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Man Down

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Well fuck, Marius thought. One of the engines had failed on the tiny fighter ship, and he was going down. Hard and fast. 

Ten feet, nine feet, seven, three...

The ship landed with a loud crash and a thud. He tried to force himself out of the seat, but a sharp, burning pain raced through his leg, mainly his ankle.

"Damnation! It sprained!" he muttered, his voice raw. 

Alright, may as well try and force myself out.

He winced as he got out of the seat. He limped along the ship to the back, grabbing his assault rifle and his pistol. He soon pushed the side door out, forcing himself onto the ground. His linen cloak flapped in the light breeze as he tried to make his way towards wherever the hell he had crashed. A young half-elf soon saw him as well, rushing over with his horse to the human. Marius soon found himself collapsing to the ground.

He woke up about an hour later, on the back of a horse with a young half-elf. He drew his pistol, aiming it at the half-elf's head. 

"Who are you? Where are you taking me?" he snarled, the fear and confusion evident in his voice. 

"Put that down. I am not going to hurt you." Marius soon slipped it back into the holster, flipping the safety switch on.

"I'm Aradriel. I saw your thing, whatever that was, crash near the forest. I am taking you back to the city of Karmathen so that they can heal you there."

"Alright. I'm sorry for drawing my weapon. I was panicked and didn't know if you were a threat or not. I'm Marius."

"A pleasure to meet you Marius."

Soon, they arrived at the city. Marius fell asleep in one of the beds at the healing rooms.

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Guest TheMinecrafter

An older man with silver hair approached the healing room, walking inside to check on Marius. 

He went to wake up the young man. 

"Young man, are you doing okay? What happened?" The man asked.

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"Aye. I think so. My ship had an engine failure. I crashed near the city, I assume, and then I found myself here. My ankle sprained and I think my leg broke as well. I'm Marius. Thank you for rescuing me."

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