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Hey Everyone! 

I've revamped this thread to be solely for OOC chatter of Taen stuff. The update and timeline will be included in Taen's newspaper, so keep a look out for new updates, quests and timeline stuff over there!

Think of this as a more specified version of the watercooler. Because Taen is relatively new, there's obviously not going to be a lot of chatter. But this thread's purpose is for people interested in roleplaying in Taen to post ideas they have to other people who are invested in Taen. 


Welcome Aboard!


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The Stirring





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Lmao everytime I get a notification from here, all I see are the big bold letters "READ BEFORE ROLEPLA". Gonna change that before I punch my computer screen. Idk I didn't think the bolded letters would be that annoying to see.


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