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The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

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Makiel felt warmth take him over, it was nice feeling wanted, something that as a loner was a feeling he didn't know very often. "Thank you. It's nice feeling like someone is thinking about you. The long times by oneself can really take it's toll." A smile crossed his lips as she pecked at his cheek. His hand grasped at her hip, holding onto her as they walked. He could smell the food, it had been a while since he properly ate and with the wounds it was more welcoming to help his healing process.

"Well there aren't a lot of wolves in the calvary unfortunately, we can't afford to loose many of them." Aldorto had a concerned look on his face, there came a chuckle from his lips, the older wolf knew this was false information to him. He had personally trained the Yarakul who made up the ranks. That was a long time back, before Lenix had ever entered the wold, before Felicity had intertwined with his life. There numbers totaled a least a few hundred last he remembered. "It is possible to part with one or two at the least but not very many since they are essential for the calvary division." Aldorto could hear the footsteps drawing nearer, "Dunno how effective one would be around here though. Most are trained to attack on sight, so they are effective only on the front lines." There was a moment where Aldorto sat back, this was stopped by the older wolf laughing so uncontrollably that he broke his trance and the body also felt some of the effects as the body also laughed some. This again was untrue. Aldorto knew the Yarakul worked extraordinarily well as guard units as well as scouts, ambush units, body guards, and even beasts of burden and labor dogs. It was their intellect that allowed them to think for themselves and to be able to comprehend problems and use logic and reasoning to find an answer. To say they were simply large wolves that were fast and fierce was like saying orcs are only good for smashing things with cudgels and nothing more. His friend Darius and the orcs he had worked with in the past such as Cpt. Tark and Cagagul were some of the most tactically gifted orcs he'd ever met.

It took a moment for Makiel to make his way to the kitchen and dinning area with Kalmuli, "Sorry bout that, had to get a nap in, took one hell of a beating just needed some rest. Al, good to see you again. I guess I missed something good?" 

Aldorto pulled himself back together to look over at his mentor, "Ahh Makiel, you're finally awake. Glad to see you're wounds aren't very serious. We were just talking about the Calvary wolves."

"Ahh yeah, the big wolf, strong things. Salvine managed to get a few wolves over to us from back home. Your uncle was glad to have some on hand." Makiel found a spot to sit, he moved to pull out a chair for Kalmuli with his foot, then guided her to sit before he took a chair. 

"Yes...my uncle." There was a tension beginning to build up, for now it wasn't so bad. "I assume you have news to explain why you are here and not giving a good fight to him."

"Aye, let's discuss that after some food. Trust me everything is fine, though things are a bit different than what you might expect." Makiel took in a half breath feeling some pain, he couldn't take quite a deep breath yet but he was getting closer to being back to a good state. "For now just take in the hospitality that Ingrid and Kalmuli have been kind enough to show us." 

There came a dark chuckle from under the wolf's breath before Aldorto folded his arms and sat back, "Fine. But you owe me an explanation and I expect one from you Mak." 

"You could use some time off, learn how to relax again, perhaps some time out, finding some nice music to dance to or a good book to read as you told me before, you are an intellectual with good foot work." Makiel looked over to Kalmuli, "If there is a place around here for music that is."

From inside Aldorto shook his head, "I'll kill Salvine for that..." It was embarrassing for him to admit he 'could' dance since it was hand in hand with his knife fighting, however he didn't do it often..well sober anyways. This was something Salvine wrote into this body's memory. At this rate he wondered what else the gambler had been so willing to give away of Aldorto's secrets.

 He was making some progress into uncovering the anomaly that rested inside this body's essence. He had discovered the anomaly was a source of magic and it wasn't demonic taint that he carried, in fact there was no demonic taint in this body meaning it wasn't corrupted by the demon lord Bulron, unlike his own. This was good, for now his taint was not traceable, so long as he didn't take over the body or possess too strongly. As well as not having taint, Aldorto was able to discover the anomaly wasn't primordial or divine. This would take a bit more time to uncover since the very nature of this anomaly seemed like it was changing constantly.

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Kalmuli walked arm and arm with Makiel into the kitchen, Ingrid noting the smitten look on her face as she looked up to the Traveler. A face she never saw before and she sat with a smile of her own. The two men chatted with each other as they took their seats for dinner, Plana sitting next to her while Kalmuli was flanked by Makiel and Al. "He's not wrong Al...I think being able to take the time to rest and get your head together is good. Coming from a healer, it's sound advice."Kalmuli pointed out while she rose for a moment to start slicing up the meat in it's big roasting pan, dividing it up around everyone with plenty to spare sitting in the tray. She did the same, helping Plana pass dishes around to make sure everyone got their fair share.

At the mention of music, Ingrid perked and giddy clapped a moment. "Oh! Kalmuli has a music box with the flat plates don't you?"She noted and Kalmuli raised an eyebrow.

"Well yes, I use it to help calm patients down but I think I have a few dancing tunes buried somewhere. I would have to go into my room to find it."Kalmuli noted as she sat down, pouring herself a bit of sea grape juice and picked up her knife and fork. Slicing up a cut of her meat, she inhaled and sighed. "Plana, did you use a bit of healing herbs in this?"

"I helped her make a seasoning since Makiel needs a little extra care."Ingrid added in. 

"I think I like the idea of healing cooking. Is that something i can study with Ingrid?"Plana asked.

Kalmuli raised an eyebrow, pondering the possibility. Considering Plana's wizardry in the kitchen, healing cooking would be more her forte...but not now. Now when her basic skills needed honing. "We'll talk about it. Once Ingrid graduates she'll be able to teach a class on her own."She said, eyeing her oldest student who blushed a little. Right. Graduating.

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Aldorto remained silent, his hand moving to palm a knife which he began spinning and fidgeting with for now to keep his calm. Not knowing was something both him and the older wolf hated. For now he would simply spin the blade to try and calm down.

Makiel moved to cut off some meat from the roast, the sound of healing herbs in food sounded a bit distasteful however if it would aid in his recovery he would try some. The wanderer got a few good cuts and some vegetables to go with it. The smell of it was fantastic, the taste was surprisingly off from his original judgement. "Mmm, not used to something like this. Back home when they say it's medicinal and food it's usually awful, this is more like high end flavor." Makiel wasn't much of a connoisseur but he hadn't tasted much that could top the flavor. He began to dig into the meat a bit faster.

Aldorto waited until everyone else had gotten food before he took some. His mood was still very irked over having to wait to hear about his uncle. On the one hand he came here to kill his uncle, on the other hand he wanted some answers from the big bastard. Hearing his uncle had not killed his mentor threw him off, this only made things worse as he anger grew from now having to wait. Aldorto ate his cuts in silence.

"Mmm.." Makiel spoke after a few bites, "A music box, you mean such as an accordion or a organ?" Makiel was used to move live music from the artist with the instrument. Something a bit more from the soul, really being able to feel the music more was the way he enjoyed the plucking of bards.

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Ingrid and Plana beamed with pride both of the cooking and of the herbs that were used. Ingrid politely dabbed her mouth with a napkin and broke into a smile. "Medicinal cooking is a combination of taste and purpose. It makes it easier to take too. If you have to drink a pink goo that smells terrible, it's hard to stomach...but making a broth or something like a roast containing the herbs in a better combination it makes it easier to digest. It also makes sure the doses are going to be completely taken."She answered. 

Kalmuli would add a note. "Medicinal cooking has been around for thousands of years. It was usually kept to the Imperial courts but it's made it's way down to the common folk too. It's though to keep an Emperor alive forever, it was important that they consumed as much food to extend their vitality."She remarked. "In this case, it's being used to speed healing."

Plana looked like she was seeing stars in her eyes to hear more about the type of cooking Ingrid has taken mastery of.  She wriggled in her seat, munching on a wedge of potato while the older ones talked. 

Kalmuli would chuckle. "Oh no, nothing of the sort. It's not so much an instrument but a device that plays music using flat black plates that read marks like runes. Granted, we have instruments downstairs but it's a way that everyone can enjoy themselves and dance."She said before popping another slice of roast in her mouth. "I'll put on a plate later after dinner. It's a device from my home world called a record player."

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Makiel smiled, "You both seem passionate about cooking. I would love to see this record player. I don't think we have anything like that back home." Makiel smiled enjoying the meal.

Aldorto ate slowly enjoying the flavor. Inside he was making progress much faster to finding out the anomaly in the essence. He had pointed down it was Cosmic in nature, giving way to the sub divisions of chaotic, celestial, and the smaller sub categories such as fate, luck, astral, and even abnormal magics like ancient magics. Time was luckily not an issue. On the outside the young Ardesian decided to cut off a few cuts for the wolf outside. He looked up at the mention of the record player, "Interesting. We had someone speak of something of a way to record music and play it back. We all thought it was a fool's investment." Aldorto cut off more for the wolf before setting the plate aside. "Guess we might have been wrong. Either way, It would be nice to see this device as well."

Makiel nodded his head, "After some food Al."

"Very well. If you don't mind I should go feed the wolf, see how he's doing out there." Aldorto stood up from his seat, wanting to get some fresh air to see if it would help ease his temper as well as drop off some food outside. He took deep breaths on the way out. The thought of taking the wolf back to the ship crossed his mind quite a few times. 

"Al," Makiel looked over at Aldorto as he made his way towards the door. "After we discus your uncle we can leave together to see him. It's unwise to go there on your own right now. As much as you might like to, it is better to go together as to avoid anything hasty and getting yourself killed."

Aldorto turned to look at his mentor before looking at the elves then turning back to the door to feed the house wolf. There was a sigh from his lips. "That's sound advice."  The older Aldorto had taken control enough to turn around and move to lean against the kitchen counter tops. He released control back to have the younger Aldorto who was taken back by being back inside the kitchen. Aldorto was attempting to reach the younger side, "Listen kid don't do this, you 'will' die. Don't go alone, Kreigstad 'will' kill you in a straight fight. Sit down and wait." There was a bit of a shocked look on Al's face but he took the plate and turned back to sit down at the table. "S..Sorry...just..a bit hasty..."

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