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The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

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"Her name isn't many, but it IS Amada. She is a very, VERY powerful Psychic and Telepath that used to keep me company inside of the Asylum. I don't have much clarity on this entire matter; one day she just snapped....The nurses and orderlies KEPT her drugged off her ass after that. She only promised that when she ever got out of that place, that she would bring fire and Brimstone upon reality. When I was dismissed from the Asylum, Amanda only told me that she was going to get everyone who treated her badly. I was not the one to do something of the sort. She cried a lot....aching for her mother, but she would NOT come to visit; she called Amanda crazed.

After I got the Job here, I tried to CALL her one day, but she had changed, telling me to stay out of her way or there would be consequences. Now we are paying for that...her RAGE is just SO confusing that I don't even know if I can TALK to her anymore. We were very good friends....something happened to her all of a sudden. She sounded so distant on the phone device. I'm scared everyone.....her powers have breeched her headaches. She WAS taking Gabupentin as a pain was the STRONGEST prescription for its version that they were giving her in the Asylum. She was not depressed; she was always cheerful, loving and just overall happy. Her confusion was that she had KILLED her entire family....she still doesn't think that she had did anything wrong. Her father was molesting her little sister, and she just hid it for over ten years.  She had turned...9.


it was a birthday party and for her coming home from the Asylum; the FIRST time...she had done very well with Therapy....we both did. She shredded her father into molecules......


her mother got CRUSHED by the entire HOUSE. She started crying, then it turned into laughter........cackles if you will.

When she went back....she shut DOWN on me..........All that she did was cry......I tried to comfort her, but she was determined to get revenge on everyone....I KNOW it sounds very crazy to the lot of you, but I do not know what she is going to do next."

"Guess I'm going to get maggots from HEADSORES!! DAMN!!!" Said ben, who only sighed. He couldn't do his job, knowing how he felt about Erixa. This was his CHILD HOOD friend form LONG ago. Ben was 45, 692 years old, and he really LOVED this girl. How was he going to help them solve this case and still have time to spend with her? Was he ready to reveal his past? Was he ready to tell her all of his truths and his history?

Asher was still filling out the applications and making things legit for the crew. Vantrix had come into the den and clasped that right hand into Graymite's.

"The Infamous CONDUIT Lord Graymite; it is a pleasure to see your progress...Corporate speaks very HIGHLY of you. I'm sure that we can work together. They brought me onto the team for support, should this crazy bitch get out of control." said Vantrix, who winked at Erixa. He had known of her and Asher from a long time ago. Ben then looked at Vantrix, now going over to Erixa, placing his arms around her waist.

"Vantrix.....Erixa is my FRIEND and my love. I'll DIE for please respect her!! If you do NOT, then WE will fight...understand old friend?"


Vantrix giggled some, then bowed to Erixa, "If you are HIS to declare, then I SHALL not flirt with thee. Lord Benaires' word is solid as concrete, and he does NOT like intruders on his friends madam... one-thousand pardons lady."


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