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Guild of Shadows

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The Guild of Shadows is an ancient organization that controls all thievery, assassinations, and general sneakery and rougishness. This group has ties to most shady characters in Elendaron, and thrives off of the darkness. However, the Guild does NOT support thugs or senseless violence and opposes corruption as well. People may turn to the Guild for advice or assistance and may join should they prove they have the abilities of a true rogue. They will then be trained and rise steadily through the ranks mastering skills and techniques. The Guild of Shadows may take notice if a rogue is extremely skilled and may ask them to join the Guild.

There are 5 different classes in the Guild, each split into their own styles.


Thief: a rogue who takes objects from others either for personal gain or the benefit of the Guild, or even for justice alone. Often masters of stealth, pickpocketing, and crowd blending.


Spy: a rogue skilled in infiltration. Often masters of acrobatics, disguise, and eavesdropping. Sent on covert missions to learn information or to deliver information.


Assassin: a rogue skilled in killing. Usually eliminates important or corrupt targets. Often masters of stealth, acrobatics, and combat.


Trickster: a rogue skilled in manipulation and general trickery. Used as distractions or to disrupt money flow or cause confusion. Often masters of sleight of hand, manipulation, and swindling.


Mastermind: a rogue skilled in patience and "puppeteering." Used to infiltrate groups or royalty, or even large corporations. Often masters of manipulation, disguise, patience, and behind-the-scenes string pulling.


These are the base classes of the Guild of Shadows.

I am new to Valucre and would like suggestions and help for building the base of this story while roleplaying at the same time. Thanks!assassins_creed_birds_sky_clouds_house_fassassins-creed-aerial-view-bird-sunset-

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Styles for the Thief class:


Pickpocket: a thief skilled in blending with a crowd to steal an item without being noticed.


Burglar: a thief skilled in infiltrating buildings to acquire an item and escape without being captured.


Robber: a thief who temporarily incapacitates a target for just enough time as to steal an item and escape.


Distractor: a thief who uses a distraction or cover, such as a smoke bomb, to quickly grab an item and escape.


NOTE: Once you choose a class, your style is pretty much entirely up to you! You can change and combine styles as much as you want! You can even combine classes, should you want to have your character train for a bit longer/harder.

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Styles for the Spy class:


Infiltrator: a spy who enters buildings or areas to eavesdrop and discover information.


Imitator: a spy who disguises his or herself to mimic another guard or commoner to discover information.


Deliverer: a spy who picks up allies and delivers them to another location while in disguise. May deliver as "prisoners" or in a casual manner.


Informer: a spy who hides out in a location to give information to allies or delivers it directly. Informers are all over and can provide information to anyone who proves that they are in the Guild of Shadows.


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Styles for the Assassin class:


Acrobat: an assassin who assassinates a target using agility, often from above, then escapes high up, on rooftops trees, or other climbable things.


Brawler: an assassin who charges in and fights their way to the target before assassinating them.


Sniper: an assassin who uses ranged weapons to kill from a distance, such as rifles, bows, slings, or other long range weapons.


Sneak: an assassin who uses infiltration and stealth to kill a target and escape unnoticed. Also uses crowd blending to eliminate targets.


Bomber: an assassin who uses smoke bombs or stun grenades or other distraction bombs to eliminate a target and escape.


Disguiser: an assassin who disguises him or herself as the enemy in order to reach a target, kill them, and escape.


Poisoner: an assassin who uses poisons or chemicals to incapacitate or kill a target.


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