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Alterion Canon: Updates and Alterations

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Took the newly edited Legend | Cosanastre opening post and turned it into an article. The idea being that, once I've completed edits to all Regions and Provinces, etc, I will change the Legend | Cosanastre into a more "useful links" sections for people browsing the Cosanastre Sub-board and start to direct more lore traffic towards the landing page

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Created a Region/City Table and removed some obsolete information from the landing page. Changed 'Religion' to 'Politics and Religion' and inserted a link to my Political Turmoil & Affiliations Thread. moved the Poor Sons and the Justicar articles to their respective spot in the 'Law' section of the write up. 


For some reason I can't center the table itself...hrrrrrm. 

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Quick, wash out the blood! Full Summary Located in Thread

Minor Summary 

Following the events in home of the brave, Jericho uncovers information vital to the successful operation of the human trafficking racket he has uncovered. Jericho joins forces with a powerful witch to enact a plan of violent justice, crippling the slave ring, and providing him with a path for an even more effective attack.

Notable Consequences

Massive disruption to a primary trade route used by human traffickers

Not detailed here, but happening as an aftereffect – Jericho will publish the mafia's information so that the local police force as well as competition from non-human-trafficking traders adds further complication to his target


Bad – Some of those lesser criminals see an opportunity to climb the ranks

Good – Continue to disrupt trading routes and damage assets for criminal organizations





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