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Finaly Nersherder is here

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Nershadere is finally open. It finally had someone support it. So while I doubt anyone will care for it. The official Site is at the bottoms of Generisis. In an Ivey wasteland with a pseudo capital. The actualy Nation is stationed at the bottom of the world on an Ivey conteint. Filled with dangerous creatures and people. The part in Gemarisis is a simple base of operations s a means to keep the homeland off of the radar and their best tech to them selves. The mainland has a hazardous bunch of small islands and frozen reefs acting as natural protection against any who don't know the dangerous. The islands filled with creatures and mutants gone horribly wrong often tearing apart shipwrecked sailors. The land in genarisis lacks this feature and wildlife is a lot less. While there is at least two Zeith here. Sloughs are often used as border patrol keeping dogs nice and wonderful house pets. 

Land- in case you missed it. Genarisis a frozen hell. Homeland is also extremely cold. They do have cities in the skies, one under the waves of the massive oceans of Valucre, 1 orbital Platform, a in debolpment moon base and 1 partially contructed BlackStation in an unknown and mysterious region that's kept secret and is the source of all futureistic tech. It's a modern civilization built on magical ground.

Culture- all citizens are required to wear a mask, which is tailored to them just like the human face is to humans, all are unique and one of a kind, some even made form different materials. They are honest and polite , often taking words at face value and very literally. Their language is mostly Terran except all words are not allowed copies as in words with multiple definitions have been removed and things must be named differently and cannot be named after something. This gives them a completely different periodic table name wise and element wise. There is alway one officer inside every home to offer protection and make sure the social norm is applied. Outside of the home everyone wears a non invasive camera and is constantly monitored. Individualist is allowed and supported but the high pressure and presence of others typically means that everyone does the same things. Fingerless gloves being prevelant in this society. All children have a special name of their own. Animals , children, AI, monsters, and humans are all considered equal here and prejudice is viciously shunned and is punishable be being beaten, within an inch of ones life. Undead are accepted unless they prey on the people, otherwise they are a rather uncommon sight. All clothes in the homeland are made of a special fiber that adapts to the environment within an instant and the clothing keeps itself and the user clean. The children are taught by adaptive AI so even the slowest of people has a high Intelligence and all people are properly cultivated intellectually. The air is clean and the people are to excessive when every they can keeping a fit body. Their food is made specifically healthy containing everything they need. So while things look different and taste different if you say you are what you eat here.. we'll if it was earth they'd say human. Doctors are almost always machines with intricate knowledge and skill. Organic doctors have to seek out patients and are more often medics than actual doctors. The cities are often inside of controlable climiate fields or biodomes if your in genarisis. This gives each city different weather and mixes up what's actually going on. Also makes constant sunshine possible. Oh don't forget to say please or your likely to be brushed off the only exception is to follow up with "Would you kindly?" Or for it to be an immenint emergency of Grand scale magnitude. Low population. They use old tech, modern tech, future tech, and magical tech in occasion. You always give a person three chances before losing all hope on them, always be humble and kind. Magic and science while both are able to be used are to not be mixed unless there i special circumstances.

Politics-  The head honchos are the directives. While they rarely get involved anymore they can take power whenever nessary. Although the Prime is the only one who typically does this only when the people need to be set back to the straight again. Some say he is immortal or that he's at least been around a very long time. The Directives have been hand picked and will never be replaced even if they are deceased. Representives are often elected by the people to make laws. The people then voted on weither or not the law passed. Every 10 years the constitution is scrutinized and reworked along with the laws.  Every 20 a political purge is initiated where the corrupt are hunted down and brutally executed often being impailed  by spikes and set ablaze in the freezing cold ice. You'll never see these in the Genarisis location...Hopefully.

Economy: they're built like a powerhouse. There isn't any currency of any kind. Only mass producing diamonds gems and other material for trade with other nations who do use currency. However their economy is strong as all able bodied are constantly put to work within standard limits. You provide for your neighbor and your neighbor provides for you. Is often the ideal behind the work force. As long as you do your part so does everyone else. The lazy starve and freeze to death in the land.  Everyone works no exception, all provide even the politicians. 

Military: often out of sight and out of mind they are quite formidable often with a mishmash of units, soldiers, fighting styles and techniques. The best way is dividing and conquering as they work well together and cover each other's weaknesses. But good luck there they'll often remain together. Diversified with specialized roles. Just hope you don't have to go to war.

people: Shadraxians ( the locals) , MetaHumans - the perfect blend of organic and machine. Often having metal bones and electronic brains yet still go through all of the things and emotions a human would. Like humans  but better. AI often populate the city and sometimes skulls of certain people. Freaks as they are nicknamed can also be found, tropically humanoid but not alway these guys were made in a lab and are 100% organic they get treated like everyone else. Androids, droids, and robots also frequent the city however have different status, droids can he sentient or mindless and are not required to be humanoid , Androids appear humanoid in appearance but are mindless by classification , and robots are just robots looking and being however they are designed to be. They can often join the military as well. Cyborgs and magiki are also here while often humanoid or shadraxian they are typically the same thing just one has a body augmented by science the other by magic. Volitiles are a special category due to their once being a humanoid creature that then rapidly mutates, they can spit acid and are intellegeint some what depending on how much they've been hurt, the more they get hurt the more aggressive they get and the more their mind slips away, faster , meaner and tougher than most of the non modified organics with the exception of Freaks. Animals also count. Zeith although typically don't join up with a city , are allowed citizenship, He or she is incorrect  they are a colony of souls makes them an it or they, often hunting down souls, gods , and spirits to consume them and make themselves stronger, they have tough blue chitnious shells that are able to ethereally regenerate over months of times, lastly they can copy another's voice to jack their moves, this only works if said person is technically alive of course they already naturally strong and able,  They are 10m tall and able to take the harsh environsmenr as if it's nothing. 

Religion: they are Heirarchest. There is one Divine being that takes any form or forms to influence and inspire all that live inside of its land of creation. Those of destructive nature join others of similar ilk in a limited land of space. The creative get an infinite land  to build with. However the Truely inspired reicive the ultimate reward. In the presence of others who beilve differently he creator is to be refernced as the other deity or main deity. The hierarchy dictates the universe and specific circumstances so that the creator may be as creative as possible and as free as needed. Toleration is the core.

Production: namely lab created specimens and machines as well as food and resources however for others intrested in trade they produce some of the highest quality Weapons and armor, diamonds and jewels , raw resources and circuitry , Cobra Inc, Nerx, are also able to provide. Then finally advanced Droids and Robots are also on hand to be given.

Anything else I missed? Comment below to let me know it took so long to write all this up.


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Their homeland can only be reached Vai a portal and they can only be made by those who are citizens of this nation. Their homeland in not in Valucre this saves most from most Zeith. 


Not cannonized yet. 


Anyone wanna givw some

support? Or tag the person I need to see if I want a small fozen place in Genarsis?

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