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What are you watching? [animated]

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Berserk ( Old Anime )

One Punch Man

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I was watching GATE and Fairy Tail (dubbed) recently. Love that two anime.

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My last finished series was Plastic Memories. 

The animation was on par with typical shonen style animation, and while it was really short (being only a single 13 episode season long), I thoroughly enjoyed the story. The tropes they threw in were cliched and overused, as far as romance is concerned in anime, but the slot was solid and really hit home for me. The only reason I give it just an 7/10 is because it was so short, that there was too little time to create any real depth. It darn near felt like a tragic one shot to me. And with a setting like it had, there was room for so much more. 


What I am currently watching is, by my brothers recommendation, is A Certain Scientific Railgun. But I am like 6 or 7 episodes in and so far i'm not enjoying it. Thinking about switching to something else.


I am really interested in the Fate/ stuff, but I have no idea what order to watch all of it in, canon wise. I don't wanna just pick a random one up, then move on to another only to feel lost in the plot.


And I am also currently watching Samurai Jack. I have to say, i'm loving every single bit of it! 

Especially Jacks new daughteru :3

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