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Visceral Solutions

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Visceral Solutions

We won't save the world, just get the job done.



Founder: Akiris

Current Leader: Akiris

Note on leadership: Leadership in VS does not mean absolute command. It is the responsibility of acquiring quests that are agreeable to the group and all negotiation and legwork required to make them work. By definition VS is a small group, and therefore a leader is required to actively put the effort forth to make things work.


Enk Razorwood

(max 4)

Note: Suggestions are taken from members. For example if there's a certain area or organization you want to quest in that the rest of the group hasn't submitted objections to I have no issues with pushing it to the top of the list.


Location: Drifting- Visceral Solutions has no home base that it owns due to the fact that the very requirement of going forth to hunt quests makes caring for a static location nigh impossible. Should the group require long term lodgings due to a centralized cluster of missions then the acquisition of longer term lodgings would be handled by the leadership.


VS is not a political group and therefore does not actively seek allies and enemies. Notably, we don't antagonize large organizations nor are we seeking to play the 'character arms race' game.


Agenda: Quest completion with a minimum sanity requirement. VS seeks to promote its members as reliable, whether it's while they remain with the group or whether they go forth to seek their own fortunes at a later date. This is by nature, not a massive organization and is aware that it's members may not be looking for something to devote the rest of their lives to. So whether it be cash, renown, reputation or simply just something to do with their lives VS seeks to ensure they do so without worry that their allies will not become one more job hazard.


— Ongoing: <Dougton> The Fungus Plague

— Completed: <Predators Keep>  To the Library We Go   [Akiris]

— Abandoned:


Background: Violence for pay was a life that Akiris was born into and despite effort never really made it out of. Over time he's noticed that once one seeks to hire combatants of a certain level one runs a massively increased risk of batshit insanity happening even on what most would consider trivial tasks. The breaking point for simply enduring it came on an expedition to Yh'mi where he was barely in time to stop a pair of his subordinates and their hangers on from attempting mass slaughter on the settlers of Inns'th. Why. During the groups effort in recruiting a town watch for the settlement that while slow going was ultimately on a path to success, a heckler appeared. Despite being warned that there were shapeshifters hidden among the populace intent on causing chaos they felt they only response was as much killing as possible. Unfortunately, that sort of thing is not quite an isolated event. On returning to what was once The Free Company headquarters to lodge a rather pointed complaint in someone for saddling him with three liabilities, Akiris found the place shut down. Thinking back on it, if he didn't blindly trust the competency of whoever commissioned The Free Company competency in hiring then Akiris would have gotten more than two competent associates. He'd press the issue, but he'd never learned the mans name.

Recent Events: Recruiting.


Joining Requirements

Players are taken in if there's an opening and on a 'first come first considered' basis. While I don't need a complete profile there are some things that I very much need to know. Consider it like an interview that could be RPed out if you'd like it to be. However, I really want the actual thing to be in this form. Nothing kills an RP like stagnation, so in the OOC the interview would would be taking place in another thread alongside whatever quest we have. More work for me, but I signed up for it.

I suggest you read through the questions before answering, if you find this isn't for you I will not be offended.


1) What kind of jobs is your character interested in?

- I very much do not want to bore people so I implore you to be honest here.

2) What kind of jobs will your character not do?

- We are not the designated heroes. We do jobs and get paid for them. However we don't take jobs that will negatively impact our future, like boarding up an orphanage and burning it down with its inhabitants. I've given myself the task of finding something that all (up to five) of us will find interesting. Please be honest, I need to know here and not in the thread where your character snaps and goes ballistic on the rest of us.

3) Is your character Mild Powers - Semi-Realistic?

- Unless the answer is yes I can't take your character. If this answer of yes is proven to be false then the OOC hammer is coming down and you're done. If there's something you're worried about let me know, I can't guarantee anything but I might thing of a work around. Very simply I'm going to be targeting quests targeted art mild powers characters, entities stronger than that are going to have or be flush with 'i win' buttons. While there are ways to trivialize encounters, I want it done in a way that contributes to the narrative of a quest. A solve all ability and a boring invincible hero is just that, boring.

4) Can your character meet a Minimum Sanity Requirement?

- No trolling. I may have mentioned this for the entirety of the post but I'm asking aspiring players to not join for the sake of trying to get the group to implode. If you can say yes the I'll need some time to browse your content if I don't know you as well as I'd like. I know there is a difference between players and characters, so if you do have other characters that would be eyebrow raising if stumbled upon that aren't the one you're applying with here just let me know.

5) How often can you post?

- I'd like to find a good median with the group. My job doesn't really give me take home work so while I'd be available almost every day I don't expect that from everyone else. Just be honest. If people only have so much time until a date arrives that requires them to devote all their time to real life, then I'd like to find something that fits our pace and their time frame.


I'll need a name of course to put on the roster and I won't refuse to take anything past those four questions. I don't seek to prevent characters from having personality, however the theme is that Akiris is searching for like minded individuals.


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