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Aspyn Lore & Quest Index

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This coastal city on the outskirts of a dense forest sits in the shadow of a mountain known as Bia'Thera, a ripe prospect for travelers and trainers!


This blooming city, positioned on Biazo Isle's northwestern coast, sits in the shadow of the volcanic Mt. Bia’Thera for the first half of every day, each evening basking in golden red sunset. Solace from the morning and early afternoon heat can be found in the thick rainforest surrounding Aspyn, which is invigorated by a righteous seed planted in its gardens that exudes natural energy for kilometers around. From above, the thickness of flora and resulting fauna visibly distributes away from Aspyn across the isle. Aspyn's seclusion from continental Terrenus offers a refuge away from the crumbling megacities, resulting in a continually bolstered and culturally enriched population.


  • to Sea of Regrets coast: ~12 km W
  • to Bia’Thera base: ~ 15 km E
  • to Biazo Abbey: ~ 90 km SE
  • to Bi’le’ah: ~ 80 km S       



Much of the population that fled Biazo, now the supernaturally addled ruins of Bi’le’ah, settled in in Aspyn. This means there is still a large golem population in addition to a smatter of humans, nymphs, elves, and other races residing there. There is no such thing as prejudice among the survivors of this disaster, at least not yet. Those in Aspyn are not only personally dedicated to making it a better, more unified place than whence they came; they are also working hand-in-hand with the Gaian clergy and Terran military to ensure safety against future Unnatural threats such as the cataclysm that created Bi’le’ah.

Due to dangers ever-lurking from the shadows of the ruins toward the good people of Aspyn, there has been erected a 10-foot wall of igneous rock geo-encrypted to grow and manipulate the shape of extra layers. Five teams of seven, five military and two clergy, also patrol the city’s perimeter. Others stand watch at the two entrances on all four walls around the city, both wide and heavily gated with similar enchantments.

Notable People

  • Michael Commager - Major in the Empire's military.
  • Settlers / Citizens - Robust
    • ~ 6,000,000
    • A majority of these are from the displaced citizens of the ruins of Biazo City, the plagues in Casper and Ashville, and most recently the decimation of Tia. Population growth (5%/month, up from 1% as Aspyn enters a period of exponential growth) is in accordance with suitability for refugees from the Terran mainland and new immigrants, scientists, and explorers from around the world.
  • Military presence - Strong
    • 15,000 high-tier Terran soldiers under PK command scout and patrol everything in the settlement’s vicinity.
    • 50,000 Watchmen rotate in constant patrol around the city.
    • 7,500 Wallmen rotate watch on the wall that separates Aspyn from the dense jungle.
  • Clergy presence - Moderate
    • 2,000 clergy. In addition to dispatching according to situational needs, Biazo Abbey supplies 500 members of its clergy to Aspyn at any given time. Due to proximity to Biazo Abbey and a new road which, for the most part, connects the two areas, Aspyn has seen an of 500 additional clergy from the mainland.

Man-made Locations

  • Aspyn Military Center: First Lieutenant Barrett of the Terran military serves as Director G'nral of the Aspyn Military Base. This Base sits on the northwestern coast of Aspyn, comfortably hosting Aspyn's military and clergy presence and boasting an effective web of Fauxton transport from coast to border wall.
  • Recreation Center: One of the first erected in the settlement, this five story compound was created a center where community activities such as intramural sports and independent classes could take place. Now a schoolcenter, sport's center, and Aspyn city council facility, The Rec Center continues to be a flowing source of social improvement and legislation on behalf of locally elected officials.
  • Aspyn City Hall: The highest level Aspyn officials and merchants convene here with Terran counselors and ambassadors, where trade and interaction with federal authorities is established and maintained.
  • Twizzen's Road: Archbishop Twizzen took it upon himself as a personal responsibility to pave a major road between Biazo Abbey and the city of Aspyn, with hopes that easy travel between the two areas will provide for more immediately deployment of clergy and avoid circumstances such as those which brought Biazo City to ruins. The road does not lead right to the Abbey, Twizzen is too cautious for that, but cuts travel time down considerably. 
  • Bishop's Passage: This village outpost was established halfway between Aspyn and Biazo Abbey on Twizzen's Road, sentiently defensive earth walls created around its perimeter not unlike those around the main city. 
  • Aspyn Lumber: Using specially fortified wood from the lush forest outside Aspyn, a small mill and workshop that sprouted from the city's development has made quite a name for itself with products of high quality made in good time.
  • Black Tarantula: Club owned by entrepreneur Rian Bilkes. The inside is much larger than the outside of the building looks to allow. Nightlife hotspot where mysterious, dark things happen behind the scenes.

Natural Features

  • Blessed vegetation: A natural byproduct of fruits and vegetables grown under the righteous seed’s influence is that they themselves are imbued with holy energy, each inhabitant who ingests them purified of evil energy each time they do so.
  • Sea of Regrets Coast: Aspyn's harbors spike out into the Sea of Regrets with lighthouse towers of unique architecture; beaches provide serene views of the striking sunset.
  • Bia’Thera: Approximately 4.4 km tall, where this mountain’s treeline ends begins a warming ascent to the mouth of the volcano, where looking in one can see molten rock far below and wonder if and when the cup will runneth over.
  • Aspyn tree (Populus arsynia): Tall, sturdy, quickly growing and predicted to have a >100 year lifespan, the amazonian Aspyns began springing rapidly up upin the seed's arrival. Their leaves are roughly the size of the average adult palm, a deep red in the center and a fiery red on the fringes. Saps, bark, and leaves are all subject to ongoing experimentation for consumer and medical use.


  • A matter of amenities: Hela, Yates, and Commager help convince a merchant that he will better help the development of Aspyn through supplying novonium for an upcoming military base, which they in turn 'suggest' to Ambassador Kares.
  • breaking dawn (08/26/2016) : PeaceKeeper and Archbishop venture into the ruins of Bi’le’ah with a benevolent demolition woman named Vilka. Together with a Half-Man native to Bi’le’ah, the three navigate the ruins and the dangers of notorious gangster, The Mule’s, men, until they find a righteous seed of natural energy and bring it back to Aspyn. This seed nourishes abundant natural growth for kilometers around Aspyn.
  • Itsy bitsy spider: Rian Bilkes, a store owner from Last Chance, spots a lucrative opportunity in the brightly reborn analogue of Biazo, Aspyn and re-establishes famous night club the Black Tarrantula. Rian Bilkes, puppet of mage Cain Rose, pulls the familiar move of appropriating the business and employees of another sprouting business to fuel the rise of his company's own business.
  • Spurs for the Burro: After a confrontation with the Mule's men while accompanying an Aspyn supplies convoy, Michael successfully lobbies Aspyn to make a clergy and military defended outpost called Bishop's Passage halfway between Aspyn and Biazo Abbey to further improve trade and transportation between the two.


Aspyn is the safe haven of Biazoan citizens who fled an Unnatural crisis that brought the original city to ruins. A military group led by PeaceKeeper No. 5 and Archbishop Twizzen quickly responded to the disaster by leveling a portion of the rainforest many miles north of the ruins and erecting an encampment. It is upon that encampment that the settlement, now the city, has developed with the aid of the military and clergy.

In recent months, Aspyn has seen a continual influx of citizens as people flee from the mists that ruined much of Ashville. The growth in civilian population has resulted in both higher military and clergy presence. The city has made innovative infrastructural advancements and expansions to accommodate this new growth, but is always looking for bright minds and ready hands to further its cause for modernization and development.

The fall of Steam City saw Problem Solvers dumping Tians wholesale on the outskirts of the fallen kingdom they once called home. Watching the purple mist of the Maleficence Plant devour Tia, these citizens had nowhere to go. Many had been ushered off to other lands but families who wanted to stay with Terrenus and heard of a mecca called Aspyn to the northwest stayed, disenfranchised; but only for a moment. At the behest of Central, large scale transports scooped up the displaced and moved the scant belongings that remained to Aspyn. These people have since integrated into Aspyn and contributed zealously to the city's industry and economy.

Quest Index: (PM @amenities to take one of these on!)

  • It is no secret to Aspynians that Bi’le’ah is rife with danger, but exceptions aside that does not mean all its inhabitants are dangerous. The Half-Men, a race of humanoids physically contorted by the ongoing whims of Bi’le’ah’s chaotic energy, are a good people who desire safety from a criminal who robs and assaults them named The Mule. Opportunities for this mission involve either helping the Half-Men or joining The Mule.
  • Word circulates of a fishing vessel stranded on a reef about 15 miles from the shore, where Siren-like creatures have taken 68 people hostage who were attempting to migrate from Aspyn to mainland Terrenus. Negotiate their freedom and ferry those who wish to leave to Terrenus, and those who wish to return to Aspyn.
  • According to established maps of Biazo Isle, there are up to eleven other settlements on the landmass who have yet to optimize their means of transportation and security. Go to one of these settlements and organize the establishment of a Faux-ton hub or other means of transporting goods and personnel to and from settlements. 1/10 completed (Once completed 10x, Biazo isle will reach an optimal state of unification between its settlements.)
  • Now that exchange routes are appearing throughout the isle, merchants traversing them are in need of protection from dangerous animals, unnaturals, and hostile indigenous tribes.
  • Not unlike establishing trade with the other Biazo Isle settlements, establishing and maintaining friendly mercantile relations with the Terran mainland is an important objective of Michael Commager’s and other Aspyn officials. Talk skeptical federal agents at the Mainland Embassy into bypassing the dangers and risk of Bi’le’ah and endorsing trade with Aspyn.
  • Take command of the village outpost Bishop's Passage recently established halfway between Aspyn and Biazo Abbey. They are in need of political representation and authority. Its resources would be your resources, as long as used responsibly.
  • Attack Bishop's Passage outpost. Surely it would bear profits, but surely there would be consequences.
  • Go on the offensive. Follow clergymen and soldiers from the outpost in search of the Mule’s men who is still persistent enough to attack supply and immigrant caravans.
  • Investigate the origin of the pigmen whom dwell in Biazo's thick forests. Find out what caused them to retreat, and determine if they are sapient, malicious, or diplomatic.
  • Assist in the defense of the Faux-Ton station as it is being constructed. The builders are extremely wary of another raid and will be willing to offer a greater cash incentive for their protection.

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