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A Cure for Vampirism

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Tirven  watched the others sit around so far only two of them had actually agreed to do this. He wondered what was going on inside the heads of the others. He picked up a stick and poked those who didn't respond going down the line.  He blinked then shrugged.  He had no idea what was wrong with them he when and stood beside the rather.... blood thirsty axe woman. He felt like there was something buried under all that and that she was a raging machine if it really got down to it. He stretched and poped his body. 


Hearing Dryston he nodded in agreement if a priest could lie then there wasn't really anyone who could be honest. He hoped this wasn't the case.  He sat back down realizing they weren't moving anytime soon.

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At the ridiculous claim, Eden can't help but glare, and an exhale escapes her lips, like a hiss and a sigh rolled into one. It's not that she thinks the priest is lying. It's simply that she doesn't have the same faith in his so-called church as he does. You can convince yourself of many things you're not capable of, and unfortunately religious zealots tend to be repeat offenders of this. 

Still, it's the best lead she's had in a while. And this zealot is just a modicum more trustworthy looking than the other ones she's seen over the years. 

"Fine," the vampire eventually relents, after an internal eternity of deciding. "I will help you get your precious chalice. But I will take your offer of conversion only after I deem fit." After she's sure that it'll actually work for her, that is. "And if I find anything that means you're lying, or wrong, you will owe me much more than a 'great favor', understand?" And with that open-ended threat, almost feral in nature, she turns around and stalks off alone. "Let's go."

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