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Keoyi Kenkuwa

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Name: Keoyi Kenkuwa

Age: 23

Occupation: Previously baker, pyrologist, fire breather, and blacksmith, previously samurai, currently travelling entertainer, merchant, and adventurer

Gender: Male

Dominant hand: Left

Backstory: Born to two firebenders in a small town near Draca Prima called Fyring Cole, Keoyi Kenkuwa was the sweetest baby to touch Valucre's surface. His father owned a forge as well as a bakery, and his mother was an acrobat for the circus. Being the son of a blacksmith/baker and a circus performer, Keoyi learned many interesting skills. He was a firebending prodigy, and was performing moves from the advanced fire set at age 6. His love for the beauty of fire and his constantly being around it, in the ovens of the bakery, the molten casks of the forge, and the fire breathers at the circus, made him want to do everything he could to appreciate fire and help others appreciate it. He was constantly helping at both his parents' jobs, and became a fire breather for the circus. He did an excellent job, and everyone loved him, not only for his tricks, but for his kind and caring personality, though he was a bit naive and innocent. He always saw the best in people, and handled situations maturely and tried to make everyone happy in the end. One day, when Keoyi was 11, a travelling samurai visited, and performed in the plaza for the people to see. He would throw 10 ripe tomatoes in the air and cut them all before they hit the ground, covering the viewers with juice and filling them with excitement and fascination. Keoyi was one of those viewers. He became determined to learn the art of the sword, and begged the samurai to teach him, and the samurai accepted his as an apprentice - on one condition: Keoyi would forge an amazing quality sword for the samurai by the end of the year. Keoyi, of course, did so, but the sword and the training took 6 years to complete. Keoyi became a master swordsman, and when the sword was finally finished, he presented it to his master, who told him that he was the master now, and had forged his own sword. And future. The master left, and Keoyi used his sword and firebending in conjunction to defend Fyring Cole whenever bandits or thugs attacked. It was a beautiful sword, as it had taken 6 years to make, and became a part of Keoyi like his own arm. At the age of 19, when his father became ill and passed away, Keoyi set out to make the world a better place. Travelling to Draca Prima, he fought off some gangs and protected the people, becoming known as the Swift Afire, the hero of Draca Prima. However, several girls exploited his kindness and trusting personality and his heart was broken multiple times. One day, when his mother was visiting him and they were having dinner with a girl he had saved the life of, it was revealed that she was actually the wife of the leader of the biggest gang in Draca Prima, and had lured him there to kill him. The restaurant exploded, and his mother was injured in the blast and died in his arms. He had always been emotionally fragile, and easy to manipulate because of his kindness and he swore to never again trust so easily. He still retains his just and kind personality, however, though he now tends to stay to himself, alone. What he subconsciously seeks is someone to prove to him that trust and loyalty are real, and love as well. He travels Terrenus seeking an answer to his questions and helping people on the way.

Weapons: Galvorn katana

Skills: Firebending, fire breathing, acrobatics, parkour, freerunning, sword combat, hand-to-hand combat, baking, cooking, smithing

Personality: Just, truthful, emotionally susceptible, caring, selfless, trusting, naive



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