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News from Tazarek!

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[Music Section]

We have confirmed that Gustav Songhammer, rising star as one of Tazarek's most prominent musicians is taking his band on tour! Gustav Songhammer and the Singing Hammers are going to play their unique take on dwarvish metal across northern Terrenus, tickets are already on sale with the tour ending in Ignatz city. Make sure to buy your tickets now because they are being sold out like crazy!

[Political Cartoon]

The image depicts a dwarven soldier clad in armor holding a leather leash, the leash being attached to a spiked collar around an orc's neck. This orc appears much larger than the dwarf, frothing at the mouth with big jutting tusks for teeth and an angry expression on his face. Also depicted in the image is a dirt road with a mountainous landscape in the background, along the road are wooden signs that say "Dwarf Internment Camp" along them in black. Captioned at the bottom of this image are the words 'It's the right thing to do'.

[Interview Section]

With us today is Representative Painter, who is here to kick off our new series of interviews we plan on having with all of Tazarek's great rulers.

"I would prefer to stay away from that word, if possible. We Representatives are not above the people, but merely their most trusted individuals to make decisions that will best benefit them."

Oh of course, forgive me, Representative, I didn't mean to offend!

"It's all right, I promise. We of the Council just want people to know we are humble servants of the people."

I will definitely make a not of that then. Anyways, let's begin now, starting with the accusations you are erasing orcish culture theough this internment camp being built outside of Tazarek?

"These are baseless accusations that have no evidence of. I had poured over many supposed artifacts and found they were not indicative of a society capable of culture."


"Yes, as far as I am concerned the orcs of this region have no culture to them whatsoever and I would be remiss if I let anyone believe they were capable of it in the first place."

Well you heard it here folks, next week we speak with Representative Farmer.


A high of 38 degrees Fahrenheit  today with a low of 23 during the night.

Wind is at a calm 4 miles per hour heading westward and tandskies are clear. 

Sunset is projected at 4:57 PM.

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Posted (edited)

[Sports Section]

This week has certainly been eventful, with champions being challenged and exciting predicaments here in the Tazarek News Weekly! First up is our exclusive story on the incredible defeat of Korgar Stonefist, boxing champion who was defeated by contender Gelmin Quickbeard. 

This was certainly an incredible match-up, with Quickbeard being a rising star amongst the boxing circuits for his patented knockout combo. Combined with his incredible ability to read the opponent, Gelmin soon saw himself in the ring with the legendary Korgar Stonefist. Many have tried to dethrone the great Stonefist, but for two hundred years this master of fisticuffs has been able to keep his seat on the throne, due to his signature move, the Rocky Haymaker. No one has been able to take a hit from this move without going down hard, most getting knocked out instantly, with one case of a dwarf losing his entire memory! This didn't deter Gelmin though, as he faced off against this living legend in one on one combat.

The beginning of the fight was a tense start, with each boxer testing the other's defenses as they circled each other. Once the second round started however, things got heated as Gelmin stormed in with some lightning fast jabs to Korgar's body, Korgar taking the hits as he set himself up for a counter attack. Sure enough Gelmin left himself open with a wide right hook, Korgar taking advantage as he blocked, then lands a thunderous blow on the other dwarf's chin. With his opponent on the offensive, Gelmin was having a difficult time keeping himself together, that's when he was got off guard with a Rocky Haymaker!

Gelmin is on the ground, the referee starts counting, the criwd is going wild as Korgar starts walking to his corner. Just as we thought we saw the last of Gelmin Quickbeard, as the count was just three secinds away from disqualifying him as a knockout. Just as all hope seemed lost, the tough as nails dwarf got back on his feet, spitting out a tooth and ready to get back into the action. Suddenly Korgar is unable to keep up with the contender, his age starting to show as blow after blow began to land, his stamina at its limit until one final uppercut brings down the living myth. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our new champion and his name is Gelbin Quickbeard!


(A dusty dwarf is at the Tazarek Taphouse, clearly a hardworking miner that had spent his day working in the depths of the underground. In his right arm is a beautiful dwarf woman, with a georgious red dress and a generous bosom. In his left hand is a tall pint of ale, perfectly frothy at the top with beads of water all over it. The dwarf has a happy expression on his dirty face as the bottom of the image reads.)


[Interview Section]

We are now joined by Reoresentative Farmer, the council member responsible for making sure that we of Tazarek have a hearty dinner in the oven. How are you doing today, Representatuve Farmer?

"I'm doing fine, thank you. Its been a hard day's work, especially with the rams."

The rams?

"Yes, the rams, we keep a healthy supply of them around the mountain so we can make use of their meat and hides. We also have a private stock of Dire Rams for military use, considering how they're much larger and thus able to be used as cavalry mounts."

Seems like a hard job for you, which clans do you prefer to have handle some of the larger portions of the job?

"I prefer letting the Scythebeards handle it, but I honestly haven't come here to discuss rams. I have serious things that I would like to let the people know about, mainly with the influx of travelers to our land."

Doesn't more travekers mean more business for the people of Tazarek?

"It does, but that means more mouths to feed, which our farms aren't equipped to handle at the moment. With things as they are now we'll need to start importing food from other places, which can mean rising costs for the people."

I see what you mean, hopefully people are ready to start paying a little extra for their next rack of ribs. Next week we will have a wonderful interview with Soldier on her thoughts on the political happenings of Terrenus.

"Ha! Good luck with that lassy, I've never known her to interact with anyone trying to interview her. You'd have an easier time squeezing blood from a stone."

Well we will certainly give it a try!

[Weather Section]

Todays weather is a high of 49 degrees and a low of 31 degrees.

Winds today will be going strong at 27 miles an hour, bringing a wind chill of 12 degrees.

Sunset is projected at 4:55 PM

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[News Article]

There has been another brawl down in the Second Level of Tazarek, another example of harsh clan on clan violence between the Swordchewers and the Bloodrams. Last night at around ten thirty five, both clans had engaged into a fight after a Bloodram accused a Swordchewer of cheating him out of a job protecting a wealthy merchant as he made his way to Hell's Gate. The ensuing chaos chaos caused large amounts of property damage along with a serious injury towards one of the patrons who tried to break up the conflict.

We spoke with Sergeant Bladesmith of the Tazarek Military, who had been tasked with finding a solution to the violence what she had to say about this particular incident. 

"Its a common occurrence around here, one that's been ignored for too long in this city. When you mix bad blood and strict adherence to honor, you've mixed a powder keg trouble that only needs the slightest spark to explode."

Is there anything that can be done to curb the amount of violence afflicting our communities?

"I've been working closely with many of the Clan Masters about this, because they are the ones with the power to rein in the people that follow them. What hampers us is the fact that everytime it feels like we are getting a step further to peace, brawls like this happen to restart the old feuds that caused this thing in the first place. Until the Clan Masters get their heads out of their arse, it may be a while before we can see a reduction in this senseless violence." 

[Political Cartoon]

(The picture is a scene of many different rulers looking down on a group of dwarves in the middle of some room. Each of the rulers appear to bear a striking resemblance to the leaders of the Terran allied cities, with the largest of them bearing a close resemblance to Odin Haze, though it appears he is made the most monstrous of them all. In the hands of these rulers are chains, with small words printed above them that include: Sanctions, Military Pressure, Forced Servitude. The dwarves do not seem afraid at all, defiantly standing against them with weapons raised, determined to fight until their last breath in order to protect their freedom.)


[Interview Article]

Well, it appears that once again, we were not able to get an interview with Representative Soldier for our exclusive series. Fortunately for us we were able to get an interview with the newest Representative, Builder and learn what Responsibility Overlap means. Could you please explain this term to our readers, Representative Builder.

"Of course. Responsibility Overlap is a term we use to define how we handle things that sometimes crosses over into each others field of Representation. For example, I represent many of the magitech engineers that reside in the city, but of course as we know magitech is a very specialized form of magic, which would fall under Scholars territory. Now since it would only cause chaos for us to fight over who controls what aspects, we are entrusted to work together in order to make sure things run smoothly."

Has there ever been a case where things overlap into more than one Representatives jurisdiction?

"There have been some ocassions where that has happened, yes, but its always been handled the same way as if there were only two. This is why we hold regular meetings to keep up with everything, or else it can overwhelm a person."

Do you ever feel the stress of the job start to get to you?

"More often then not, but that may just be because I'm still green about administration. Working with my hands keeps me centered though, which is why I try to take as much of an active part in projects as I can."

Well thank you for your time, Representative Builder, hopefully next week we can finally snag that interview with Soldier. Now there is no reason for laughing about that!


The forecast calls for rain near midnight, with severe lightning and heavy rain all through the night until morning.

There will be a high of 46 and a low of 21 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winds are expected to be coming in at 18 miles per hour with a windchill of 5 degrees.

Sunset is projected to come in at 4:49 PM

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