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The Hummingbird

Genesaris Canon and Lore Updates

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Quest Rules
Created by Supernal.

  1. PM (The Hummingbird) before undertaking a quest so I can update availability
  2. Include a [quest] bracket in your thread title
  3. Each post should be no less than 100 words. If I feel you aren't even trying and rushing through posts I'll terminate the quest.
  4. You have to post at least ONCE a week
  5. If a quest goes 2 weeks or more without a post, the quest will be made available
  6. Rewards include: canonization and inclusion in the lore, IC spoils from me and ones that you can determine, post-credits (see below), and your thread will be pinned or featured in the local board until the next canon event
  7. Given the rewards, if the quest is too easily accomplished your canonization may be denied (refer to 3rd entry). Players should keep in mind that even death isn't permanent in a place like Valucre
  8. At the end of every quest, it is a requirement that you follow the Canonization Process, especially with regards to generating a new opportunity. This submission is how players reap rewards and get their activity documented

Each is a writing prompt, and is usually either in or near one of the major cities or settings. The details of the quest are open to modification and interpretation by the players or appointed GM (Game-Master). Players are free to play the quests out however they like, allowing them to express themselves as writers while directly impacting the canon.

Genesaris Quests

Orisia Quests

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Canon Updates


Midlands: When Darkness Falls - The arrival of a warlock spells doom for a Baron and his daughter. A farm is destroyed by mysterious forces, and there are reports of demons rising from the ashes, terrorizing the locals and unlucky travelers. (Warlock)

Arcane East:  Crimson Tears - The council of five in Mageside city is reduced to four. The cities of Stormward and Mageside ally together, advancing the art of Lightning Magic; however, the council is now more wary of the mysterious blood magic and suspicions rise about the city of Umbra. (LordYalet, Sétanta the Hound, Rolynight, Unkawaii)

Midlands: Daoda | To Erect an Empire! - Having fled Terrenus and following the events of Whispernight Ragnarok, Koji and hs budding Datsuzoku Empire set up in the heart of Genesaris to begin the construction of their capital. (Al Sa-her, Slank44, Chappu, Aleksei, Etched In Stone, TheCalmOne, Mag, Misty, Trenchant Cogency, LorSanTekka, see post for more.) 

Midlands: Ruto o Torumasu | Taking Root -Laying the Foundation - Land is finally secured for the budding city of the newly formed Datsuzoku Empire of the newly named Jigoku Country.


Lore Updates


Nationwide: With the aid of a few men and women, Whispernight Ragnarok destroys the majority of cities within Genesaris.

Shigurui [Port City: Ragnarok] - Koji and his infant Datsuzoku Empire flood Porty City with shadow monsters, awakening a dragon and causing chaos. The city is destroyed, and the survivor seek refuge within the empire, unaware the cause of the destruction was by Koji himself.

Mageside City, Arcane East: Mageside now has only four councilors with the archmage Castellus' resignation.

Stormward, Mageside City: the two cities are now allied in the advancement of Lightning Magic.

Nationwide: The Southern Swell pledges alliance to the Cold South.

Nationwide: With the Southern Swell no longer in existnece, the Cold South renames itself the Imperial South.

Valjer City: 

Wolves In SheepskinRenkor, native of the Cold South and Aelyria, a foreigner, meet. Posing as husband and wife, they plan to raise a reputation to insinuate Renkor into the political structure of the South’s Valjer City. However, after a near-fatal assassination attempt, climaxed by an encounter with an ice dragon, Renkor leaves Valjer in an attempt to draw them away from a comatose Aelyria.

Slumbering ShadowsAfter 2 year Aelyria awakens. She meets a man called Forrest, and together they go on a quest for one of the deadly white wolves. Unfortunately, a combination of weather and the increasingly numerous and savage white wolves force them to fight for their lives.  They are saved only by Valerie Valmer’s arrival, but Forrest then recalls his lie; he is actually to eliminate anyone would oppose Mr. Lyles, an underground kingpin of Union city, from moving in and taking over the area’s resources and infrastructure.

In the CrossfireOne week later, Aelyria, Forrest, and Renkor meet in Valjer City. Aelyria, leaving the hostilities rising between Forrest and Renkor, meets Baily Valmer at his manor. She learns there is a bone disease killing him, and of the blind faith to te dragon god Valjer that he uses to justify a number of atrocities he commits. Renkor and Forrest, (secretly Caliben), arrive also at the manor, but a guard attacks Renkor. The attack is defused, but later, before another wolf hunt, Renkor burns down the guard’s house, murdering the wife in the process. Aelyria learns of the arson, and that the guard’s wife was pregnant. While the gulf is widened between them the wolf hunt, with a group assembled by Valerie, is successful and they kill them. When they return with the pelts, they find Valerie is severely injured by Bailey Valmer, who has kidnaped their daughter Ysgrid. In the end, after fights and assaults, Aelyria slays Baily Valmer, which turns out to be the plan of Valerie to have him slain. She says it is for the good of Valjer Ciy and banishes Aelyeria, Renkor, and Caliben from the city forever under punishment of death. Valerie now rules Valjer City. The dragon remains in the mountains, the cult of the Forgotten God onc led by Bailey may yet have survived, and the kingpin Mr. Lyles, aims to take over Valjer’s ironwood business… of which Valerie is entirely ignorant.


Edited by The Hummingbird

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Canon and Lore Update:

Shigurui [Port City, Ragnarok]

Daoda | To Erect an Empire!

Note: Since some member's names have odd characters and are messing with my posts, I'm now only going to post a limited number of the participant's names. Please browse through the RPs themselves to contact the members for requests!

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