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"Huh. Well, what's that guy good for anyways!" Varina said, shifting an index finger into a talon and using it to pop the cork herself. She hopped out of the bed and alternated between pulling on her clothes and drinking from the bottle, stopping as she was half-dressed to stare awkwardly at the random sailor who was still in the room, staring awkwardly at her in turn.

"What are you still doing here! Shoo! Get out!" Varina said, causing him to jump out of his skin and scrabble away down the hall.

Once again wrapped in layers of black cloth, she made her way up onto the deck, seeing Shaym standing with the captain. Land was in clear sight now, and even Varina could see that they would be docking before nightfall. Excited by the prospect of finally getting off this confining ship and exploring new lands, she ran eagerly over to them, although she made sure to quickly wipe the smile off her face so Shaym couldn't see that she was actually happy and upbeat. No, he was rude to her, so Varina made sure to try and act glum and taciturn around him. Whether or not she was convincing in this act was anyone's guess, but it was likely to only become less convincing as she took more drinks from her bottle. And it slipped pretty hard for a moment when she heard the virgins comment, having approached with that as the first thing within her hearing range.

"Wait, what? Virgins to sacrifice?! Who, where? Oh well, guess it won't be me! I mean, uhh, that sounds awful!"


I'm thinking a time skip ahead to either the land journey to the Oddys Sea (the sea that Irie Isle is in to the north of the one we just crossed) or just straight to Irie Isle itself, either one. What do you think?

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Shaym was impressed with the new craft they had acquired.  It was an airship, though not the first he'd ever had the privilege to board it was a nicer quality than the last one.  The last time he was on an airship he'd had a run in with two demon possessed women.  Both were batshit crazy, and both were out for blood.  He'd ended up jumping from the vessel and flying away, which had been remarkably easy.  If there was a way to travel for Shaym that didn't involve him flying himself, it would be on an airship.

He was now on an airship with another woman that was either possessed by a demon or had demon qualities.  She wasn't much different than the other females, except she had a tendency to whine more and be terribly clingy.  Shaym had to bite his tongue at first, tempted to tell her what he thought of her complaints.  Then he decided to tune her out and things ran much smoother for him after that, though she was seen pouting on more than one occasion.  He took out a pipe from his loose pants pocket.  He'd never smoked before, that he knew of, and as he puffed on the pipe he wondered why not.  It was a relaxing pastime, and kept him from dying of boredom.  The smell of the smoke had now imbued itself all over his clothing and person.  He didn't mind that.  He couldn't smell it after a while, and he wasn't worried about what anyone else thought.  He took another puff on the pipe as he looked over to the oncoming land mass, a floating isle in the sky.  Irie Isle.  They had finally reached their destination, and soon he'd be paid his fee and on his way.  He can't say that this trip had been unforgettable, especially since he'd forgotten all his memories from before five years ago, but he could say that it'd had its moments.  He heard the hustle of the crew as they prepared to land.  He blew into the pipe, effectively putting out the flames.  He placed the pipe back into his loose pants pocket as he stared out to this new land seen for the first time. 


I don't feel I can do a proper description of the land, so I'm going to leave that to you.  I figured it'd be too long a journey for Shaym to fly Varina the whole way there, so I added an airship.  Sorry it took me a month to respond.  Let me know if anything needs to be changed. 


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