No one has seen one but the legend states if you mix the two breeds together on the night of the red blood moon it will create a vampire like creature. But this is only legend.

The Five Known Artifacts:

Details of the Artifacts:

Artifact 1:

The Gemini Mirror:
Location:Ebony-Yahera's Depths

Detail:The Red Blood Moon Children (to be explained soon), had made five artifacts from their own bodies. Cursing any to own one. The Gemini Mirror is no exception. Due from coming from the RBM children's heart, this relic/artifact is the dangerous of them all. It has caused many wars (each will be described in the next part) including the Athentha-Yral war and the Athentha-Lyonesse war to name a few.

This artifact had the ability to split into two beings named Amaranth and Lex. Though when this occurs, the mirror's power is weakened. The mirror can also clone beings from it's dark magic. Having this artifact is more dangerous than it sounds. The owner becomes the twin of whatever alignment they started out as (good to evil, evil to good) unless neutral. It has no effect on neutral beings. It preys among the owners heart, creating a beast like monster out of them. It takes the heart and soul of a person.

It feeds upon this person until they no longer are themselves. They become a dark like beast swallowing the lands into madness and chaos. The only person who even has a piece of the accursed mirror is Rin, for she was born on the night of the red blood moon and her father placed two pieces within her heart. The only way to tell if someone has this artifact is the black and purple splotches upon their body.

Artifact 2:

The Lunar Necklace:

Details:The island of Talia have large and vast buildings of libraries. Reed is no exception. Hidden under the library under Reed's old and unused one is the second artifact, the Lunar Necklace. Though unlike it's counter part the Gemini Mirror, the necklace is still dangerous and powerful. It is the voice of the Red Blood Moon children themselves. The necklace if worn has negative effects upon the wearer.

The begin to place doubt and darkness within the persons mind. Beginning to cast chaos and evil thoughts within the wearer. A good person will start to do evil things. Things they have never done before. This being that inhabits the necklace is called Zax. He is a mischief maker and mostly a vile evil shadow.

No one should ever wear the necklace for long exposure allows Zax to inhabit the wearer and become one with them, soon taking over the body itself. Though it gives vasts amount of speed, strength and power you lose yourself in the process. It also can drive a person mad.

Artifact 3:

The Griffin's Beak
Location:The Solstice Temple, Lyonesse

Details:Unlike the Lunar Necklace, this artifact is more special. Of course having even one of these artifacts is dangerous to the person. But the Griffin Beak is hidden under the Solstice Temple. Guarded by the temple Guards, and High priests. The Griffin's Beak holds a very intelligent shadow creature called Rheumy. Unlike his brothers and sisters, he is able to be crafty charismatic and charming. Able to fool someone into wearing the beak. Do be cautious around him unless you wish your death. The beak allows the wearer to have intelligence above the normal person, charisma, and everything a person could want. For a price. This shadow like being shall worm himself into your body taking your heart soul and mind driving you into a slow madness. Chaotic and rash, and fits of rage.

Artifact 4:

The Witch's Eye
Location:Allia's Seedy Underground

Details:Though Allia is covered in vast forests, there are a few cities built within the forest grounds. Underground the city I'd a place few travel due to it being shady and seedy. It is not safe. Which makes it a perfect place to hide artifact number four. Thus artifact belonged to an ancient witch hunted for her magic, intellect and powers of divination. She was murdered by a group of pirates. Her eye was left behind and the red blood moon child got a hold of it. Infusing a bit of shadow magic and darkness it came to be the fourth artifact. Living inside this artifact would be Rasmus, a woman positively insane.

Her price for using the magic power of old and ancient runes inscribed on the eye is something rare. The person has to give up something of equal worth. A piece of them they deem unworthy or don't need. And she will use any trick to get it. Though like her counterparts, she aims to have a living vessel to live in and bond to. Though the island is no longer considered a big part, this artifact has traveled among the vampire people into the new islands, smuggled aboard.

And finally,

Artifact 5:

The Phoenix Wing
Location:The Ruins of Ansgar, Rowan

Details:Due to the ruins appearing this is the lesser unknown and evil of the artifacts. It still harbors evil like it's counterparts but not as bad. Like the others, it does not have much effect on neutrals and wants a living vessel to cling to and own. The wearer of the wing slows deep into a trance like state creating shadow like form and evil tendencies. The wearer starts to have delusions of being like a god. Thus long term effects makes the wearer enslave its people and make them into shadow like soldiers. Not safe to have nor wear even if the wing allows use of powerful higher learned magic and runes. The shadow like being is called Sol.

The Wars of the Islands from 1678AY-the Present:

The Athentha-Yral War

This was the first war under King Miach's rule. It was the first time all five artifact/children had a major impact on the war and islands. Also the first time all five were together. It was due to Rheumy's influence the war occurred. Ammy's influence was another part of why this happened.

The kingdom of Athentha was a peaceful quiet one. Mostly training their soldiers for war. Vicious and ruthless training was the normal. But the children were bored. Ammy and Lex came up with a game. They gave the king the Gemini Mirror and the Griffin's Beak. With these two in the open it allowed the three to corrupt the king.

Ammy did it slowly. She placed ideas and doubts in Miach's head that the city of Yral wanted to wage war, to take over Athentha. She did thus every day. Rheumy's part in this was to play advisor. Something he did well. He was well trusted enough that he plotted against the king. He gathered a few groups and pawned them into fighting against Athentha.

Yral began the war then. They waged the war to be seceeded from Athentha's grasp. The war lasted 45 days with over five thousand casualties. Yral became its own city and became Lyonesse's second major city years later. Though this happened during the revolt which occurred five days before the Athentha-Rowan war. They seceeded from Athentha and became their own land before Lyonesse claim it as a city for their own.

Ammy,Lex and Rheumy all disappeared after this. Of course not for long. Rheumy would reappear during the Athentha-Lyonesse war.

Athentha-Rowan War

This war was a few years after The Athentha-Yral war. The mirror's influence on King Miach had grown worse. Absolon, Athentha's leader was still in power as well. This war came when Absolon got involved with the rulings of Athentha. He decided that he would govern over all the islands and that he was the one true king. He also decided that he would gain control over all with force.

Rowan is the small island to the east of Athentha. Rowan was also the sister to Absolon. She ruled the island with peace and allowed the people themselves to govern and rule over the themselves. She didn't get herself too involved unless it was truly important. Absolon saw this as weak and decided he could get the island without much force. Of course he was wrong.

He had trained a bunch of super soldiers, under the harsh rigorous training in Athentha's military. After this, Absolon gathered these men and woman and marched towards Rowan to invade. The people of Rowan had gotten wind of this and prepared for battle. Though most of the fighting took place outside the main city of Rowan, it still was a bloody battle.

The people defended Rowan with pride and with strength. And even though they were outnumbered, and had little training unlike Athentha, Rowan's people beat back the invading forces. And though victorious Rowan feared her brother would come back for the land.

And the casualties were not as large as the Athentha-Yral war. Most life lost was about 400. Many were injured. Homes were destroyed. Rowan was saddened her brother would do such a thing. She gathered the people together and asked that she hand the land over to Absolon so that no more life would be taken. It was agreed in the many months ahead and Rowan handed her island over to Absolon.

He did let the people continue to govern themselves but placed an elder to oversee important things. Rowan no longer had a say in anything. He also built a base upon the land for training soldiers.

The Athentha-Lyonesse War

This war was a huge war. After a few years of peace among the island of Athentha, it seemed that things would come unraveled again. The death of Absolon had occurred and the demon King Miach had been in power for a while now. Of course three of the artifacts had been around as well. Undug by scientists wanting to know more about the red blood moon children. Of course in doing so span the hugest war in the islands history ever.

It was three years exact after the Athentha-Rowan war, and the artifacts Ammy and Rheumy had been spreading rumors and hate among the two islands. Lyonesse had been building a temple to learn more about Athentha and its power. The Solstice temple they called it. And many came to study and learn. They took in people able to see what Athentha demons looked like under disguises. Athentha had learned of the building of the temple and decided to tear it down.

Rheumy of course told the Lyonesse people that Athentha would wage war to conquer it like it did Yral and Rowan, and tear down the temple. Ammy told Athentha that Lyonesse would build a temple to capture its people and destroy the army it build. And so with this both went to war. The war was started by the two artifacts.

And so they went to war. The fighting went on for a few years. It was a costly war, causing each millions in coins. About 3million people died on both sides. And in the end Lyonesse, with its smaller and less powerful army beat the Athentha army. It was the only war they had ever lost. They also kept the Solstice Temple from being destroyed. After three years of fighting, the Lyonesse decided to continue studying the Athentha's demons.

The Secession of Talia and Allia

At one time Talia and Allia were one island. They lived peacefully for a few years, and was the only island at a time that had two elders ruling over it. It was however not to last. Talia with all of its knowledge and technology needed funding. They taxed the people of Allia heavily.

This lead to many revolts and rebellions among the two islands. Many fires and killing happened but in the end Allia won it's independence and became it's own separate island.

Officers and Military of the Island:

Yellow Leaf Brigade:Created in Talia by Umbra. These knights are named after the bountiful yellow leaf tree found in the island. They wear matching uniforms in colors of yellow and brown. They uphold the law and fight for justice. Though only a few remain after the disbandment. Those that remain continue to fight in the name of the Yellow Leaf Brigade, led now by Manah Bastian.

Zodiac Knights:Created by Rin, run by J. They were created when the new islands were formed. They uphold the law and fight to keep the peace. Not many members but it is still forming, recruitment is either approved by J or Kogal. They wear the uniform and colors of each zodiac birthstone.

Athentha Military:Created by Absolon when he formed the island in 1678AY. This military was form to help fight the wars that were to come. Trained in many forms of fighting except magic, they became a huge importance during the wars. They were uniforms of black and red. This became corrupted when Miach came into power and the military began to use magic and runes to increase the powers of the military.

Solstice Templars:Created by Rheumy. The soldiers and Templars were made from the ancient magic that the artifact possesses. They know lots of fighting techniques and use weapons as well as magic. The uniforms are colors of blue and yellow. They also have a ghostly look to them. Made during the Athentha-Yral war.

Transportation in the island of Athentha:

Airships-- These massive ships have been crafted to reach the island. Crafted by many of the ship makers in Talia, it is a line of steady work. Each one made differently. Able to carry 1,000 people to the land or back to wherever they came from. This line always has work available for those looking for work in this line of work.

Ships-- Hydra is famous for it's fishing and building of ships. These are another way of coming into the island. Built to carry 200-300 people at a time. It is how the small port city makes most of its money when the fishing is low. Also hiring if looking for work.

Coaches-- many of the cities use horse drawn buggies or carts to traverse from one city to another. They run until usually 6 at night, and some do not run during the rainy season of Athentha. Depends on the city.

Walking-- The best kind of travel on the island. You can survey the land as you walk and get a feel for it. You just have to be careful not to take a wrong path and get lost for slave traders and bandits roam the hidden paths.

The Crests and Seals of Athentha, Lyonesse, Talia, Rowan and Allia:

Athentha: The crest/seal is a Griffin entwined with two swords. Every Athenthian has this crest either tattooed on their body somewhere or tailored to their clothes.

Lyonesse: The crest/seal is a lion entwined with a shield. The humans had brought this to the land when they invaded/discovered it. Every Lyonessian has this crest tattooed somewhere on their body or tailored on their clothes.

Talia: The crest/seal is a phoenix symbolically rising from the ashes. It is to signify the rising and new birth of the long forgotten island. Everyone has this crest tattooed on their body somewhere or tailored on their clothes.

Rowan: The crest/seal is a rhino crashing through a rock. It signifies how tough these people can be through diversity and struggles. It is either tattooed somewhere on the people's bodies or tattooed on their clothes.

Allia: The crest/seal is the shadow bat. It respents the vampire like creatures that hide in the night. Either people have it tattooed on their bodies or tailored on their clothes.

All seals are plastered on major buildings and important places. Every landis proud of their crest/seal.





{Credit to Wikipedia for the lighthouse building information}{Also credit to the ones who came up with the names of the trees and stuff I used. Let me know who you are so I can credit properly}




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Lyonesse Timeline:

1661AY, 3 January-- Grant Lyon is born. His parents are the knights of Solias. Lord and Lady Fjorn respectively. 

1667AY, 3 June-- Grant Lyon's parents are killed by Serphus Alumna in battle. His father landed the killing blow to Serphus before dying.  As it was in vain for Amoura revived Serphus a year later.

1678AY, 6 August-- Grant Lyon becomes leader  of Lyonesse. He leads the land into many battles with Athentha's leader and friend, the demon King Absolon.  The two have a falling out leading to the first battle in 1678AY, 7 November.

1698AY, 3 September-- Grant Lyon dies. He was killed by Raven Sithis. 

1789AY, 4 April-- Grant Lyon's son, Atlas Lyon takes the throne from the elder. He becomes the new elder due to losing it to Raven. He was born a year after his father's death by a local commoner. Atlas plans to return Lyonesse back to the right path. 


Will add, as events unfold.  WIP.

Edited by Rin

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1457AY, 17 March-- Absolon Athentha is born. A few days after his birth, his sister Rowan Athentha-Yazu is born. Their parents died of illness weeks after the pair was born. 

1515AY, 13 August-- Absolon has been living with the scientist Oisin who adopted him. His sister Rowan was adopted by the elder Yazu. In the time living with the scientist, Absolon has been experimented on by numerous serums and ores. By the age of 17, he leaves Oisin in the middle of the night to find new lands to create his own home. 

1534AY, 21 June-- Absolon sets off with Rowan, Lyon Virga Talia and Esben Nicolas Allia. They leave the land of humes and towards the sky. They no longer continue the ways of the old life. 

1678AY, 14 July-- Absolon finds the floating islands of the coast of Elendaron. Each break off from here to create their own home and island. Athentha is born this day, the biggest of all five islands. 

1678AY, 15 August-- Oisin returns, finding Athentha. Continuing his vile experiments on the now crowned Demon King Absolon. His son, Miach is also born. 

1678AY, 18 August-- Absolon is driven into madness, creatimg with the help of Oisin, the Red Blood Moon Children Organization. The first child born is called Magmus. 

1678AY, 21 September-- Magmus creates the first seed Garnet. An orphan child was used in this creation. The process almost killed the captive child. Oisin sees this as success. 

WIP, will add more as events occur

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