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Robbie Rotten

Kaashmii Owwssyde, How Bow Dah

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"Huh. Well, what's that guy good for anyways!" Varina said, shifting an index finger into a talon and using it to pop the cork herself. She hopped out of the bed and alternated between pulling on her clothes and drinking from the bottle, stopping as she was half-dressed to stare awkwardly at the random sailor who was still in the room, staring awkwardly at her in turn.

"What are you still doing here! Shoo! Get out!" Varina said, causing him to jump out of his skin and scrabble away down the hall.

Once again wrapped in layers of black cloth, she made her way up onto the deck, seeing Shaym standing with the captain. Land was in clear sight now, and even Varina could see that they would be docking before nightfall. Excited by the prospect of finally getting off this confining ship and exploring new lands, she ran eagerly over to them, although she made sure to quickly wipe the smile off her face so Shaym couldn't see that she was actually happy and upbeat. No, he was rude to her, so Varina made sure to try and act glum and taciturn around him. Whether or not she was convincing in this act was anyone's guess, but it was likely to only become less convincing as she took more drinks from her bottle. And it slipped pretty hard for a moment when she heard the virgins comment, having approached with that as the first thing within her hearing range.

"Wait, what? Virgins to sacrifice?! Who, where? Oh well, guess it won't be me! I mean, uhh, that sounds awful!"


I'm thinking a time skip ahead to either the land journey to the Oddys Sea (the sea that Irie Isle is in to the north of the one we just crossed) or just straight to Irie Isle itself, either one. What do you think?

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