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Hydrophobic Vampires [Vampire breed]

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{This is where I was told to post this. I don't know if I did it correctly.}
Type » Aberration: Fey (Undead).
Temperament » Generally neutral. Can depend on the Vampire.
Size » Usually around five or six feet at full maturity.
Weight » Depends on the Vampire (Some of them eat a LOT). Usually quite lightweight.
Location » Can be found as a rare species wherever other large amounts of Vampires are.
Environment » Dark (typically candle-lit) environments.
Organization » Often work on their own, in pairs or in small packs.
Special Abilities » Blood-draining, telekinesis, shape-shifting, and infection.
Hydrophobic Vampires are the result of a necromantic experiment on regular Vampires.
Hydrophobic Vampires get their name from their unnatural response to water. For some unnamed reason, water damages them in a way almost like sunlight does, however it is water very specifically. Consistent liquids such as blood, milk or other things untouched by actual water doesn't have the same effect. People aren't quite sure why it's water very specifically that hurts them, but some argue that it's the effect of black magic affecting their strengths. Because of this, their anatomy is reworked into all the water in a normal Vampire's body being replaced with blood (this includes tears, and dyes their urine to a sort of thick, purple liquid). Considering they have so much blood in their body anyway, they aren't harmed by losing the blood through crying, and need to urinate like any normal human - although crying for too long or doing something else that pushes what would be water out of their body could make them quite light-headed, and they could eventually pass out because of it, although very rare. It makes them a little stronger as they pass out less often.
Water isn't their only allergy. For some reason or another, they're also deadly allergic to sunlight. If they're exposed to sunlight for too long, they can ash up and disintegrate. For example, if a strong beam of sunlight were to strike a Hydrophobic Vamp (or any Vampire at that) in the eye, it would permanently blind them.
Prolonged exposure to sunlight will result in their hair falling out before they started to shed. They would scar and bleed before they disintegrated completely.
These Vampires can also be paralysed by regular fire depending on the amount of exposure. Sure, they can curl up by the fireplace and bask in the heat, but when large bonfires are close to a Hydrophobic Vampire's skin, it could paralyse them.
Most Hydrophobic Vampires have achromatopsia. Active Hydrophobics tend to apply contact lenses, whereas those who were less outgoing and more solitary (usually mature Vamps who don't need to feed quite as much) wear normal glasses.
Hydrophobic Vampires are allergic to garlic and silver. Mixing silver, garlic and water can kill a Hydrophobic Vamp in a single sip. Sometimes, salt can be dangerous, which is why saltwater is more dangerous than regular water.
They mature considerably fast compared to most other Vampires. They age like normal humans, and then have "immortality stages" that they randomly hit. It usually occurs during young adulthood, but can range from as young as pre-teenage years to in their middle-ages.
Hydrophobics are infamous for developing obsessions to feeding, whether or not they need to or not.
Hydrophobic Vampires have telekinetic abilities worked into their being. Often times, they have abilities based around psychokinesis. It depends on the Vampire the level of power they can use it at. However, they could instead have abilities based around hypnotisation or illusion. They can play with the minds of some around them, often using this ability to tease their victims, luring them somewhere that the Vampire could easily strike them.
As seen in many tales and legends, Hydrophobic Vampires can shapeshift and take the form of a bat. You can easily tell the difference between a Hydrophobic Vampire and a regular bat, as Hydrophobics would have darker fur and bright eyes with slits instead of irises.
Hydrophobics are easy to spot, as they have baby blue skin and slitted eyes. Instead of sweating, they release a white, thin liquid substance that makes their skin look white, when it's actually light blue. Most Hydrophobics have eyes that are bright red, crimson or brown, however, there could be instances of other colours, but that would just be a genetic mutation. The vast majority of them have black hair, but are not restricted, and this is not a mutation.
Their ears tend to be high and pointed. They have hypersensitive hearing, as well as inhumanly fast speed.
Hydrophobics, just like any Vampires, do not show up in mirrors but do show up on film.
Hydrophobic Vampires can reproduce naturally through sexual reproduction, although some of them prefer or just enjoy infecting humans through biting them. They cannot reproduce with a human for the sake of a human's sweat damaging their bodies, and would probably damage their reproductive systems too much to bear children anyway.
{I think I've listed everything. I don't have a high-quality photo at the moment, but I think you get the gist. They're not restricted to looks other than having baby-blue skin anyway.}

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