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Escape from Prison

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Arrested 2 months ago, Snugger Dimpip had apparently, according to the authorities, "Broken into the sheriff's office to steal his hat." Dimpip was sentenced to 2 months and one day in the town jail, but apparently got frustrated and decided to make a break for it. Prison guard Bi Juup apparently "noticed too late what he was doing. He had stolen my wallet, the prison exit keys, and my hat without me noticing. Then he just walked out." The guards at the gate apparently didn't realise that wearing a prison uniform makes you a prisoner, and say they have protested at "wearing prison clothes protests" and, in their words, believe "that just cause you wear the uniform doesn't make you one of em man. Like, maybe you just like the stripes, man, I like those stripes, I think they cool." Dimpip is still on the loose and is probably an asshole, so if you see him, kick him between the legs as hard as possible and contact the authorities.

REWARD FOR CAPTURE: a half eaten bologne sandwich and the sherrif's hat

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