AFRO PUNK WELCOMES YOU TO YikaShima [Round (Yoruba), Island (Japanese)] GEOGRAPHY Topography Estimated sea-level area: 3,885 km2 (1500.007 mi2). Estimated entire area: 5,124 km2. Yikashima is a round island located in Ponkapoag Lake, south of the Gaian Academy. 22% of its surface area are lagoons and creeks, with most of those existing outside the city walls. Outside the walls, the island area is mostly forested, with some marshland surrounding the lagoons and creeks at the edge. The nature of the lake in which it resides means that the island has an underground accessible only by a secret cave in which the rare white mineral Shirofun can be found. Though an island anchored to the ground, technological advancements have enabled the island to float above ground as the populace wills, the underbelly armored in a perfect hemisphere, a cradle built into the island to perfectly fit the armored underbelly. Cityscape Population: 9 million. A view of Yikashima’s skyline reveals it to be made up of a number of tall buildings amidst many shorter ones, with the tallest buildings being located at the centre of the island. The aesthetic also shows that round and spherical seems to be ‘in’ amongst the inhabitants. The Yikashima nights are bright and lively, with bright neon everywhere The outermost city wall is circular in shape, representative of the concentrically-arranged sections of the city, dividing it into 4 main sections, which are (from the outside in): Outer Yikashima: The Agricultural (and more rural) District Middle Yikashima: The Military District Inner Yikashima: The Science and Art District Yikashima Kingdom: The Kingdom This arrangement doesn’t extend to the underground, the entrance to which can only be found in Inner Yikashima. In addition, the island is surrounded by a large energy dome which protects the island, keeping out undesirable elements. Climate Yikashima experiences tropical weather, with hot temperatures guaranteed to tan pale skin and darken brown skin. Despite this, and due to the abundance of cloud cover, the island experiences rainfall, and even has a season where it rains almost all month, for a few months. The beginning and end of the year is cold, with spring being the hottest, winter being the coldest and driest, and summer being the wettest. The area does not experience snow, in fact the Yikans have never seen snow before. The scientific minds, however, have figured out ways to analyze and regulate the temperatures. Flora Yikashima Fauna D DEMOGRAPHICS Skin tone range: From 4 to 6. See: The People of Yikashima. CULTURE Yikashima is a city founded millennia ago by otherworldly castaways; scientists, warriors and warrior-scientists of either Yoruba or Japanese descent. Due to cultural diffusion, the mostly-isolated city-state’s culture has become a synthesis of both cultures, with the dominant culture usually determined by the family’s last name. Millennia of interracial marriage, boosted by genetic engineering, has rendered the entire population half-Japanese and half-African, accordingly bearing both phenotypical traits. A citizen of Yikashima is literate, adequately versed in Ase (esoterics) to make use of Yikan and Terran magitech, is aware of aware of common metaphysical phenomena and is often capable of using Ase as a result of scholarly pursuit and understanding. Yikans excel at battle, invention and info gathering, and have as a result managed to catch up with (and even surpass) Terrenus tech-wise despite being a near-isolationist society, although trade with the Gaian Academy played a significant part in their development. One thing everyone would agree on is that Yikans know how to enjoy themselves, and pride themselves in trying new things at least once, their culture being an indulgent one. The language spoken is Terengo, a form of Terric influenced by Yoruba, Japanese and broken English words, as well as some Oldspeak. RELIGION The island doesn’t recognize Gaianism, as the Yikans brought their own religion with them, one which has remained steadfast in principles but changed in names, now being called Kyulism. Yikans worship T'basan, the one who created them, the God they’re still subject to. Kyula is the only son of T'basan, also serving as their Lord and later Saviour, after giving His life to provide a way out from corruption and perdition. The corruption comes from Adaki, the Adversary who still hunts them, considering every creation of T'basan his enemies. It is Adaki’s goal to prevent every Yikan from going to Iyokori (Paradise) when they die, instead leading them to destroy themselves and end up in Kuriya (Torment). It is believed that to shun T’basan is to unwittingly declare allegiance to Adaki. Devoting your life to Kyula makes Kazefe (The Calming Spirit) accessible, through which T’basan and Kyula guides His people. INSTITUTIONS AND LANDMARKS Outer Yikashima (Agric District) Sanma Mall: A massive shopping mall containing shops, cinema, art galleries, concert halls and tourist centres. Okutoko House: Weak, undesirable, trash? An orphan down on his/her luck? You'd probably end up here, in this merciless place, and hope you don't join the percentage of newcomers whose destiny it is to be experimented, abducted and have all manner of heinous crimes done to, in addition to already shitty conditions. The Farm: That’s what everyone calls the biggest Yikan farm, growing and rearing all manner of livestock, flora and fauna. Middle Yikashima (Military District) Farah’s Fix-it Fort: Owned by Farah Fujita, this entrepreneurial startup was made by a numan ninja lady who specializes in fixing machinery and legally customizing machinery for people. Alaase Training Centre: This centre trains Yikans to harness their innate Ase energy, helping them discover and hone their latent abilities. The Biting Knife Nightclub: This nightclub was built to cater to all, and is frequented by citizens looking to have a good time. The more criminal elements do their business in the underground floor, called The Abyss, which features a fighting arena and all manner of debauchery. Inner Yikashima (Science & Art District) Unseki Exhibition and Park: This area serves both as an art gallery and a park area, favored by both creators and consumers of artistic media, be it music or visual art. Feast your senses while relaxing! Shirofun Caves: The secret entrance is heavily guarded, the location a guarded secret. These rare minerals, called White-White by the Yikans, is the basis for all their technology. Amaterasu University: Where the flames of knowledge burn eternal, this is Yikashima’s biggest University and learning centre, dedicated to the acquisition and analysis of knowledge and phenomena. Yikashima Kingdom Hall of Science: The Scientific and Administrative Division, where Shirofun is studied and processed above ground for both daily, military and secret use, and the more ethical experiments are performed. GOVERNMENT Federal Government Yikashima is ruled by a King and Queen, the Otenba and Otenya. The successors to the throne is chosen either by blood or by a trial which culminates in battling the current Otenba in single combat. Nonetheless, the largest prerequisite for being worthy of the throne is to be a devout Kyulite, without which a successful and long-lasting rule is impossible. Local Government Yikashima’s local government is comprised of District Chiefs, subject to the kingdom, who rule their own Districts as they see fit. In addition, the common chiefs assist the District Chiefs in ruling over various sectors of each district. In addition, the military and peacekeeping forces are comprised of highly-trained Yikans with abilities, helping to keep the peace, making arrests and killing evildoers where necessary. NOTABLE RESIDENTS Farah Fujita, an ex-ninja known throughout Yikashima for her skill in fixing and repairing Shirofun tech.