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TOL Transition Locations - obsolete 2020-05-17

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Replaced by new TOL lobby: https://www.valucre.com/topic/44583-the-lobby/

The below is a short list of areas in the greater world of Valucre which are not limited to new members but which nonetheless are very useful as starter locations for members looking to break into the world proper. 

More areas will be added as board leaders inform me.

  • Universal
  • Terrenus
    • Gaian Academy - Think "magical university". No age limits for characters and is more of a reserach facility with classes than  a boarding school. 
    • LaPlace Square - A meeting place for adventurers, especially those that travel a lot. Enables peope to meet in person regardless of distance, posts notices on quests from all over Valucre, and has a vault to let adventurers's store their valuables. Also provides services such as a smithy, a store, and an inn.
      • Rabbit Hole - The hub thread where members can come in and start interacting with whoever is around right away
    • Rebellious Rose - A wonderful establishment created specifically to aid members in their move from the ToL into the lands of Terrenus. Located in Predators Keep, the Inn also houses low impact criminals in a group called the Rose Offensive.
  • Genesaris
    • Broken Chant Tavern - Located in the capital city of Versilla, Orisia. The Broken Chant offers astounding views of the Atitlan Lake and the DuGrace castle, with a close proximity to the marketplace and the main wharves of the capital.
  • Tellus Mater
    • Renovatio
      • La Guardia - Your initial stop when visiting Renovatio for the first time. Here you can discover quests, ongoing and open, action packed threads. From this specific location the player/character is capable of exploring every inch of Renovatio via train or flight to each of the Grand Capitols (where more quest logs can be located.)
      • The University of Cosmic Conscience - For characters/players who are either intrigued or obsessed with the supernatural and metaphysical. Good or bad, young and old; all are welcome to walk this path of enlightenment. There is a campus located in each of the four Provinces in Renovatio.
      • HAVEN - If the other locations seem a bit feudal for your taste, immerse yourself in the most technologically advanced setting Renovatio has to offer. Players who are fans of futuristic/cyberpunk will find that this locale the ideal starting point.
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