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[OOC] An Escort For this Wonderful Shrimp Goddess!

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I'm usually one for sticking to threads until they either end or everyone loses interest

But it's been almost a month since the last post.

I really don't want this ending up like the other thread I'm in, seven months in and yet only four pages long.

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I hate it when threads start to stretch. I can tolerate like a posting day where activity picks up at least once a day but I'm really twitchy about these rps were you can just see people slowly slowing down and skips having to be given because they like vanish. It sends me up a wall like a damn demon when a thread diesESPICALLY when there is a really good or a potentially wonderful story. Hell I'll settle for a 1 post a week kinda deal just as long as there is a consistency because it's nearly a guarantee when people start missing posting dates or people start to dissapear that it all falls apart. 

I mean life gets to you but if you don't have something schuedual then life is always in the way. I mean don't be playing on your phone at work unless it's ok but I mean if you doing nothing except sitting in your office and you cans do a thing might as well post or while your watching tv and a commercial hits. Cause life don't give you a break unless your asleep or dead. Hol on ignore this paragraph I'm rambling

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Looks like my last attempt to respond here didn't get through. 

I'm sorry guys, but I simply do not have the motivation to continue. Work has been tough, and when I get home to relax, I'm not in the writing mood. I know you all have been looking forward to continuing, but I'm going to have to call it quits for now. I still intend to write around here, but I jumped in at the wrong time.

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