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Mickey Flash

Imalia Gladstone

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*This art is not owned by me.  


Name: Imalia Gladstone

Nickname: Immie

Age: 313 years

Apparent Age: 20s

Hair: Ruby Red

Eyes: Depending on her mood, between cloudy gray, and cobalt blue

Weight: 122 lbs

Height: 5'6

Build: Curvy athletic

Skin: Pale

Gender: Female

Race: Succubus/Human (commonly known as Cambion)


Until the spell upon the ring she is wearing is broken, she has mainly human attributes with a few extra abilities. 

She can change her form slightly, like the shape of her ears or the color of her hair.  But it doesn't last long and if she manifests claws on her fingers they will not have the ability to cause claw-like damage.  It is more an illusion, or a mental manipulation.

Whether she knows it or not, she has an immunity to diseases.  And she produces an abundant amount of life force energy.  After the spell is broken that ability will increase.

She has the uncanny ability to retain information, and to recall most everything she has studied.  She has still been known to be wrong though, and the flipside is that she doesn't like to be told she's wrong.  In fact, she can have an intense dislike for anyone who proves her wrong, even hatred.

Scars/Tattoos: N/A

Occupation: Any she wants. She has hundreds of degrees.

Weaknesses: Insecure about her sexuality.

Strengths: Intelligence

Likes: Intelligence, kindness, strength, and honesty.

Dislikes: Stupidity, liars, cruelty, cowardice.

Quirks:  Can often be seen with her nose buried in a book.  Is allergic to shellfish.  Loves music, but is afraid to dance. 

Background:  Immie's only memories of her childhood are the ones she has with the elves.  And although she can make herself appear with elf like features, such as pointed ears, in the morning she would always wake with the roundness of her human ears.  She was different.  She always knew it.  She just didn't know why.  Little mysterious clues were given to her in her past.  Clues like the ring her elven mother always told her to wear.  The ring is gold with a big setting for a rather large champagne colored stone in the setting.  She always thought the stone clunky and ugly.  Inside the band of the ring is a crest.  She looked up the origin and meaning of the crest, and found out that it represents an Incubus kingdom.  One mystery just led her to another, and she is in the process of finding out all she can about where she came from. 


The Spelled Ring

The ring that she was given to wear since she was a small child was given to her adoptive parents by her biological father, Arkadia, the King of the Incubi.  She doesn't know he's her father, or that the ring has a spell upon it.  She wears it to make her adoptive mother happy.  The ring has a location detector on it as well, for Arkadia's benefit.  He uses it to be able to track his daughter down no matter where she goes. The ring suppresses her incubus side, keeping back certain abilities or reducing their effectiveness. 

Abilities unleashed when the spell is lifted:

Lie detection - She will be able to sense lies.

Demonic energy absorption - She will have the ability to absorb demonic energy to weaken demon enemies, or to give herself a power boost.  She can only do this once a month though, during the times of a new moon. 

Life force transferral - This can be used to heal injuries, rebuild stamina, increase strength, or increase speed.  Once used though it takes quite a few days to build back up the reserves of it, and she usually only tries to use it for instances of emergency self healing.  Having such an abundant supply of life force makes her age very slowly.  She gets the life force energy in Incubus style, through sexual transference.  

Supernatural ability to maintain information - She can remember languages, recall all her studies with almost perfect precision, and has excellent deductive reasoning. 







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