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honoré, celine

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"Hungry for the kill"


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Personal Info

   -- Label:

       ◥ Born: celine liane honoré

       ◥ Title: concubine

       ◥ Aliases:

   -- Age: 25

   -- Gender: female

       ◥ Sexuality: heterosexual

   -- Type: hume

   -- Look:

       ◥ Hair: auburn

       ◥ Eyes: gold

       ◥ Height: five-feet & seven inches [5'7"]

       ◥ Weight: one-hundred & thirty-five pounds [135lbs]

   -- Tone: low, husky

   -- Lineage:

       ◥ Birth: shrine city, the cold south

       ◥ Father: lachaille honoré

       ◥ Mother: isabel jourdan

       ◥ Siblings: none


Psychological Info                            

   -- Persona:

      ◥ Alignment: lawful evil

      ◥ Interests:

      ◥ Likes: absolute power, dedication

      ◥ Dislikes: disorder, weakness

      ◥ Quirks: her right pinky nail is often a victim to her chewing; will braid her hair while in thought.



   -- Fashion: bedlah variations

       ◥ Head: scarves ranging differently from silks, cottons, and cashmeres. Each and every one of these are heavily decorated with either jewels, coins, or nubby embroidery usually done by her own hand. Often accompanying said scarves are strings of gold or silver woven through her hair, encircling her forehead. Ranging from fairly simple to the extreme, Celine has an abundance of headdresses for whatever occasion.

       ◥ Body: using the same scarfs for her hair, Celine will wrap them about her upper half to create halter tops or tube tops. Necklaces of the most obnoxious are often worn, but some times she will be a little more reserved and wear a body chain, or only small layers of necklaces. Bellybutton is pierced and often decorated with a small jewel that coordinates with whatever colors she is wearing that day.

       ◥ Legs: varies from her day to day duties. Skirts with slits going from ankle to hip varying in different colors and fabrics, also with different coordinating embellishments.

       ◥ Feet: soft slippers or nothing at all.


   -- Weaponry:

       ◥ Primary: Pesh-Kabz

A short blade that is invariably broad at the hilt, then tapers progressively and radically to a needle-like, triangular tip. Primarily used as a thrusting weapon, however the wide hollow-ground blade possesses considerable slicing performance, effectively used with slashing or cutting strokes.

Overall length: Eighteen inches [18 in]

Blade length: Twelve inches [12 in]

Blade: Depleted primal alloy

Hilt: Ivory


       ◥ Primary Company: Throwing Knives

A favoured weapon for Celine; spear pointed, fixed blade throwing knives with a straight edge. Their handles are wrapped in animal sinew, making the grip more comfortable for throwing and general handling.

Overall length: Nine inches and a half [9 ½]

Blade length: Two and one eighth [2 ⅛]

Blade & Hilt: Depleted primal alloy


       ◥ Secondary: Rope Javelin

There are five parts to this little wonder. The dart that's made out of depleted primal alloy shaped into a pentagonal prism; five rings attached to the dart head with the rope - covered in wax to reduce friction - attached to the final ring; a blue feather attached to the dart head itself to conceal the dart, with additional feathers ranging from blue to red attached to the side rings to slow down the dart and increase control; the handle is the last piece of the rope, usually wrapped around her right arm when in use.

Overall length: One hundred & eighty inches [180 in]

Rope: Usual run-of-the-mill rope dipped in wax

       ◥ Armour:  



SoulSeeker | the art of using one's soul to empower weaponry, armour, and to infuse one’s abilities to counter against arcane users.

   -- infuse with soul [1]     

       ◥ Description: The Soulseeker can infuse their weapon, and armor with the power of their soul, making mundane equipment effectively Masterwork. This ability effectively makes the armor part of the SoulSeeker's body, reducing the speed and armor penalties associated with heavier equipment. Soulseekers may forego their armor for better equipment.


   -- innocence transference [2]         

       ◥ Description: Soulseekers who are targeted by Divine, Arcane, or Psionic spells that deal damage may return 20% of the spell's damage per prep.


   -- return to darkness [3]                    

       ◥ Description: Spells that would afflict the SoulSeeker with an ill-effect, such as poison or paralysis, instead grant the Soulseeker 15% resistance to spells and physical attacks per prep


   -- pray to deaf ears [4]           

       ◥ Description: Divine Spells which would deal damage to, or otherwise negatively affect the SoulSeeker are resisted by 25% per prep.


   -- imbecile’s attempts [5]         

       ◥ Description: Arcane Spells which would deal damage to, or otherwise negatively affect the SoulSeeker are resisted by 25% per prep.


   -- reject [6]       

       ◥ Description: SoulSeekers may exchange a Standard action to prepare "Reject", an ability that allows them to reflect a spell or other supernatural abilities that targets them. Area of effect spells deal no damage, but are not reflected.


   -- providence of the mind [7]                                  

       ◥ Description: A Soulseeker can grant allies within 20 feet of them a 20% resistance to spells.


   -- stay away [8]                             

       ◥ Description: The Soulseeker exudes a powerful air of energy that destroys the ability to cast spells, or manifest powers within 30 feet of him. Sustaining this zone requires a Standard, or Move action of focus.


Ucissore | skilled revolutionist (assassin)

   -- l'art du liberté [the art of freedom][1]                                 

       ◥ Description: is a form of acrobatics in which PRIDE Ucissore [assassin] pledges learn, using their landscape to perform intricate maneuvers to overcome difficult obstacles/structures. Freedom tecnica [techniques] emphasizes efficiency, and embodies complete freedom of movement, such allows inclusion of many acrobatic maneuvers often simply for aesthetics and or a challenge. Assassins can climb up any wall if its surface is not too flat, and possesses anything one can possibly grab onto [windows, cracks, ledges] through use of the following techniques:


Equilibrio (fundamental; balance) ultimate balance! (not available in combat situations)


Altalena & Laché (fundamentals; swing & drop) is a tecnica where one swings on a bar and lets go in order to grab another object and or to drop to the ground from a hanging position.


Montare-muro (fundamental; wall-walk) is the climbing of a tall wall by running up its surface quickly, using steps/kicks to propel oneself upward.


Planche (fundamental; muscle-up or climb-up) is the act of climbing an obstacle from a hanging position into a position where your upper body is pulled above the obstacle, supported by the arms.


Roulade (fundamental; roll), often called break fall, is a forward roll where the hands, arms and back are all used upon falling to the ground primarily to transfer the momentum from jumps, and to minimize impact and prevent a painful landing.


Saut de bras (advanced; arm jump) is to land on the side of an obstacle in a hanging position, the hands gripping the top edge, stabilizing the body for a smooth transition to a Planche.


Saut de fond (advanced; jump) is a jump from a high height, usually followed by a roll or parachute.


Saut de precision (Precision jump) is a static or moving jump from one object to a precise spot on another object with a small surface such area.


Presto (advanced, fast climb) Assassins climb much faster than using this technique. However, the scheme of the ledges one must grab onto must be simple.


Impossibile (advanced, climb leap) Assassins are now capable of grabbing a potentially out-of-reach handhold by performing a vertical jump while climbing.


   -- l'art du coscienza [the art of awareness][2]                              

       ◥ Description: is a mental discipline taught upon entry to PRIDE, allowing the user to hone the mind, sub conscious, and active conscious to work on a higher level to perform feats of mental agility to match their physical agility. With these technique, a man becomes more than a man, he becomes a true assassin.


Sense of Danger with this technique, the user is passively attuned to their surroundings, enough to feel when something isn't right; an effect that can be triggered by anything from killer intent, to the aiming of a magic spell in their direction. While unable to pinpoint exact locations and situations, the user does have a vague idea of direction. As befits an assassin, this makes it incredibly difficult to sneak up on or catch the user off guard.


Lock on Target simply put, a single personage can be singled out to focus the brunt of awareness on. The user becomes hyper-aware of the targets being, their breathing pattern, heart rate, particular footsteps; and thereby able to track them in a city, a crowd or the wilderness with high accuracy out to a hundred foot radius.


Increased Five Senses through harsh, unrelenting training, a new recruit is trained to elevate their five senses to extraordinary heights. They can taste poison in food quickly enough to spit it out, see clearer and further, hear beyond the range of average humans, smell can be focused to near animal like efficiency and touch able to discern the lightest touch.


Accuracy with a need to utilize thrown projectiles and deliver pinpoint precision in strikes, an assassin to trained to achieve flawless accuracy on a repetitive basis. The more one concentrates, the higher their chances of pinpoint success, whether the target is moving or standing still.


   --  l'art du artiotto [the art of eight limbs][3]                                 

       ◥ Description: is a combative sport from Babylon (post-ayenee) that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. It is referred to as the Science of Eight Limbs because it utilizes eight points of contact as opposed to two points (fists) in boxing and "four points" (hands and feet) used in other combat sports. In order to be successful, one must first learn to tap into his/her life Lifeforce (natural energy), whether it be through the darker side, that which manifest all that is negative within you, or the brighter, positive side that is pure and righteous. The side effects are grave, for one's humanity could be lost as they descend into the darkness, where some of the stronger beings dwell. For simply wanting to be the victor to your natural hume instincts to survive, could blaze trails to and through the darkness, changing one into a Demon overtime.


Natural energy practitioners can learn to draw the energy of nature inside of them, blending it with their Lifeforce/Life Energy (created from the spiritual and physical energy within them), creating a new dimension of power. Upon doing so, one can then use the sacred arts of l'art du artitto, one's strength, celerity, dexterity, stamina, and durability dramatically increases. The users innate also become more powerful, though more importantly: one can harness the natural energy surrounding them, turning it into an extension of their body, increasing the reach of their physical attacks.

Disadvantages: drawing in too much energy, being a result of greed, they risk transforming into a demon; a process that cannot be reversed. In order to gather a substantial amount of natural energy, one must remain completely still. These advantages can be negated if one uses a Clonare to conjure said energy.


Clonare is an actual copy of the user by evenly distributing their Lifeforce/Life Energy into it/them, giving each clonare an equal fraction of the users power. Clonare are capable of performing basic and sophisticated technique on their own and can even bleed, but usually disperse after one or two solid blows. They can also disperse on their own and are created in the same condition as the original. Clonare can not be distinguished from the actual person, for they are created with the same lifeforce. This ability requires knowledge of natural energy and a prep per clone.


   --  l'art du oscurità [art of stealth][4]         

       ◥ Description:  is set of skills rooted in umbrakinesis, chosen for it's stability of use and being less susceptible to dispels, disjunctions and other arcane counters. Through a rigorous training process, which includes opening the mind of non/unawaken psions, these technique allow an assassin to operate under the cover of darkness, with stealth and secrecy.


Silence just as the name suggestions, this technica thickens the shadows on the ground underfoot, walls that one may brush against, or any surface, to negate any sounds picked up in passing.


Assimilation pools of shadow on a man's face can work wonders for his anonymity; with this, an assassin operating in a crowd can cleverly blur, shadow or shade his face in a manner that leaves an observer with no clue to features.


Cloaking in a similar manner to Assimilation, an assassin can pool shadow around him (most useful when in larger shadows) and seemingly melt into it, nearly disappearing completely from sight. Upon mastery, one may also wrap a shadow around a physical object and hide it from sight, i.e. a metal blade, so as to not be given away by light.


Shadow Warp an incredibly taxing skill, but equally frightening, this technica allows the user to pass through shadow itself, a complex technica that can be used to travel medium distances in nearly blink. It is suggested one not use it in combat, as it requires intense concentration (can only be granted by a Herald).

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The Story

   -- Childhood:



   -- Adolescence:

       ◥ Strength, to endure the storm.

Wisdom, to learn its origins.

Pride, to see its weakness.

Contempt, to slight its power.


And in obedience to these precepts, you may no longer fear the storm; for then, and in truth, you will be the storm.


   -- Adulthood:

       ◥ Honour in victory.

Loyalty to your brothers and sisters.

Courage in battle.

Justice in the name of the Empire.

Pride in the sacrifice.


Current & Completed Threads

   -- Current



 -- Completed


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