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Name: Parime, the City of Glass.

Location: Western Kadia


Current Premier: Nadia Royce

Current Aide: Vacant

Previous Premier: Radovan Kamil

___ a middle aged man, before he was the ruler of Parime he was a famous fisherman, known for leading expeditions at a young age out into the abyssal waters of the nearby ocean. Tragedy would strike and the once renowned fisherman would find himself losing a leg when a ship of his topside. Since then he has been on the face to ensuring the pacifist nature of Parime remains in tact.

Radovan had a glorious departure. It’s said that underneath that calm demeanor, there is a man of passion and might, and he showed it that final night facing the Ciar and Ekimmu. Guns blazing and swords swinging, the gentleman was killed protecting his beloved city.

Population: ~7,000


Facing towards the west of the city, are the sheer cliffs of the coast, offering protection against the foes of nature, the waves that'd come crashing down are with aim towards the city itself. From the docks, crafted out of the finest stone, one will find a flight of stairs that travel up the face of the cliff, from the top of the second flight of stairs, the new arrivals will then enter the city of Parime.

A beautiful home to many that's surrounded by cliffs and walls, the city is comfortably nestled in the bosom of nature. Homes carved into the cliffs are a sight to behold when entering Parime; lengthy bridges connecting one cliff to the other are heavily decorated, showing the skill of many carvers are treasures; and the general sights of markets full of hagglers and shops with open doors welcoming many weary travelers are sought after reprieves. 

At some point the city had appeared to be more ‘laid back and behind on the times’, to keep the appearance as a haven of tranquility. Though, due to the most recent events caused by invaders and conquerors, Parime has been pushed into the light of expansion. After the Empire of the Cold South took over Kadia, their first order of business was completely rebuilding Parime to fit their vision.

Technology sifts through the city in small bursts, yet the same laid back feel floats through to keep the people at ease. Even though the docks are occupied by various ships ranging from wood to iron, history still has a place here, keeping the life and times of Radovan alive.

Edited by Aleksei

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Wayward travelers who will find themselves coming upon the docks often times spend their first few hours in Parime here, as the markets and bartering stations find themselves here, as there are always fisherman who find themselves ready to sell the day's catch. Bustling with life, the docks are a good place for anyone new to Kadia to start looking for a good time or cause general trouble. Stands filled with fruits, fish, wares of all sorts from around Valucre fill the edges of the city, making it vibrant and alive with action.

Bandar: The Bandar is the glorious tavern and inn of Parime, sitting atop an outcropping of rocks that overlooks the sea, with enormous windows scattered about, allowing patrons the comfort of the sea as they eat, drink and eventually crash in one of the many rooms that the Bandar has to offer. A place of both sophisticated design and comfort. There are rules that keep things in check, so it's best you abide by them or see yourself thrown out; thankfully it shouldn't be too difficult for anyone to follow the simple suggested rules. 

  • No Killing! If you have a score to settle, you settle it outside.
  • You break it, you bought it.
  • Weapons do not have to be checked at the door, but keep them sheathed, hidden, etc. 
  • Pay! Thievery is heavily frowned upon and it will get you banned from Bandar.


An almost secluded section of the city, it rests an a minor uphill next to the city, yet still within the limits of the city. It is often referred to as the 'circle haven', as the buildings are marked with odd arcane sigils. There are few who know of the purpose of the area, even those who live within the city often times are without answer when the questions of such arise. This area was left untouched during the Progression and Purging, for reasons unknown - reasons best left alone.


The Artemis Ward is a secluded and restricted community that rests in the city of Parime, a seclusion made possible by a series of runes and archaic markings etched into the very sandstone that makes up the city, and by the word of the Empress Leoa. Those without the proper permission look towards the ward and only see an area overgrown with shrubs and trees, much in need of a proper cut, yet for those who are allowed they see the marvels.

Small outcroppings of rock jut without mercy from the terra, verdant trees are specked amongst the well paved and maintained roadways. While establishments are erected in an orderly manner that help boost the ethereal presence and influence of those within the community; wellness is increased by the spell circle generated by roads and homes.


The secrecy of the area is for a good cause. Parime long has been attributed as a forefather in the expansion of magic and magical technologies; many of the Muhirian Mages have hailed from the coastal city. The Ward was then thusly established to house, school and expand the future of magic seen within Kadia. While magic is an ever flowing and expansive principal throughout, the Ward acts as one of the many centers designed to channel and use it properly.

Mana based technologies are created here as are schools of thought regarding various forms of magic and supernatural properties that exist. The Ward is a well respected and appreciated area of Kadia.

Originally written by: proximity to corpses
Edits made by: Aleksei & Alexei

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