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(DISCONTINUED) [SECTOR 3] The Hunter becomes the Hunted

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"What...oh, um yeah I...I just need to get out of this place I...I need to start walking now." Annabelle was feeling disoriented, scared and wanting to get somewhere far away from that hospital, no matter what it took. In the back of her mind she wanted to know what this stranger had on Arashi, but he would have to follow her if he wanted to get that information across.

'I'm sure whatever it is he has to say is only a minor and temporary thing. You mortals and your enviably short lives and petty problems, makes me yearn for those days again.'

"What does that mean? You used to be mortal?"

'I don't think that's what you should be concerning yourself with at this moment.'

"What should I concern myself with then?" This strange masked man was starting to get on Annabelle's nerves and it was frustrating how persistent he was in following her. If not for the revelations he had shown her, and the promise of even more information about her past, Annabelle would have possibly put more effort into trying to get rid of him. 

'Maybe the fact it looks like you're talking to yourself?'


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White's attention had now shifted fully from the creature known as Arashi to the strange girl known as Annabelle. The former had made contact with Gisela, and was therefore his concern. There was one person in the world that White trusted to do as they pleased on his behalf with no oversight from him whatsoever, and obviously, that was Gisela. Annabelle's behavior was genuinely stranger and more fascinating. The lizard's motivations were simple enough--save the sister, get the antidote to continue living, escape the hospital, et cetera. Annabelle would not have been that much different except for one thing.

She was talking to herself.

Or was she? People did not, as a general rule, talk to themselves in a public place. Furthermore, her comments made no sense as self-speech. They were framed as if to another individual, not to oneself. There were a few immediate possibilities that White could imagine, one being that she was insane, another that she was doing this on purpose to fuck with him, but none of these were particularly plausible. He'd dealt with enough mental patients, Sector 3 being what it was, to have a very precise conception of true mental illness and what it looked like. While it was always possible that she was just a fringe case, White didn't think that was it. It was highly plausible that she was speaking to some other actual entity--whether that was someone on the other end of a communication device, someone visible to her but not to him through magic, or something else along those lines, he didn't yet know. But he knew Valucre was weird enough and diverse enough for these things to be possible.

The Royal Doctor wanted to find out, but did he want to find out badly enough to stop her from leaving his hospital?


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"What the instant fuck...what the hell is wrong with you?"

Gisela shoved the lollipop in her mouth again and appeared to genuinely be thinking. She frowned for a moment, then shoved down that emotion of wanting to disclose to Arashi what was really wrong with her. Suddenly, she just shook her head. Curls bounced about her head as she denied doing anything like that. She was not emotional. She was a vessel. She was a weapon. Gisela stood and moved away from Dr. Llewellyn.

“Let’s not talk about me.” Gisela murmured. Her voice held lacy, seductive tones. Or was it the way that she was looking at Arashi? “Let’s talk about what is wrong with you.” She met Arashi’s gaze, despite the fact that Arashi was slightly taller than her. Both of her hands moved to curl blonde strands behind her ears.

“You’ve still got that poison flowing through your veins.” She took a full step back. “Stunting your own regenerative abilities. Now, let’s take a full evaluation of your situation.” Gisela took steps back to Dr. Llewellyn, who was still on all fours. He was staring at the Royal Nurse lustfully. “You have poison. I finally have a cure. Doctor, what say you? We invite my naughty patient in a private consultation?”

The doctor nodded slowly.

“Now, you could just beat me up and try to take the antidote. Except, plot twist, you don’t know which vial is the antidote for you. And you don’t know which vial is some other sort of poison that is more potent. Anything could happen. Of course, if you beat me up, you might not get what you want at all.”

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Arashi crossed her arms, not liking the sound of this. The draconian wasn't too happy at all. This woman was surely more insane than she was. "Just give me damn it! You know I'll die soon if you don't give me it!" Arashi's own anger and fear was beginning to take over her. She was scared and anger that she wasn't given the cure.

The catman ran after Annabelle, holding onto his hat as he caught up. "As I was saying...Arashi told me about your run in with Genji. That old dragon scientist guy? Aye, dude used to be my boss. He actually created your sister, believe it or not. So...Genji is technically her father." Raider sighed. "I wasn't allowed to help your sister or even get close to her back in those days. He would probably kill me. He had an experiment before Arashi but it...went a bit crazy. It's still...out there. Probably killing a bunch of people by now. I was hired as a bodyguard for his projects. He nearly killed your sister if I hadn't gotten her out in time. Boy, I've seen the ton of experiments he's killed before."

Raider sighed again. "Is that alot to take in? I know it probably is but...don't tell your sister. She probably wouldn't want to remember how much hell she was put through."


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Gisela sighed softly. The Royal Nurse, if one could call her a nurse, ran a hand through her hair. It was true. There was a high probability that in Arashi's state, she could die. Eventually. She already knew what it was that ailed Arashi. With a finger, she motioned for the female to move closer to her. She didn't say anything, but the look on her face might have been characterized as being seductive.

"The first thing I'm going to tell you to do is to come here." She, of course, was fully expecting the unpredictable dragon to attempt to claw her face off. "The second thing I'm going to tell you to do is to calm down. The rate at which your heart is pumping that poison through your veins is going to have to dead in no time." That was a slight exaggeration. "The third thing I wish for you to do is to follow me so that I can administer your antidote. It's another needle."

All the amusement of toying with Arashi, for now, was gone. It was time to get down to business.

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"This is all just too much for me right now, I need a minute, I just...I just need to get back to our camp." This was supposed to be a peaceful camping trip that turned into a nightmare. Her entire life was being turned upside down and she wasn't even sure who she was at the moment. 

"An identity crisis is a hard thing to get through, believe you and me, it gets boring at times. Well boring isn't the right word for it, more like maddening beyond belief as you try to piece together the shattered remnants of your life. Yes that's a much better phrase to use and I do believe it can help resolve this little-"

"JUST SHUT UP! I am so tired of your stupid musings and your observations. Just leave me alone!" 

The Masked Man would watch as Annabelle ran off towards the external side of the city, thinking for a while. "Mm, she seems to have some issues she needs time to work through, I'll find her later tonight after she's had some time to decompress." He turned to the cat man for a while, scoffing at him.

"Look at you, so ridiculous, as if you have a clue what's really going on. Though I do say its probably nice to have the whole world as your letterbox eh?" He sighed, remembering that making fun of people isn't as funny when they can't hear you. 

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