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The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

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Asher leaned into the DAICHON's embrace. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been hugged, listening, feeling the vibrations in someone's chest run through his jaw as they spoke. He clung weakly to Ben, only half listening to his words.

"Th-thanks, B-Ben," he stuttered when he'd trailed off. "I g-guess we're not s-s-so different af-fter all..."

Asher pulled away, giving him the briefest of smiles before diving for the flask. He drained the rest of it quickly, eyes screwed tightly shut, as if all his wrongdoings and pain would drown from the Ambrosia. In a way, it did, but always managed to resurrect itself after the effects wore off. He hated to think of what would happen when he was officially and permanently (could he even keep it that long?) sober.

For Erixa. He told himself. Do it for Erixa. Put the old lifestyle behind; you're not getting an easier offer any time soon, especially after all the shit you've pulled. 

Stupid logic.


(OOC: Wow. Kinda long post from me, then a short one. I GOTTA STEP UP MAH GAME, FIX DAH MESS!!! xD)

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Posted (edited)


Hold up...there was a new computer hates me, I swear. >.< False alarm, sorry!

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Posted (edited)

"You just be sure to get plenty of rest tonight kid. You have a big day in the morning. I have already sent for your briefcase and your information, so just be ready. We are going out into the field to do some research, so keep your mind right and I will have some Ambrosia for you AFTER the job is done for tomorrow. I cannot have you going into Toxic Shock from trying to quit cold turkey you know. Remember kid, I'm counting on you to gather as much information as we can so we can find out who is behind all of this. And if you do not like the sight of blood, then you should really get ready to get used to it. The Higher-ups are already looking down at us quite strangely for all of this to be unsolved after eight months. I will see you in the morning alright kid?"

Ben chirped back at him, tossing him a smaller pouch of Ambrosia to sip on for the morning. Benaires knew how this went; his other form(s) drank a lot just like his mother, who was fully functioning while consuming large quantities of Red Wine. No one quite understood how that was even possible, but the logic still stood the test of time so it seemed.

He turned the knob for the door to open it some to slink on out while Asher would be able to get his thoughts together.

Upon returning back into the Den, Benaires would notice Rebecca sitting on the couch in just a long tee-shirt and nothing else on. She was to stare up at him, blushing a bit, only to look quite vulnerable at that moment. Ben hissed out suddenly, "I would be safe to say that you want me to sit next to you then Rebecca? You are relentless!!"

He then strolled over tot he where she was sitting, taking a comfortable position that was right next to her, but not too close. Graymite was in the living room still working on the reports and Asher's paperwork for the morning; it was his job as a Conduit for some reason.

"I wanted to ask you something Benaires...." Rebecca chirped out, trying to stare at the floor in embarrassment.

"Okay, let me pour us something to drink and you can ask away...." He replied, sitting two glasses onto the table that was in front of the both of them. He poured a hefty serving for himself, with just half a glass for Rebecca, knowing how pissy drunk she could get in front of him at times. They had known each other off and on for about four years in a row, with Rebecca always chasing him around secretly. He sat back, almost in complete wonder as to why she hardly had any clothes on in the first place.

"Look, uhm....oh, thanks.....What are your plans after this case is over benaires? I was thinking we could have lunch or something...You know. We hardly see each other, and you're always chasing your mother around in a sad attempt in finding her."


"A-hem.......well, 'becca, it is rather difficult for a person of my stature to simply drop what he is doing for the sake of having interpersonal relationships and things of that nature. I am supposed to be helping to get all of you trained so that you all can stay on point and be more vigilant over what it is that you do pertaining TO this job itself. You have spent the last four plus years chasing me around; you just will not take no for an answer, will ye? Look it is past my sleep time and we ALL have a big day in the morning. I'm going to finish my drink and this couch gets my claim for territory tonight. You should go to bed and get some rest you know."

Ben chugged his drink down, then kicked off his slippers, only to crawl to the arm of the large couch to lie down. Rebecca smirked, slamming down her drink and placing the empty glasses back onto the table. She then crawled on top of Benaires and laid her head on his chest. Ben sighed in utter disgust; she kept hitting on him like this time and time again and he did not approve!!!

"Rebecca, I am going to SLEEP. Do you not have a bed of your own in this large mini-mansion?" Ben dared to ask her, as he began to blush, staring away from her.

"But I want to sleep here with you; you're very warm and comfortable. Now is that a problem master Benaires?"

Ben then thought about it, and hissed back to her, "This is wrong on SO many levels!!! I'd better dim the lights down and get a blanket or something. And for that matter why do you not have on more clothing for a change? Oh never mind that...I am not about to waste brain cells to question YOUR taste of skimpy attire for bed time."


Rebecca then looked up at him, smirking in a sadistic manner, "I CALL myself dressing sexy for YOU moron. Do you not find me attractive at ALL you big dummy? men are so complicated at times. Here I am literally tossing myself AT you and you can't even say anything nice to me?"

ben giggled, then kissed her on the forehead, as the blanket made its way from the top shelf of the closet nearby, floating over to them and covering the both of them evenly.

"I will think about your offer and take it into greater consideration then 'becca. For now, let's just get some sleep okay?"

"You smell fantastic...what IS that?" She asked again. Ben did not want to be cynical about his answer; he wanted to be more open to her questions to keep her feeling at ease when she was around him at times.

"Jasmine and Hyacinth....I have to keep telling you that answer every time you forget becca. Now shush and go to sleep; I'm very tired."

"I love you...." She said, closing her eyes.......Ben knew that this girl was a hopeless romantic, but he did not want to make her upset or spurn her feelings either. He nodded and responded to her softly, "I know becca...I really ARE hopeless hehehe..."



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Asher shivered in the dark, clutching the Ambrosia close to his chest. The smell of it was so reassuring to kept him normal, safe...but he was a slave to it.

Sitting bolt upright, he hurled it across the room. He heard it hit the ground, but it didn't break. He knew he'd need it in the morning, but right now, all he wanted to do was get away from it. Silent, angry sobs wracking his body, he curled into the fetal position beneath his blankets.



Erixa woke to darkness surrounding her. Unlike her brother, she was completely fine with it; umbrakinesis taught one there was no reason to be scared of the dark. Except maybe getting stuck in the Void Dimension. Ragni had forced her to trap herself in it for five minutes, but Erixa ended up gone for five DAYS. All in all, it nearly caused her to squash the ability entirely, had it not been for her other trainer Lucarion.

She sat up, clawing at an itch on her arm. Careful not to wake Abraxis, she swung her feet over the side of the bed and stood up. She blindly felt her way around the room until her hand hit a doorknob. She twisted it, pulling the door open. The dim reflection of a mirror greeted her. She quickly relieved herself before hurrying out of the bathroom. That was the one place she didn't like the dark in. She didn't know the reason why; she just had always had the fear. Sadly, she was so eager to get back to the safety of Abraxis and the bed, she tripped over her own feet, colliding with the ground with a loud thud.

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Abraxis would then stir herself to awake. Her abilities were far beyond the grasp of anyone in the Asylum. She sprung up, holding her left index finger into the direction of Erixa, allowing for the very fingernail to illuminate something beautiful.

"We are ALL born from Darkness dear. you could have just nudged me and I could've lit the way for you. My powers extend beyond the grasp of anyone who was at the Asylum you know. I think that this case is going to bring all of us even closer than ever. Oh, do not worry about me; I am actually still asleep, awaiting for your warmth. I can explain all of that later. Sleep Paralysis is actually very entombing....Come back to bed; we have a much to do come Sunrise dear." After a fresh shower and breakfast, I am going to explain to everyone who that girl in the blue dress is and why it is of such importance that we find her to ask some questions and just why she is helping whoever it is that is causing these vicious murders. If you want speak further on the subject, I can enter your dreams and explain a bit about it. I know that you and Lord Asher's abilities are considered quite the threat, but I do not believe that at all. I have such faith in all of us you know? I think we can stop these crimes and be heavily rewarded for our efforts and the success that it shall bring. Then, once this is done, I say just YOU and I go far away on a nice vacation; You can leave Asher in the care of Master Benaires, seeing as to how he sees him as a son of sorts. to sleep!!"



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Erixa, blushing, climbed to her feet and pulled herself back into the bed.

"Sorry...I didn't mean..." she muttered, curling back up next to Abraxis. "Sleep paralysis, eh? Never experienced that. Lots of lucid dreaming, but that's it."

She yanked the blankets over them. "And yes," she yawned, "a vacation would be quite nice..."

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Graymite had turned off most of the lights in the mini-mansion, save for the kitchen lights and the porch light. He himself had an old Lantern that still used fluid; it was sitting on a nice desk as he continued to fill out the paperwork that had to be turned in once he went back to the Main Office. He then put his Quill down; for he wrote using the old method of Quill and Ink. He liked a bit of nostalgia himself. He had wondered what his evil and sadistic father had been up to these days since the two hardly spoke to one another.

Removing his Gray Cloak, he then slipped on a small leather satchel, as he was to rise to his feet, now exiting the living room. He could detect odd energies coming from the Den area. Upon entering the Den, he would see a marvelous thing; It was his master, Benaires and his sister Rebecca, snuggled up on the couch, fast asleep.

"I wish those two would just get it together ehehe...all they ever do is argue and pick at each other every single time Master Benaires comes into town to visit. At least she doesn't have to worry about HER father being a Psychpant, really. Mom might be re-married, but MY dad is such a headache that do not even know how to speak with him anymore. Why can't I have a nice girlfriend someday? Oh that is because you have been training since you were 8 years old to be Lady Abraxis' Conduit you idiot!!! Oh well, I'd better finish those reports and get some sleep myself." He thought out loud. Just then the front doorbell rang out loudly. it was not like he did not know that it was only after 9pm, but still, who would come to the house this late at night? He was Not expecting any company and Abraxis' Therapist would at least call before she came by.

Thinking nothing of it, he lazily treaded over to the front door to unlock it and open up. He would see a rather tall being smirk and then pass him a very large envelope, and then speak out, "I'm looking for Benaires Alex Silver DAICHON. This package is for him to go over and review for the Committee meeting for next month. Could you sign for him please Graymite Sire?"

"Sure. You KNOW of me? That's rather odd. What name do you go by if I might be sold bold as to ask?"

"I'm Paul Lockheed II; I'm just delivering tonight for extra gold and credit for the training. I'm part-Ogre so, don't mind the height sir. well, I have to finish these deliveries by 1 am. Be sure that he gets that Lord Graymite; have a good night sir."


"I will make sure that he gets this. Everyone's asleep save for ME doing the daily reports." He then smiled as the half-ogre was to jog off and cross the street. He closed and locked the front door, turning around. Benaires would be right in his face, holding Rebecca in his arms.

"Whoa......Master!!! What is going on?"

Ben would wink at him first, then reply in a very quiet tone, "She wants to sleep in her room kid. I'm going to take her up and put her to bed. I do not think that she should be trying to snuggle up with me all of the time and each time that I come around, but she really misses me. I've got to start reciprocating her feelings or we are NEVER going to GET anywhere. You be sure to fill those reports out and get your pay off the Office table in the Den. Put that envelope on the same desk. I'll look it over in the morning after I'm done training Asher. Night."



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Asher didn't sleep well at all. His muddled mind was slowly clearing out, and faint whispers of thoughts had begun to leak into his mind. He chewed on his lip, pounding the pillow with his fists.

For Erixa. He told himself.

For Mum.

For Father.

For everyone who needs my help.

For my world.

For Erixa...

Memories flooded back to him. Six year old him and Erixa, running through the woods, leaves stuck in his twin's long auburn hair. Nine year old Erixa flouncing out of her training, wielding a crossbow bigger than her body. Ten year old him and Erixa, standing at the top of the stairwell as their mother's screams bounced off the walls. Eleven year old him, destroying a man's mind. Fourteen year old Erixa coming home with blue hair instead of copper-red.

"Ash, it's time we stop running."

"But it's too dangerous! Eerie, after what happened..."

"I just got a job as a Gatherer. We're settling down. At least, I am. Do what you want. I'm gonna work for once."

Asher groaned. Those words were the beginning of his self-loathing.

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Rebecca stirred herself to wake up, only to find Ben snuggled behind her rump lovingly. She did not know how to react; this was what she had ALWAYS wanted ever since they started arguing four years ago.

"'s YOU....oh my goodness......Uhm...I don't know what to say.....Sorry if I am just a bit over-bearing to you....."


Ben then took his index finger and placed it upon her lips....

"Shhh......Asher is going through something right now. I need to go and comfort him a bit so that he can be ready for work in the morning. I shall return to you...I promise. The papers came back about the new Community Center as well. I will look them over in the morning while we are on the field. Asher has to report to The know.....the short old man with the bandaged-up and mangled wings.....Just sit tight and I will be back in a little bit. Pour yourself some Ambrosia to relax alright Becca?"


She could NOT believe what she was hearing!!!

"Uhm...yeah...SURE Master......uhm....we have much to talk about........alright?"


ben smiled, nodding to her. He was to slip on his house coat, leaving out of the room to head for Asher's room. Ben already knew what was going on in this young man's head.

"Do you GET it now Ash my boy? I'm NOT going anywhere until you can get a grip of those powers that you have."


he then sat down next to Asher, now tossing back some Ambrosia to himself. The liquid rinsed right down his throat!! He sighed and began to speak, "Hey....calm down.....I'm going to be HERE for you Asher, you have my fucking word!!! I know that you and your sister's past are one of many trials, but you have to come to grips with what is in FRONT of you. I am HERE for you kid!!!! I'm not leaving you behind.......After this is over, we will take a BIG and FUN vacation to do whatever that YOU and your sister want to do!!! Consider me as your GUARDIAN. I cannot protect your feelings, for they are your own. BUT, in return, you can talk to me about ANYTHING that you want. I will listen have my word. You may BE grown....but my age blossoms over ALL of you. Asher, isn't it time that you FACED your OWN demons and CONQUERED ALL of them? I am here to help. My Psycho-kinesis is only RIVALED by my MOTHER, Lady Quela, and she DRINKS more than YOU do!!! Her powers are feared and yet respected. Just trust me kid, please? Look, tell you what.....Rebecca is on the main floor having a drink. We are trying to reconcile almost 5 years of arguing from her attitudes towards MY Arch Enemy. I have to look past that. This girl is hopelessly in love with me and all that I did was just treat her nice....her Step-father used to beat the shit out of her everyday for now bringing him Ale...onto just walking around their own house wrong....said she was making too much noise. Her mother died of a broken heart and stress. After I met her Step-father 3 years ago, I kindly walked up to this arrogant maggot, shook his hand, and I whispered into his ear, and I QUOTE, "If you come hear my dear becca again, they won't be able to even identify you by DENTAL RECORDS." He looked at me and tried to act tough, but then, knowing my powers...I pushed a palm fist of pure air to his chest and made 90 percent of his Oxygen exit from his lungs. His wife told me right before she died to take care of Rebecca...and we have been fussing and fighting ever since. She tells me to stop treating her like she's my little sister and to start treating her a like a woman. I told her, "When I see a REAL WOMAN around here.....I will let you know...."  She then proceeded to slice her throat from ear to ear.......


My heart(s) fell............I rushed her to the hospital and waited for her to recover...I cried ALOT......I knew that she LIKED me, but in LOVE with me.......? She keeps telling me that I saved her soul from destruction by shaking her hand some four years ago. Now................with my Split forms......DUE soon.....I don't know how I am going to re-unite with her. I am GOING To have to GO soon and RE-UNITE with myself to become COMPLETE. I have tons of people to see and explain things to as well. That is going to take a few weeks, but I shall return TO you dear Asher. I just have to get MYSELF BACK TOGETHER....and that is LITERALLY!!! Look, I'm going to stay here until you fall asleep. I promise that I will try everything in my power to HELP you and your sister. She has a pretty ass by the way......heheheh...I'd better shut up before Abraxis hears me in her sleep. Did you know that Lady Abraxis is MY student of a lost Discipline and she has NEVER, EVER even MET me in person?

She trembled in her sleep as SOON as she detected of my Energy Signature in her room. I don't want that.....I want to help HER as well."

Ben then poured himself ANOTHER GLASS of Ambrosia. he wasn't even PHASED by this stuff anymore. He smiled at Asher lovingly, now scruffing up his hair playfully.


"COME ON ASHER!!! Loosen UP young man!!! I'm going to watch your back and help to get you out of your darkness!!!"

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Asher sighed. "Yeah...I guess...and uh, don't let Eerie hear whatcha said about her. She broke a guy's nose the last time someone gave her a catcall." He chuckled unexpectedly. "Ya sound like ya got worse problems than me."

He began reaching for the Ambrosia, then stopped. But habit won out, and he guzzled a fourth of the bottle. Guilt washed through him afterward. Heck, though. This kind of stuff would be difficult to break. He couldn't go cold turkey right off the bat. 

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"Your sister would not try to hit me; I always find a way to make her laugh. She knows that I mean well, despite her anger issues. Believe it or not, before I was even assigned to this case, I had a very BAD feeling that Erixa was going to be involved as a Gatherer. She tends to like to want to be alone at most times with fear of the dark. I'm not the one to invade a person's thoughts, but what happened to her while she was in the bathroom with her father? I often wonder about that, don't you? It would be a shame if someone was KEEPING secrets from their boss you know; I mean Employer and Employee relations have to be built on TRUST you know. Ah, but what do I know? I'm just some old man trapped inside of a 16-year old adolescent teenager body, and who does not the power to even keep himself together, so to speak. I keep telling you that they had to send in the BIG guns to handle this job with you all. Now listen to me; everything is going to be fine. I want you to first stop over-thinking. You drink a lot and that is okay.....I'm going to get you THROUGH this just have to TRUST me is all. We have much to do in the morning. It is 11:00 and I WANT you to finish this drink and GO TO BED!!!! you will have a good bath, because I AM BATHING YOU AGAIN!!!"


Ben then pulled out another bottle of purple Ambrosia from his satchel, laughing at Asher; this did not affect him much since his tolerance for alcohol was through the roof to most people that met him. 

He then opened this one up and guzzled down half in a few seconds. He then put the cork back on top and sat it on the floor of the room. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes, now continuing to speak to Asher, "You are NOT about sit up in this room and drink yourself into a STUPOR...... I WILL wake you are to disrobe, and sit in that bath tub until I show up, which wont' be long. you WILL be cleansed thoroughly and your clothes will be waiting on this same bed that you are sitting on. You are to style your hair, get dressed and head to the Living room for your job briefing and to fill out a few documents. Your Briefcase WILL be here in the morning, so be prepared to do some light reading. We are also going to work on your powers while out in the field. you are going to learn to focus on ONE person and their thoughts, and not people around them. Delving into TOO many minds can drain your powers and give you HORRIBLE headaches. Now please, PLEASE try to get some rest. We have much to do and people are running scared already."

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