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Noah (The Ghost in the Machine)

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Got a cosmic Geiger feel going on here. This is a repost from # @skullzophrenia - who didn't give credit so I did some research and found out the artist is a fellow named Aleksandr Plihta who is a Character Concept Artist at Crytek Ukraine..   ** Oh and don't forget to follow @WeAreImpermanent for more inspiring ❤️art! **

NAME: No-uh
IS A(N): Android/???
GENDER: Irrelevant (formerly male)
AGE: 1,000 (cumulative) 
WEIGHT: 500 lbs in base form
ALIGNMENT: True Neutral
STATUS: Alive/Ascendant
EYES: Varies
SKIN: Varies
HAIR: Varies
BODY: Varies
OUTFIT: Nanofiber 
PERSONALITY: Narcissistic tendencies, Charming, Manipulative, Dry sense of humor
ABILITIES: Enhanced physical attributes, Digital Mind, EXO Modular Armor System, Brilliant, OMNI
PARAPHERNALIA: Himself/Various
CURRENT THREAD(S): thread link(s)
BACKSTORY: Resurrection is a known and accepted phenomenon in Valucre, and are more knowledgeable of it than the man known as Noah. While most individuals do not remember their past lives, he remembers them all. Regardless of environment, or upbringing, he will regain his memories of past lives sometime around reaching physical maturity (14-16). It did not take long for Noah to take advantage of this boon; using his various lives to gather a wide array of skills and knowledge over a millennia of existence. Though fascinated by a variety of subjects, technology had always been his favorite.
In his most recent incarnation, Noah decided to find a way to evolve beyond the cycle of death and rebirth. To this end he used a fortune amassed over many lifetimes to pursue avenues of research related to cybernetics and transhumanistic research. Decades later, he had created a cutting edge android body into which he could upload his mind, but he did not stop here. Using his own DNA as a base, the doctor was able to forge a system that would allow him to create life itself! 
TRAITS: Noah is a brilliant man, and unfortunately, he is fully aware of it. While he usually means no harm, the air of superiority with which he carries himself often grates on others. Despite this, he is capable of great charisma; which can also manifest by way of manipulation of others. Though not prone to jocularity, Noah does possess a droll, deadpan sense of humor.
OVERVIEW: In his current form, Noah is a force to be reckoned with. His android body is capable of incredible feats of strength, speed, and endurance far beyond what most living beings could replicate. A full suite of sensors allows him to see and hear in multiple spectrums. In addition, he can hack technological, and magitech constructs such as computers and communication devices. The same Nanomachine generator that fuels OMNI can also be used as active camo; allowing him to take on any physical appearance he likes.
OMNI: Without doubt, the crowning achievement from Noah's research. OMNI is a nanomachine generator that uses a small sample of biological material, and uses is to replicate a living organism. While only capable of generating one organism of at a time, the range of options available in its creation is breathtaking. Noah commonly uses this ability when he desires to infiltrate human enclaves without drawing attention. 
EXO Modular Armor System: A weapons system capable of transforming into an incredible array of weapons and equipment.
Nanothread: A garment woven from synthetic fibers and nanomachines, the Nanothread is capable of tailoring itself into any kind of civilian clothing.

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