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Dream Eater (Quest)

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If you're relatively active (Can post multiple times a day.) feel free to pm me about joining this thread. For now I'll be using it to role play when I'm bored and have nothing better to do. 

Enter Sandman
A creature has been stalking the streets of Morgana at night. While the peaceful citizens sleep, it seems that this creature slips in when they are most vulnerable. Killing the people while they sleep has brought much panic to the city. Even when people try to lock their houses and doors, the Sandman seems to always strike. It seems that no one is safe. Find and track this creature down, kill it if need be. The city guards will pay out a nice reward for its capture. Dead or Alive.

Quest Reward: 50vB and receive Dream Eater: A necklace that is capable of placing those around you under a sleeping spell. The wearer is immune to its power, but those around you will not be so lucky.

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A man walked down the street whistling a merry tune. It was a beatiful morning in stark contrast to the nights of terror that had gripped portions of the city. His features unremarkable. Brown hair, Brown eyes. Of average hight, And weight. Absolutely nothing about him stood out, And it was just the way he liked it. Most who saw him forgot almost instantly. Those who didn't couldn't give a description. The market was bustling with people buying every kind of item you could name. 

The man spun down a back ally, Flipping a coin to a nearby begger he opened the door to a building like any other on the street. It wasnt a residential area, Most of the nearby buildings had bar's on the windows, That or they were boarded up. The street had been shut down some time back, It didn't bother him any. His lips curled into a smile as he stepped into his home for some rest. 

Tonight Was another big night and he needed his sleep. The door shut behind him in silence, the door itself had boards all over it leaving little evidence it could even be opened. 

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