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Chasing Zengi's Gauntlet [S-Class Artifact]

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Ziva watched the beasts of taen disintegrate before her eyes. Thank goodness. Ziva gave one last huff, ridding her nose of the last of the smell. Of course, it was soon replaced by the smell of blood and death. However, these scents were more welcome to Ziva's nose than rot. 

The ground was disgusting by now, her paws sank into the mud with a sickening squelch. The bloody mud squished up between her toes and covered them. Ziva's attention snapped back to Lilith when she finally answered her other question. Another gauntlet. Lilith wouldn't stop there, that much Ziva knew. Maybe the next artifact would be a crown or something.

Another may have found it already? This is going to get interesting. Ziva thought, her tail swishing in excitement. Ziva was lost in thought when Venus came up to Lilith and Ziva again. Her ears flicked forward first before her eyes, surprised to find the undead woman staring at her. She looked shocked. The look was quickly masked over with a determined face, but she was still staring at Ziva. The eye contact was threatening. Ziva's knew she wasn't a wolf so she wouldn't understand that eye contact was a challenge for dominance. However, her wolf was angry at the lack of respect. It made her hackles raise, and her head lift higher than the woman standing before her. Her lips curled into the beginnings of a snarl. 

"Venus, stop looking at the wolf" Lilith commanded, quite possibly saving Venus's life. Venus snapped to attention, taking her eyes of Ziva. Ziva's hackles lowered back down and her mouth unclenched from its snarl. Stupid girl. Ziva watched her run through the jungle until she was swallowed up by the trees around them. Ziva looked back at Lilith. I wonder if she knew what was going on. Ziva wouldn't put it past her. She waited for Lilith to tell her what she was to do next. She knew asking her another question would only annoy her. She looked up through the canopy of trees. The sun would set soon. Lilith needed to decide if they were going to spend one last night in Taen or get a move on and start travelling to this new world. Ziva huffed her impatience.

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"Let's get the fuck out of here," Lilith said, turning to walk toward Taen's exit portal. Although the transportation blasted the group some thousand miles displaced, the Wildlight magic running through Taen was enough for the necromancer to easily find the exit. With a breath she heaved Deathbringer out of the ground and snapped it back into the restraints on her back. "Tales of Zengi depict his conquering to have been founded on the basis of pestilence and diseases." A track of red foot prints followed behind her, telling a story of literal bloodshed. "It was a good tool for death, but I do not believe he harnessed the death he caused. "Brown hair slapped around as Lilith shook her head. "If he'd harnessed all that death as a power source, his reign could have continued much longer." 

Though she spoke those words, it was clear her intentions was neither to criticize nor admire Zengi's work. Lilith had no intention of creating a kingdom or ruling over anyone. The world would either obey her, or die. It was as simple as that. Titles were not needed.

Not that she could die anyways. A lich could. A vampire could. An undead could. A Morzanna could not, as they were neither alive nor dead but stuck in a place of nothingness. 

Full Summary: In search of Zengi's right-gauntlet, Lilith Reiter sets off in search of the S-class artifact. While doing so, her plans are split. The first to get the artifact, the second to accumulate a group of followers with loyalties bound by contract. She encounters another necromancer, Ankou, and a werewolf, Ziva, along the way who help her fight the myriad of creatures blocking or protecting the path to Zengi's gauntlet. Ankou shifted between the body of his servant and his own using powerful necromantic abilities, before seeming to settle on his own from the time being.

When reading the Mountain Quadrant of Taen, the group encounter a handful of Xer'Orians but it proved to be little more than a minor inconvenience. Using her powers of necromancy, Lilith creates an undead Garantah and an undead Zkriz'kas out of those creatures they kill.Upon reaching the gauntlet Ankou clears the way before Lilith's spell can activate and retrieves it for her. However, the moment the gauntlet transferred to Lilith's hands it chose to test her- to determine if she was worthy of being its new owner. The enormous amount of necromantic energy exuding from Zengi's gauntlet clashed with Lilith's own abundance of necromantic energy. Taen Worldrift magic was distorted by the clash of power and swallowed up the group before spitting them out near the southern border of Taen's jungle quadrant, where Lilith tested the power of the gauntlet on the remaining undead guards. She then removed the remaining life-energy from the undead corpses and combined them into a single body, creating a completely loyal fighting machine. 

On her command, Lilith's undead fighting machine massacred a nearby village of Morphers in order to steal their life energies and feed the gauntlet thereby truly activating its S-class potential. The gauntlet, acting as a necromantic foci, not only amplified Lilith's own powers but also that of her sword Deathbringer. She returned the undead creatures, except her fighting machine, back to dust. With their task complete, they started toward Taen's exit.


Minor Summary: A group of individuals led by powerful necromancer Lilith Reiter trekked to the Mountain Quadrant of Taen and obtained the S-class artifact, Zengi's right gauntlet. Through the power of the gauntlet, a powerful undead servant was created to kill and absorb the life energy of its victims to feed the gauntlet's hunger.

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