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(DISCONTINUED) [SECTOR 3] The Hunter becomes the Hunted

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Sector 3. The sector with all that high tech stuff like medcine and all that good stuff. That wouldn't last for long. Not after a draconian experiment had destroyed most of the factories.

Midnight. The sky was dark and of course the streetlights were on. Why would they not be? Well...that's the point of them right?

Arashi slowly walked through the streets, looking rather battered and injured all over. Her hoodie and pants seemed to fairly ripped slightly in some places cause you know fighting happens and people...get hurt.

Her regenerative factor couldn't beat off everything, not after she accidentally fucked up and might of eaten some...poisonous plant or whatever. Gaia knows what she did. 

"I feel like I may be dying but whatever...must be all that stupid flowers I ate eariler." 

Arashi was an idiot. She was lucky to be alive. That probably would of killed a normal person. Luckily, she had a good healing factor to fight it off enough for now. She'd probably succumb to it later till she gets an antidote or whatever.

Arashi had noticed a huge hospital in the distance. She walked torwards it, going inside. She was greeted by a lady reciptionist, typing at the desk. "Welcome!"

Arashi instinctively looked over at the lady. "Medicine, I need it."

"I'm sorry, do you have an appointment?"

Arashi growled. She walked over to the desk where the lady was typing. She wasn't too happy.

"I said, where is IT?" 

"Miss, don't make me resort to calling the guards--" 

With a sudden motion, Arashi went and picked up the reciptionist up by her outfit.

"Where is it? This is my last warning..."

"It's upstairs somewhere! Don't hurt me!"

A man came out one of the offices nearby, looking over at the commotion in detail. 
"Hey! Back away from Sarah!" He exclaimed, he went to out of the desked in area and went to try and punch Arashi. Of course, Arashi just took it and looked over at him. 

"...Pest. " Arashi defended herself by punching the man into the ground with her strength. She was weakened but that didn't stop her. 

Now there's a large dent and a dead man in the ground.

"No, Jackson!!!" The lady exclaimed as she saw her fallen friend defeated by the Draconian hybrid.

"Are we done?" 

Of course, this wasn't wasn't going end well for the hybrid.

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Wendolyn Arc-Hammer was well aware that sometimes a plan just didn't come together like you wanted it to. Unfortunately for her she would come to learn that on this day, her plan was about to go horribly wrong, in ways she didn't even think were possible. How she responded to these predicaments would fundamentally effect not just her, but her entire mission in the land of Alterion.

Five days ago she was sent here on an important mission that involved more than a fair amount of skullduggery. The exact purpose of this mission was simple, to acquire pieces of technology that are far beyond the technology found in her city of Tazarek. This wasn't as simple as just purchasing the pieces of technology that Tazarek was interested in, for many of them were either military or in prototype phases at the moment. Without traditional means of acquiring what the Tazarek Inventors Guild wanted, they had to fall back on more disreputable practices.

Her first order of business was acquiring transportation, which was thankfully acquired through purchasing a flying car at a local dealer. The front seat was altered so that it was higher, along with the pedals being brought up higher in order for Wendolyn to actually use them. It was difficult for her to convince her superiors the wisdom in the purchase of such an expensive blue vehicle, but they agreed it would help in getting where she needed to go. After this though, she would need to bring results before they would approve of another large purchase.

After partaking in some junk food at a local fast food establishment, the young dwarf entered into the front seat of her vehicle, putting the key in the ignition and turning it on. The passenger seat was already occupied by her duffle bag filled with her weapons and gear, so she felt there was little reason to look in the backseat. Once she had started driving onto the road, Wendolyn started getting this funny feeling in the pit of her stomach. Before she knew it, the circuits in the car were going haywire and she was rapidly losing control of the steering, cursing under her breath as she fought for control.

Through all her efforts the plucky dwarf was unable to keep the vehicle from jumping the gun, the speed going as high as it can as it veered off the ramp of the highway she was trying to connect to. Before she knew it she was sailing through the air, her vehicle headed straight for the southern side of the building, opposite of the draconian's position and at least seven floors above her. Sounds of crushing glass and steel followed as the flying car ripped into the side of the building, leaving Wendolyn fairly banged up, but otherwise okay.

"What the hell just happened?"

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Sitting in the comforts of her top level office, Gisela sipped upon a cup of hot chocolate while she filed her nails. She now knew the importance of looking clean as a positive quality. Especially in a hospital. The blonde tossed her curls over her shoulder as she stared at the multitudes of screens that lined the walls of her office. She watched each nurse's moves. Oh, those nurses simply pined for the Royal Doctor. They wanted something they couldn't have. Not that Gisela particularly cared about the Doc's well-being. Or for what he had told her to do, for that matter. Suddenly, things were interesting this day. The woman's nail filing quickened as a small grin lit up her face with glee. After slamming her nail file down on her desk, the desk quaked from the force she had used. She pointed at the screen that displayed a red alert showing the car that had crashed into the hospital. The building didn't even shake.

Nurses had already mobilized as well as paramedics. "Make sure that one stays put! Give that one our best hospitality." Gisela's voice sounded gleeful. A little too gleeful. She watched as the nurses surrounded the car to check on the driver.

Gisela stood, then leaned in. Her face was nearly an inch from the screen as she watched Jackson get punched into the floor. Both of her hands clapped together, then she ran to her desk. She made a call down to the desk. "Mama's coming down with a special antidote. Keep the dragon busy." It was at that moment that the Royal Nurse went sailing into her own world of music and possible delirium. "Nurse Eugenia, please gather my tools. And the antidote."

Now this was going to get weird. The nurse just called back. "Yes, ma'am." She scuttled about. Banging and clanging sounded as she gathered Gisela's tools. Gisela went to work on dressing in her nurse uniform. As she spun, articles of clothing were flung from her shapely figure. A fur stole was flung against the screens, causing one to become just static. The nurse struggled out of the white suede dress she was wearing and kicked it across the room. With her heels, she tapped across the floor to the white uniform that hung in the corner. Her hips moved, swaying from left to right as she began to sing the song that no one else could hear before. She kicked off her heels, then spun once more, pulling one arm through the left sleeve of her nurse's uniform.

Eugenia walked into the room, holding a tray of Gisela's tools. They were all stylized surgical tools.

"I don't worry. Worrying don't agree!" Gisela sang to Eugenia, who looked like she could care less. Her arm poked through the right arm hole and slowly, she buttoned her uniform. She then spun as though she were performing for the cyborg nurse. "Things that bother you never bother me!" She pointed to Eugenia, then sat on her desk, putting her heels back on. Again, she'd spin and grab the tray from her nurse's hands. "Things that bother you never bother me. I'm so happy and fiiiine. Aha!" She smirked, putting a gun in a holster at her hip. "Living in the sunlight, loving in the moonlight..." She bit down on her lower lip. The Unseelie fae's ruby red lips curved downward slightly as she pouted at Eugenia.

"You forgot something.." Gisela stopped singing. "Where's my scalpel?" She demanded. The feel-good mood from earlier had disappeared completely. She lifted the scalpel on the tray and held it to Eugenia's face. "Does this piece of garbage look like my scalpel?" Gisela's violet eyes bore into Eugenia's black eyes. "You've got soulless eyes, Eugenia." Her voice dropped. "Maybe you should use them to pay more attention to these types of things. Find my scalpel or your eyeballs will put a chill in my beverage later." She turned quickly. Eugenia was always one that was quick to attempt to please Gisela and this time was no different. The cyborg nurse disappeared down the hallway in a hurry.

While humming the song she was singing earlier, she continued to arm herself with her tools. After a few moments, she called the elevator. The elevator stopped at her floor and she pushed the button for her first stop... down to the first floor in the reception area. This place rarely got a visit from the Royal Nurse, so the nurses and doctors scrambled out of her way as she made her way to greet Arashi. The woman continued to hum softly.



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Arashi heard the loud noise above. Immediately, she turned around and let go of the lady, causing her to drop to the ground in the process. 

The reciptionist got up and ran off, going to call for help.

Arashi just seemed to be interested in what happened above. Completely oblivious to everything else.

"Bloody aronists stealing my spotlight!" She cursed. She literally thought the loud noise was somebody setting stuff on fire.

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AV9d5Fe.pngSometimes, you lose yourself. It’s a hard hole to fall into, and a harder one to climb out of. We’ve all been there – long, agonizing days and nights of self-discovery, interrogation, turning ourselves over and over to find the writhing darkness beneath our exposed bodies. And if you’re unlucky, you never find yourself again. This was her greatest fear: that in one uncontrollable moment, she’d lose herself for the second time, and the last.

But sometimes, it just takes a little jolt to get the systems up and running again.

City was lucky, then, that God – don’t say that – that Fate had arranged to save her soul, though she lost grip of it in the murky maelstrom that obscured the concept of the self. Yes, it’d all been planned out from the beginning: a tiny jump-start, a bit of excitement to get the heart started and the veins pumping from unconsciousness, from comatose blankness of the ego and id.

The shock and surprise here happened to be a spot of unintentional terrorism, but c’est la vie, better-you-than-me.

City absentmindedly played with her bangs as she walked down the crowded streets of Cosanastre, dodging suited men and women who barely spared her a glance despite her strange clothing. The stylized robes of a priest wrapped tightly about her body, black and white and gold embroidery in cross patterns, a silver crucifix dangling about her neck. They were Izralian, nothing like the robes of the Cosanastre clergy – yet in the business district of suits and ties, only passing attention was given to the young girl.

She was, perhaps, the only person in the world with a talent for being forgotten.

City, in turn, forgot her surroundings, strolling down the street with her gaze fixed on a patch of cloud that had begun to look an awful lot like a car wreck. The girl furrowed her eyebrows. An omen, maybe? It wouldn’t have been surprising. She glanced down at the old, beaten leather bag she clutched with two hands. It had hardened with age, and a few flakes of cracked leather had begun to peel away. Inside was a choking cloud of dust that had been stirred up by the constant back and forth as she had walked; she knew there were a few jars and other strange, functionless implements inside the blur.

The girl slowed her pace, feeling the weight of the bag bog her down, and moved to sit on a streetside bench. She’d moved out of the business district, into a service block of gas stations and fast food. The red-haired logo of a Wendy’s stared down at her, and she gave it a deadpan look, before turning back to watch the briefcase. What the hell was a goddess like her doing mucking about in the sticks of Cosanastre? City lay down on the bench, closing her eyes and letting the scent of the ancient bag enter her memories. She did not notice the bag beginning to slip.

Father Reverend John, the sixty-year old man who ministered to City’s church in Izral, had asked her for a slight favor. He was bright and chipper for his age, eyes shining with a sort of childlike curiosity when he gave the errand to the priest-in-training, and the young girl loved him very much, as a Father and as a father. City accepted the task gladly: as a goddess, she somewhat pitied the inability of the old man to act in general, but it was a trivial task to make the reverend happy. He was the only person City interacted with on a normal basis. He was important.

His favor was for her to pop on down to Cosanastre – on a laborious six-hour airship ride across the dry skies of the Devla Desert – to fetch a few sacred and medicinal texts from the libraries of the Holy City for his, ah, “personal perusal.” This, he said sheepishly, averting his eyes to land on the collection of impossibly rare books he’d collected over the years. The girl suspected that he did not really have the rights to these books, and that he actually expected her to do a bit of skirting around the law to obtain his bedtime reading. This was shortly confirmed.

“Ah, my young girl, but it’s dangerous to go alone.” He had rummaged around in his study for a dusty old bag, finding the target of his search and pressing it into her chest. “Take this!”

She took it, and off she went, sights set on a few rare books and hands full of the “this” that the Father had given her.

“This” was the bag that she now used as a pillow, and though she had never understood what the tools inside were to be used for, their designs hinted at innocuous things like twisting the locks off doors and magical smoke grenades. Another wisp of dust sifted out between the cracks. Idly, sleepily, City wondered if she’d accidentally set off one of the old smoke grenades in the bag. It would explain an awful lot.

The bag slipped a bit more. And more.

With a yawn, the girl decided that that was enough of a rest – didn’t want to attract attention by looking like a homeless priest – and a stray palm, caught in the act of stretching, pushed the bag off the end of the bench.


A jar of something broke – shattered into a dozen sharp pieces, but the sound was muffled, erased, forgotten – a mist blanketed the tools, hiding, obscuring, until they were formless in the coiling purple fog. City yelped with surprise, jumping away from the bag as she noticed the mist pouring out of the flap that had fallen open, but she was too late.

The obscurus mist – an otherwise diluted memory-affecting spell – came over her with the touch of poison and death, and City’s permanence, weak as a flickering flame, was snuffed out. Soon, the winds blew the mist into nothingness, and it lost all its power. But by then, the priestess had already lost her battles against the curse of God, and the world had moved on without her – she herself, a shell cast upon reality, a soul comatose and asleep once again.

While this was happening, a certain dwarf was ordering a Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe with Fries a single block away. Wendolyn Arc-Hammer wolfed down her food inside the establishment, eyes turned away from her rented flying car. The body of a young girl clutching a briefcase, at the centre of a whirling cloud of psionic force meant to erase her existence from the hearts and minds of the world, approached the vehicle, unseen by the dozens of customers floating around her. The world pulsated; space and time jumped a bit as she was wiped out of memory; and suddenly, a priestess was fast asleep in the back seat of Wendolyn’s precious vehicle, a bag in her arms.

She had no sense of self. She did not realize she existed. Wendolyn could be forgiven for failing, too, to notice a thing.

But it was not without consequence. They coasted along the roads for a quiet few minutes as the dwarfess went about her business – whatever it was. It was a peaceful ride. City’s body sniffled a bit, and the sound was muted by the psionic field. It remembered that it had a job to do.

Another surge of psionic energy rushed through the space about her, a glitch in the fabric of reality; and abruptly, every single system in the car failed Wendolyn. A brief moment of the laws of physics refusing to affect them, and the engine crashed to a halt; the stabilizers lost their stability; their propulsion, out of control. The car became a missile, targeted upon the side of a hospital that, by a quirk of fate, held a certain title that the Reverend wanted. But this realization did not come to her until later.

For now, all that was real was the car screaming through the air towards a building that was already busy hosting an altogether different conflict…

The jolt was this: two tons of car breaking glass, buckling steel, and starting fire – on the verge of exploding – as it smashed down a seventh-floor hallway in one of Cosanastre’s upscale, elite hospitals. It was a development so surprising, so uncalled for, so wanton and so mindless that even the curse of God forgot itself for a moment – a moment long enough for City’s mind to regain control over the force that tried to erase her from reality. As the two willpowers fought each other to a standstill, physics suffered once again as collateral damage. The world forgot momentum for a brief few seconds, enough for Wendolyn and City to survive the crash that would have proven lethal to anyone short of a god.

Or a Goddess, perhaps. The priestess pushed herself up from between shards of glass and rubble, cocking an eyebrow at the shattered hole their vehicle left. Memory flooded back into her, and she reoriented herself in the new locale. A hospital…

Nurses began to surround the duo from afar, making a small crowd. City, remembering the other, turned to look at her unknowing (and probably unwilling) chauffeur sprawled on the ground.

“What the hell just happened?”

“Aha. I’d call it divine providence, myself.” She sat down heavily on a piece of concrete, wincing as she felt a few bruises on her behind. The priestess winked at the dwarf, smiling despite the minor pain – or perhaps because the pain was merely minor? “I’d know all about it, trust me.”

Because this…this was her divine providence. An act of City.

She shifted her body to address the nurses that had gathered at a distance around the two, raising a hand clutching a bag. The girl realized she was still holding on to it, after all this time. With a blush, she put it down and raised her other, waving a greeting.

“So. Do any of you know if this hospital has a copy of,” the girl rummaged about in her pocket for a shopping list that John had scribbled for her, “Divine Contact: Reaching God through Hallucinogens?




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Wendolyn was made aware of a few distinct details moments after she had suffered a considerably jarring crash through the side of a hospital. A cursory glance at the car would reveal it to be completely beyond repair, though that wasn't much of a surprise for the dwarf, considering just how hard they had actually ran through it. Unfortunately that meant her superiors wouldn't authorize anymore purchases for her, if she was lucky she wouldn't be dismissed from service completely. Other details were calling for her attention though, so she decided to cross that possibly burnt bridge when she got to it, instead focusing on the here and now.

From what she could gather from taking a few looks around the room she was in, Wendolyn knew this had to be no normal hospital, as the equipment suggested a well funded facility with quality hardware. She couldn't see any hospital beds, so this had to be some kind of lab, which meant that there had to be more tech somewhere else along this place, perhaps even something her superiors would even be interested in, should she happen to find anything before getting subdued by the nurses. That was another problem she could see, noting that they were quite invested in keeping her where she was, which to the dwarf could only mean that the authorities were on their way, something told her it would be difficult to explain just how her vehicle decided to go flying into the side of a building. Thinking back onto the dilemma of her disabled transportation, Wendolyn couldn't help but look towards the small girl sitting on some rubble beside her, blowing hair out of her face in frustration before wiping away some blood before it got in her eye.

So far they hadn't tried to apprehend her yet, but it wouldn't be long before they made their move, so just as she had always done in tight situations, Wendolyn thought back to her training for guidance. Her duffel bag was still in the passenger side of the car, not too far from her reach if she was inclined to get to it, and the console at her wrist told her she was just in range to start feeding mana into one of the weapons. Slowly her fingers moved across the screen, giving instruction to the computer system to begin collecting the latent mana in the air, then feeding it to the rifle inside her bag. As soon as one of the staff made a move towards her, she dashed over to the car, grabbing for the zipper as they attempted to rush towards her. One nurse grabbed her leg that was sticking out from the driver side of the car, which she responded to by giving her a kick to the face with her free boot-clad leg. She went down, and Wendolyn freed her rifle, training it on the others as they started to back off from her, the injured nurse holding her face, groaning as her nose spewed blood before she was dragged off by the others. 

"Back. Off." 

Her breathing was a bit shallow, she doing her best to stave off the feeling of a possible concussion as she kept her senses open. Taking her bag, she slung it over her left shoulder, making sure to keep her weapon raised and ready to fire should she need to put a hole in a nurse that tried to get close to her. Keeping her weapon raised, she looked to City, unsure of how she felt about her, her mind working still felt fuzzy from the crash, but she was almost sure she had some cause in all of this. Then again, if she wasn't responsible for it, she could just be another person caught up in...divine providence she called it? Things were difficult to work through, but she knew she couldn't stick around long or else she was going to get apprehended by the authorities, at least in her mind she thought she was going to be.

"You" Wendolyn said, looking up at City for a moment before keeping the rifle raised at the group of nurses, swiveling around in case she needed a quick adjustment for aiming "come with me, or risk getting thrown in jail, either way, I'm getting out of here." She was starting to catch her breath, her brain still struggled to make sense of most things, but she knew she was safe so long as she kept her gun raised. "Exit. Now!"

They parted ways to make room for the exit, but something told her that might have been a means of trapping her, after a moment she realized why, because they moved to two sides in order to make room. She wouldn't be able to keep her gun raised at both sides, which would give them ample time to wrench the gun from her hand before she could get a shot off, pointing her rifle at the group nearest the wall, she motioned for them to move to the other group. With their plan foiled, they complied, their faces a mix of fear and consternation, which gave the dwarf a strange feeling as to what kind of hospital this was, if some were more concerned with her capture than the gun she had trained on them. Whether or not City followed her wasn't a concern to the dwarf, she was still dazed, and she needed to find a place to get her bearings or else she was worried she may pass out. With a couple of shaky steps, the armed dwarf made her way to the exit in order to make her way towards the elevator.

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The nurse sighed as she made her way towards Arashi. She smirked as she spotted her. Gisela's eyes moved up her body, then down.

"Bloody aronists stealing my spotlight!"

The Unseelie princess shook her head. "The nurse is in." Her voice rose, carrying a more motherly tone towards the pissed off draconian. "Now, now, now. No arsonist can take the spotlight from you, my dear." She sighed softly. "We have staff for that. I heard you were calling for medicine." She said with a small, reassuring smile. "Tell me what is wrong with you?" Strangely, this tall, pretty, but insane woman had the calm demeanor of a doctor. "I'm sorry if the ruckus upstairs upsets you. I can assure you that it is being looked into as we speak."

Taking on a calmer persona was going to get her much further than raging or being insanely giddy. This was a struggle for her as she had visions of taking the draconic lady upstairs. She wondered what it was like to remove the veins from her body. And what it was like to put said veins together outside of Arashi's body. "Oh, forgive me. You can call me Nurse Valence." The forced cheerfulness was evident in her tone. Suddenly, her comm device sounded with a call for assistance as a dwarf was making her way to the elevator. The dwarf was probably injured and needed assistance. However, it annoyed her that no one wanted to stop what was happening on the eighth floor. Gisela wanted to spend quality time with Arashi. Not babysit a bunch of cyborg idiots.

"I saw what you did to Jackson here. It's a shame. He had such a bright future ahead of him." It didn't matter. No body went to waste no matter how crushed the organs were. Parts of the body could be harvested for spare parts. Some of them, like the skin, could be used as a way to develop better techniques to help people. "I am not here to chastise you. I am here to give you medical treatment."

At this point, it seemed the City and Wendolyn had free reign to explore. Truthfully, Gisela was possibly the worst to command the hospital. The hospital was a roof over her head. Without Dr. White to control her, she was as unpredictable as ever. Gisela had grown no attachment to the hospital or the staff, save for Eugenia. Eugenia was Gisela's whipping girl for everything, metaphorically and physically. She was confident that the people who didn't know wouldn't matter, so the average nurse that could be stopped on these lower floors were both ugly to Gisela and completely clueless. They hadn't undergone the extensive adaptations and surgeries that nurses like Eugenia or even Floringale before her had undergone. They were still utterly..mostly human.

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Arashi sighed. She sighed, letting out a deep breath in the process. She hated hospitals but if that was the only way to cure her poison in her body, she had no other choice. 

It was either that or she was going to die. 

"I think I ate something poisonous. It's now affecting my regenerative abilities." Arashi said with a calm voice. She hated hospitals but if this nurse was going to help her, what was the point in saying no? After all, rejecting someone that was going to help her was just plain disrespectful.


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Gisela nodded slowly. "Aww.. That's a shame. Look. I'm going to be realistic here. I will need to take a blood sample so that I can see exactly what you ate. I can say that you came to the right place." Ugh, poison. She knew how that was. Eating poisonous things was unfortunate. Very unfortunate. "Well, other than it affecting your regenerative abilities, is the poison causing you discomfort at all?" Gisela turned, peering out over her shoulder. The humans had gathered in a group, watching the Royal Nurse at work. They had hoped to learn a thing or two from the fae princess. However, what they didn't know was that the Royal Nurse was no medical expert. What it was to be new at a job! She rose an eyebrow as she faced Arashi once more, awaiting a list of symptoms. Either a list of symptoms or a huffy response. "Also, I could just pump out your stomach." She winked. "No meds involved. Just a lot of water and charcoal. Well, some meds because you need to throw up. A lot, actually. Let's say this. I have a lot of experience with dealing with the ingestion of poisonous items." Gisela rose an index finger then lowered it.

Suddenly, her eyes narrowed upon one of the newest nurses. "I need the necessary components to draw blood."

Meanwhile, upstairs, the elevator car descended from the twenty second floor. Eugenia stood silently, holding a rather large, sharp scalpel. Her chocolate brown hair fell in waves about her shoulders and the woman possessed an unnatural beauty about her. It all appeared somewhat artificial. The woman just stood with a smile plastered upon her maroon lips and her stare passed the display that lit up with each floor that the car passed. Calls for help to the eighth floor did not go unnoticed. Eugenia only had to wait. The cheerful bell tolled past each floor until the car stopped on the eighth floor. The bell rang and the door opened slowly. Eugenia stepped out slowly, looking around her. Her heels clicked against the vinyl floor as she made her way out of the sterile elevator. This accident caused more chaos than it was worth.

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Arashi's body froze up. Blood sample? Oh boy. That was going to be fun. She was terrified of needles in the first place, even a mention terrifies the young hybrid. Of course, Arashi stood still not saying a word. This was going to be a bad and fun day for her.

Afterall, she didn't quite know why she had the fear of needles in the first place.

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As she stepped through the door, Wendolyn had a feeling that things were only going to go from bad to worse. There was no doubt in her mind that the crash would bring more attention than she wanted, but if she was going to get out of this alive and out of jail, she would have to roll with whatever was thrown her way. While she may have underestimated the possible dangers a hospital would hold, she still felt what she had would be enough to keep herself safe. What she didn't expect though, was to come face to face with what appeared to be a human, but her wrist console was lighting up with notifications indicating something far different.

Looking at the nurse Eugenia, the young dwarf almost mistook her for an elf, being unable to find any pointed ears behind all that hair made it difficult. What made it easier to distinguish her as a human was the fact that her beauty didn't make her feel in awe of her at all, as she had read would be the case, but instead she had an eerie feeling about her, one that unnerved her enough to keep her rifle trained at the nurse's head. With her right hand holding the weapon, her left quickly went to tap out a few controls on the console strapped to her wrist. Moments later the mana collection device at her waist would collect the energy that would be fed into the gun, but she also had it scanning for some kind of wireless connection network, as a means of seeing why it lit up as soon as she stepped from that elevator.

"You aren't going to let me onto that elevator, are you?" 

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Gisela waited patiently for the nurse to return with the supplies needed for blood collecting. Of course, the blood sample was not for her to find the poison, but rather for a strange collection she had started a while back with Herman the Alligator man. She quietly slipped gloves onto her hands then picked up a tourniquet to tie around Arashi's arm. "What is your name?" Granted, she could have gotten that from her chart, but the being was nervous and she figured getting her to talk was going to be the best way to distract her. She traced a vein along Arashi's arm and looked up at her. "It's only going to be a little pinch, but you know.. it's going to be fine. It's for your benefit." And Gisela's. "Everyone gets all nervous around needles." Except Gisela. "You're not my first nervous...patient. Where is Eugenia?" She asked the nurse that had brought her the supplies. "What is taking that woman so long?" She shook her head.

The nurse rushed off, clearly afraid of displeasing the Royal Nurse.

Eugenia tilted her head at Wendolyn. "It is not my job to prevent you from entering the elevator." Her voice was emotionless. While her body had the exterior of a human, she had undergone several operations to make her appear to be the perfect brunette beauty. If that brunette beauty had hidden weapons and a bomb inside of her. She moved to the side to let Wendolyn on. She seemed very relaxed despite the fact that she had been threatened. She still remained with the large scalpel in her hands. If Wendolyn did not provoke the nurse, the nurse would have no reason to respond to Wendolyn with anything other than insincere cordiality. "What floor do you need?"

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A long days time the cyborg ordriey had woken up to find himself once again in a large metal cargo container. It was pitch black but it never bothered the ordriey in the least. The darkness was comforting as most times until bright light would suddenly be shined on him blinding him. He had not quite remembered what even got him into this position. The last thing that happened as the ordriey remembered was being chased by a pack of shadow beasts or at least what it seemed to be.


Danihg often saw and heard things that weren't quite right. He used his black furry scorpion like eight foot long tail to push the lid off, a few minutes of struggle until he finally put his augmented arms to work along with his other two arms. He finally lifted it up and pushed himself out to be blinded by the one thing he hated. Bright light. He hissed flashing his sharp teeth and ran on all six's, his hooves clomped against the hard surface. Long ears perked up hearing a commotion taking to it's interest.


This he followed the ruckus as blinded as he was at the moment. It took him little time to finally arrive at the destination point. He changed his skin and hair colour multiple times trying to blend before stumbling inside the hospital. He wandered around and climbed up into the vents where it was dark. Tight fitting but more of a relief. He crawled about in the vents taking many twists and turns until he saw someone through a grate. The ordriey punched through the grate causing loud startling noise which he slithered out. He flipped his body landing on all six's to see a nurse and a dwarf standing next to an elevator. His hairs stood on end his fur on his long tail and his mane bristling like a wild animal splayed out in fear ready to attack.

He made a guttural growl showing all of his sharp teeth and staring back with bright piercing green eyes. The large wide eyes stood out more against the black raccoon markings on his face. He felt somewhat threatened his skin and hair changed from being white and black to a deep crimson red. He still wore his white lab coat and his clothes were filthy and ragged as if they hadn’t been washed in months. He arched his back and black draconic like wings slipped out from underneath the skin to spread out wet and slimy. He raised his tail into a striking position lowering the front of his body to the ground exposing the biological augmented mechanics on his back.

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Arashi flinches, noticing her sword arm suddenly went numb. "My name is Arashi...just please get rid of this..." She was extremely nervous. She hated needles and poison. The Dragonkin looked away.

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Gwendolyn wasn't sure as to how to handle the situation, she had just crashed her car into the side of the hospital, and now instead of apprehending her, they were letting her go. Could this be a trap meant to get her guard down, or did they truly not even mind the amount of devastation she had caused to their own building? Whatever the true intent was, the young dwarf wasn't going to turn down an opportunity to elude any police forces that would try to bring her in for the same crimes she committed. 

"Fine then...I guess I'll just...leave with you then...I'm on the first floor."

She stood with her on the elevator, waiting patiently while it descended to the bottom floor of the hospital. It seemed there was already something serious going on, but she wasn't very concerned about it, doing her best to keep out of site as she tried to exit the building. With her mind set on escape, she was able to find a back exit to the street ahead, where she would be able to hail a taxi out of that place.

"Well, this will certainly be a tough one to explain to my superior officers."

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