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O'mafia means family

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"Oh... thank you," Amon replied as Mia took the rose from his hand. "I like the new look as well. I haven't gotten many opportunities to see you dress fancy."

He listened to Mia, smiling, as she expressed her disbelief at the event occurring, before she hopped in the car. Of course, the driver was Cara, who took the opportunity to greet Mia as Amon slid into the back seat, next to Mia.

"Samurai Sushi it is! Let's go!" Cara shouted in the car, before Amon shut the door and Cara started up the car to drive off.

In the car, Amon, who was never really good at small talk, sat awkwardly for almost a full two minutes, hands in his lap and head looking out the window, before turning to Mia. "I saw you were reading when I came in. What book was that? One of the ones you just got?"

This elicited an eye roll from Cara at how awkward the delivery was, which Amon responded to by shooting a glare at Cara through the mirror, who simply winked back at him and continued driving. But the air in the car was, to the both of them, far from the desired effect of romance. Rather, it was more like two friends heading out for a night of fun. Besides, it was only six past five, and the territory they were going into was extremely friendly to Umbra members, so Amon felt comfortable staying out late unarmed. He had actually come unarmed today, and it was a bit uncomfortable to not have the security of a weapon at his side, but he made do. After all... Mia's fun was more important now. An unhappy boss was an unpaying boss, after all, and Amon was still contractually obliged to guard Mia.

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Mia smiled as she heard Amon's words. It was very rare that she got a chance to even dress up the slightest, so she was very happy to get that chance now. It wasn't a five star restaurant that you had to dress up fancy too, but she had been able to put some time into her clothing and overall apperance for that dinner. "Thanks" she smiled. "It was a long while I ago I had the chance".

One out in the car she looked at Cara and smiled and greeted her back. She put her seatbelt on before leaning back into her seat. She didn't know how far it was to the sushi place so she decided to just try and relax during the time.

She wasn't too good at small talk either, since she never really got a chance to practice those skills either. So she was as quiet as he was and looked out the window or down at her lap or something until she heard his question. She looked up and smiled. "Yes, I was reading the new one I got today" she confirmed. "I didn't get too far though, but I plan to read more later this night, or tomorrow". She had all the time in the world to finish it, but now she wanted to focus on their dinner date.

"So, what do you wanna eat at Samurai Sushi?" she asked Amon and looked at him again. "Do you have any favourites?". 

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"Favorites? Oh, yes, a ton. The Lion King is a personal favorite of mine. They put it in foil and light it on fire! I also always appreciate the nigiri sushi, the one with rice and raw fish only. I haven't gotten sick from that raw fish yet! And the snow peas! Kyra seasons those so well. Oh, and for rolls, you have to try... actually, you know what, we can order the boat platter. Almost every type of sushi they serve there is on the boat. It can get a bit large, though, so we'll have to share. Alternatively, there's the udon. J.T. is in charge of those. His noodles are to die for!" Amon gushed, as Cara diverted her attention backwards for a bit.

"Hey, don't get the boat. The tiger and dragon crunch rolls don't come with those!"

"Yeah... I suppose you're right. I need to hear what Mia says before making a decision, though."

Cara would turn back and focus on the road, calling out, "We're about eleven minutes off. Make it fast."

"We can get the rolls to go if needed! It'll make for an interesting meal the next few days."

"Nah, save it. Rolls are better fresh."

"That is very true... hmm."

Amon would ponder the intricacies of purchasing a sushi dinner with an intensity that would normally be correlated with something not requiring the extreme amount of energy and focus he was pouring into the thoughts, i.e. spying. He would respond with only a "Huh?" should Mia try to address him in this state, before catching on to whatever she was saying.

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Mia had some ideas on what she wanted to eat once they got to the place. She liked sushi and had ordered it sometimes and gotten it delivered to her room. But nothing was as good as newly made sushi in the restaurant. She liked different kinds too, there were only some white fish she wasn't too fond on to have in her sushi but otherwise she was okay with almost everything. Salmon, big shrimp, octopus, she liked a lot. 

She listened to Amon with a smile on her face. It was nice to see him get so invested and suggest so many things. Everything he mentioned sounded delicious and she would be happy to have any of it. 

"Perhaps we can buy the boat platter if you want" she suggested to Amon. "And maybe pay some extra so they can throw some rolls in so we can try everything". She had to money for that. But she heard Amon only say 'huh' and smiled a bit more. "The boat platter" she repeated. "Plus some rolls will be good if you don't want anything else". She looked out the window. "I really hope they have some seasoned seaweed that I can get as a small side, it's so good".

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"Seasoned seaweed, huh? They have seaweed salad, that I know," Amon said, quickly catching on to the conversation. "The boat can be quite heavy, though, so I'd say we should get one boat and share it."

He would then remain quiet until Cara announced that they had arrived, in which case he would open his door and step quietly out of the car, nodding to Cara and then moving to open the front of the restaurant for Mia.

Samurai Sushi was a quaint restaurant and by no means a small one. It comprised two stories of building, with the architectural layout of a Japanese pagoda. In the middle of the room, sushi chefs sat at a bar, interacting with patrons and making food busily. The second floor was open in the middle, allowing the sunroof at the very top to filter light down in rays to the sushi bar. The second floor was for reserved seating only, and the lower floor was for walk-ins. The bars today were lively, a parade of small sushi-loaded boats floating their way around an artificial stream designed to carry sushi to the bar patrons, while waiters buzzed about, serving other patrons.

As soon as Amon walked in, the five foot eight inch girl with shoulder-length black hair working the front counter began the daily greeting, "Konichiwa, welcome to Samurai Sushi, how may I help - Oh... Amon!"

"Hello, Mary," Amon replied, walking confidently up to the front counter. "We have a reservation for five forty-five."

"Yes, Amon, right this way," Mary said, her voice fumbling slightly like the menus she was trying to pick up, and began leading the two of them upstairs to a two-person table next to a window looking at the outside street. Amon would walk by and not-so-casually pull out Mia's seat for her, before sitting in his own seat.

"Would you like anything to drink?" Mary would ask, leaning a bit over the table, sliding menus to the two of them.

"Just water for me," Amon said, before the two waited for Mia to make a response.

Once she did, Mia would thank the two for their patronage, and move away towards the stairs leading downstairs, and Amon would lean back and look at the menu, still on the table. "You said the boat. Here's the problem. They have three different boat platters. Boat A has more rolls, but less nigiri. Boat B comes with the sides of seaweed salad, daikon, coconut, etc. but less rolls. Boat C has more nigiri but less rolls. What do you want to do?"

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Mia smiled. "Well, I really like that too so I'll just get any of them". She just loved seaweed and the things they had to sushi. It all felt so fresh and was very tasty despite being quite simple really. "Sharing one boat sounds good. I doubt I would be able to finish one by myself even if I was really hungry". She was a small eater and didn't need so much food.

When they got into the restaurant she took some moments to just let her head turn around quite a lot so she could look around. It was a very nice place, atleast in her opinion and it looked like a good sushiplace, and a very large one at that with two floors. She liked how much people there were in there and how loud it could be. She liked her peace and quiet but after being in her room for so long where it was quiet all the time she was so happy to just have something else. Everybody looked so happy as well, or atleast happy compared to the grim and serious gang members.

She smiled as the girl greeted them, but soon noticed that she seemed to know Amon, and seemed bothered by it. She followed her upstairs to their table and sat down as Amon pulled out her seat.

"I would like some carbonated water, thanks" she said with a small smile. She then turned to Amon and listened to him. "Well, I really like the rolls, so let's get boat A. I can order some seaweed on the side". 

She then thought back to how Mary had reacted and then looked at Amon again. "So, I guess you know her? She almost seemed a bit startled" she said. Though in a way that wouldn't be so strange, Amon was an Umbra member, he was even the leader so it was perhaps a bit strange to have him there even if the place was friendly with Umbras.

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"Yeah... she knows me alright."

Amon leaned back in his chair and looked out the window. "September of last year. I get an assignment. The assassination of Eric. Mary used to work for Eric. She... walked in on the assassination attempt, and broke my mask in the struggle. I was forced to knock her out until I had completed my job. That was a sloppy move on my part."

He chuckled, and leaned onto the table. "I got a lot of heat for that dumb move. But it was enough. Fast forward to a couple of months ago, when I visited here for a seat and saw her working. Scared the living daylights out of her, that's for sure."

Amon, from here, would then cock his head right and look at Mia. "But carbonated water... interesting choice. I could never drink it myself."

(Sorry about lateness... life happend)

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 Mia began to think more about that girl and why she seemed so startled. They had to know each other, that much she figured out. But she couldn't imagine that Amon would do something bad to a seemingly innocent and normal girl. 

She listened to him as he began to explain. "Oh...". She really understood then why Mary seemed so uncomfortable. She felt sorry for the poor girl. Someone who wasn't used to such things would probably get quite a shock. Mia herself was used to the gang life, but before she had killed one of those thugs just when she met Amon, she had never really seen blood or death or really horrible things. Being in the middle of a situation like that was quite horrible.

"Well, carbonated water kinda tastes like soda, though without all the sugar" she said with a small smile. "Healthier than soda but a bit more fun than regular water". She leaned back into her seat and looked around again. 

The girl soon came back with their beverages and was ready to take their order. 

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(I'm really slacking...)

"I don't know... I could never stand the bubbles of carbonated water myself," Amon remarked as Mary returned with the drinks, before waiting to take their order.

"Yes, can we get a Boat A, please?" Amon asked Mary, as she waited for their orders, before glancing at Mia to see if she would order that seaweed.

After she was done ordering, Mary would inform the two that another server would bring them their order before scurrying off to the front counter. Amon would smile and glance over at Mia, making eye contact, before waiting to see if Mia would say anything.

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(It's fine! x))

Mia smiled a bit as she listened to him. "Well, I guess it's just a matter of taste" she commentated before Mary returned with their drinks. She took a sip of her sparkling water and enjoyed the feeling of the bubbles inside her mouth. She knew she could have ordered wine, or soda or something else, but since Amon went quite simple with his drink, she wanted to go simple as well.

When he had ordered that boat she smiled towards the girl. "And I want some extra seaweed salad, please". Once Mary was gone, Mia turend to look at Amon again. "Well...I really does seem she isn't so comfortable around you" Mia said with a small smile

This was quite nice, it didn't truly feel like a date but it was still very nice to spend time with someone she considered a friend. "So Amon" Mia started, talking so there wouldn't be an awkward silence. "What do you like to do? Besides reading and well, doing your job?". After all she didn't know too much about him.

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"I wouldn't say that I 'like' my job very much. It's just that I'm good at it. But besides reading, I really enjoy playing music. I tried my hand at guitar, but I couldn't do bar chords. And my voice isn't really cut out for singing. I'm more of a drummer type of guy."

As if to demonstrate, Amon pointed at Mia with two fingers, and proceeded to engage in a simple riser drumroll to a kick-step beat, using his two pointer fingers to hit the table and his shoe to tap the ground underneath. 

"What about you? Besides the books, what else is there to you, Mia?" Amon asked, tilting his head right, making eye contact.

(For reference, a riser drumroll is a drumroll of gradually increasing tempo. So, Amon would start with slow beats, and begin to hit the table faster with his index fingers. Then, for the kick-step, he would hit a single pace of about 120 beats per minute, alternating between "soft" finger hits and "hard" fingernail hits.)

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It was a nice day, and Amon was enjoying the date very much.

The two of them continued to talk throughout the evening, enjoying the food and each other's presence. Amon and Mia. And frankly, Amon had never felt so close to anyone in his life. It was a great day for the two of them.

But he knew that the peace wouldn't last. And neither did she.

He vanished on the day of reckoning. Nowhere to be found. Like he and his clan had just...vanished. Like the night that was their namesake.

About two months later, Mia would receive a letter from an anonymous source. The contents of the letter would contain a single rose petal and a handwritten note. 

The note read:

"I'm alright. Kind of. See, the war is over now. But there were huge costs on both sides of the spectrum. To me as well. But enough about me. I hope you're alright. You've changed my life. I cannot express how much the time I spent with you has impacted me. Thank you, Mia."

The signature of Amon, underneath the note, was signed in red.

The note also enclosed a picture of Amon sitting in a hospital bed, surrounded by monitors and devices of all kinds, an I.V. running into his left arm, the only other part of his body other than his face visible. In the picture, he was looking out of a window. The window showed only white on the other side.

On the back of the picture was another note:

"It's likely I'll never see you again. Remember me."

The Umbra would continue to collaborate with the Eagles, but Mia would never see Amon in person again.

And they all lived happily ever after?

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