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⊰ The Black Cherry ⊱ A Brawlers Bar & Inn

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Elizabette whipped around to look for the source of the loud crack. A girl. Not wholly human, the main indicator being a huge tail. She had not only busted the door off its hinges, but punched a hole in the wall.  Elizabette was just about to shoot off a rather obscene flow of words, but she was interrupted by a shout and the crash of pots. Elizabette jumped back around, peeking over the wall that separated her and Luna. After she was able to see what the cook did, Elizabette was unable to hold back a snicker. She fell back onto her seat, her elbows resting back onto the bar. 

"What an entrance." She said, covering her smirk with the palm of her hand. Her ice blue eyes flicked over the muscular frame of the half human, sizing her up. She had already proven that she was strong, but she had no control. She would be an easy enemy to outwit rather than out muscle. Combing her iron nails through her mop of silver curls, she flipped her hair so that it rested over her right shoulder. It cleared her vision to keep the half human in  her peripherals. This new girl made her a little uneasy, stumbling in, and then saying she had no money. She hoped the girl wouldn't be stupid enough to try to rob this place. Not with her sitting right there. She cracked her knuckles. It was casual enough to seem unintentional, but it got the underlying message across.

Elizabette looked back to Luna. "Did the stew make it?" She questioned, her face lighting with humor. "What about those shoes?" She chuckled as Luna walked back out to the bar.

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The draconian sighed, going to take a seat at the bar, hoping she wouldn't destroy it with her strength. She had no job, no food, nowhere to stay, at least staying inside of here was better than staying outside.

"Is it really that hard to get work anywhere? I just wanna eat is all..."the draconian said under her breath. She was mad, disappointed and just wanted food. Too bad she couldn't get any. 

Arashi's eyes directed her torwards Crysal who seemed to smell like a dragon to her. "Hey, you, dragon. Since when do you stick around in puny human forms?"

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Crystal had, for the most part, ignored the surrounding conversations. The half finished glass of fireball whiskey sloshing around in her glass was far more interest than the talk of puny mortals. It wasn't until the human rainbow sent a horde of pans and other dishes flying that the draconian showed even the slightest of interest.

But when the creature that smelled like a halfling spoke to her, Crystal snapped into focus. Her body posture was ice, her eyes even colder still as she glares at the pompous mortal. The glass shattered in her hand and the rainbow waitress yelped as she came around the bar, giving Crystal a certain amount of unperturbed satisfaction.

"Hey you?" She asked with a scoff, the shards of glass freezing over to demonstrate the dragoness' lack of self restraint and patience. "Funny how a halfling believes it can speak like that to a pure blood." Turning her attention toward Luna and purposefully ignoring the girl's question, Crystal beckoned the bartender for another glass. 

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Sètanta creeps through the nearly destroyed door.

The boy has a very foreign look about him. He has a noticably long neck, and deep upper eyelids, that, when standing in dim light, make his eyes shrouded, a little glimmer of sclera from out of the dark. His curly, thick hair is cut irregularly, and even his bushy eyebrows have some curl to them at their ends. His clothing, too, seems like he's had it thrown together as much as his looks were. His fur cape dyed a deep green, fastened by a clip on his neck, a steel shoulderpad...

No shirt.

He has, at least, the decency to wear trousers and boots.

On his left hip is a shortsword, and the right, a sheathe for two little knives.

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