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Monsters of Ragnarok

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This is a list of monsters I adapted for the Terrenus Dice System to populate the ruins of Talix-Engine during the Ragnarok event. Other people are free to use these in their own threads or for their own purposes. Likewise, if people make up their own monsters, I may add them to this list.


Zombie --- Revenant
[Bottom Tier: 1 HP]
Reanimated corpses given fresh life by the magical surges of Ragnarok. Though they are not particularly fast or strong, their rotting talons can still rend flesh.

Revenants are particularly putrid zombies with toxic claws. If a revenant deals damage to your character, they are inflicted with Poison, taking 0.5 damage per turn for 3 turns. Additional infliction of Poison while the effect is still active resets the duration. Characters can be resistant or immune based on their physiology (i.e. automatons, vampires, etc., may be unaffected).


Spooky Scary Skeletons
[Bottom-Low Tier: 2-3 HP]
Low level wights cobbled together from ancient remains. They retain the martial abilities that they had in life, being skilled with either sword or bow.

Melee skeletons have 3 HP, while archer skeletons have 2. Archer skeletons utilize their ranged attacks tactically, consistently hiding behind other monsters or allies whenever possible. Archer skeletons therefore cannot be attacked while the number of other monsters present is equal to or greater than the number of archer skeletons. Flying characters may be able to bypass this.


[Low Tier: 4 HP]
Wretched chimeras of man, bat, and bull. They take cruel pleasure in tormenting their prey, killing for sport just as often as sustenance.

Being the sadistic creatures that they are, gargoyles will always target the character with the lowest HP, or choose randomly among those who share the lowest HP value present. Due to their ability to fly, their attacks cannot be blocked by other characters attempting to protect their preferred victim.


Giant Spider
[Mid Tier: 5 HP]
These creatures spin webs large enough that they often span the space between buildings, then lie in wait for anyone (or anything) to try and pass.

Despite its bulk, the spider is agile upon its silken strands, while any others who come into contact with the web find themselves hopelessly entangled. While it is on its web, all attacks rolls have -1 against the spider, and it receives +1 to its attack roll against characters trying to attack it at close range. If no characters are close enough to attack from the web, the spider shoots a strand of web out as a ranged attack; upon a successful roll (a roll that deals any amount of damage to the target), this strand pulls the target into the spider's web, at which point they are locked into melee range with it for as long as the web persists.

The web is flammable, and characters with the ability to project fire can attack the web itself instead of the spider. The web has 2 HP. However, if the spider has entrapped characters within the web, the characters who are trapped are also targeted by any attacks against the web. Characters may be able to avoid this effect if they are resistant to fire.


[Mid Tier: 6 HP]
Differentiated from their close cousins, centaurs, by their primitive and feral nature, these hybrids are swift and powerful, emboldened to go on the hunt by the chaos of Ragnarok.

Beastmen come in two flavors, hunters who wield bows, or warriors that charge in with axes. Characters cannot flee from this enemy in open space, but they cannot pursue characters into enclosed spaces such as buildings. The hunters are well practiced in Parthian tactics; they will gallop away from any attempt to attack them in close range, while firing in reverse at their foes, or gallop in Cantabrian circles to throw off return fire from range. Only high-speed characters may attack them at close range, while all characters attacking them at a distance suffer a -1 penalty to their attack rolls. Warrior types have the Sword class while hunter types have the Arrow class.


Demon Dog --- Hellhound
[Mid-High Tier: 5-7 HP]
Wolves that have been mutated and turned savage by wild magic. Direwolves affected by this phenomena show a frightening additional mutation whereby they begin to grow additional heads.

Both varieties of this enemy have the Kamikaze class. Hellhounds additionally have the Speed buff, allowing them to attack twice per turn (either two different targets once each, or the same target twice).


Evil Eye
[High Tier: 8 HP]
These enigmatic entities feed upon the chaotic magic of Ragnarok, gaining incredible magical power that borders on reality-warping as a result. The price they pay is that their own power is uncontrollable and unpredictable, but they are unquestionably dangerous.

The Evil Eye is a repository of pure chaos, tearing at the fabric of existence to let true madness filter through. Thus it does not fight normally, but instead uses this list of effects for its attack rolls:

  1. The Evil Eye explodes in a wave of dark energy, killing itself but dealing 1 HP of damage to all characters. Other monsters are unaffected.
  2. The Evil Eye loses half of its HP. A randomly selected character then takes half of that value, rounded up, as damage.
  3. The targeted character loses its class for 5 turns.
  4. The targeted character loses all currently accrued preps and cannot prep for 3 turns.
  5. All monsters present gain 1 HP.
  6. A randomly selected monster gains 3 HP. This includes the Evil Eye itself as a potential beneficiary.
  7. Every character's next target is chosen randomly from among all enemies present.
  8. The targeted character is put to sleep and unable to act for 3 turns. Taking damage wakes them up early.
  9. The targeted character goes berserk, attacking a randomly selected ally for 2 turns. If the character has no allies present, he/she/it attacks their own self.
  10. The targeted character takes half of their HP or 2 points of damage, whichever number is higher.


[High Tier: 8 HP]
Abominations that wield dark magic in battle. They are equally deadly in close combat, as being bitten with snake-arms tends not to be very fun.

Gorgons have the Gambler class and the Accurate buff (+1 to all rolls). The Gambler effect takes place before the Accurate buff is applied when it procs. If they are close enough to their target to engage in melee combat, the Gorgon strikes with its plethora of snake-heads and fangs, while if the target is at a distance, the Gorgon uses magical attacks.

Upon dealing damage with its fangs, the Gorgon inflicts Deadly Poison; this poison causes the character to take 0.5 damage per turn for 3 turns and each additional infliction of the effect stacks as a separate instance on top of the first. Upon dealing damage with its magic, the target character is partially petrified, their joints feeling as though they have been turned to stone and resisting movement, as if the character's body would rather that they just stood as still as a statue. This causes a -1 penalty to their attack rolls and +1 to any attack rolls against them for 3 turns. These status effects can be inflicted simultaneously, but characters may resist them if they possess appropriate innates (a stone golem, for instance, is likely to be immune to both effects).


[Nova Tier: 9 HP]
These giants have come down from the mountains to expand their territory in the wake of Ragnarok.

Cyclops have the Aegis class along with the Tough (decrease all damage taken by 0.5) and Strong (increase all damage done by 0.5) buffs.


Dragon Zombie
[Nova Tier: 10 HP]
Dragons eaten from the inside out by dark magics. Nothing remains of their former selves, and now they serve as vessels for foul energies.

Dragon Zombies have the Shield class along with the Tough and Speed buffs. Their corrupting breath infuses the very air around their target with decay; they always deal a minimum of 0.5 damage to their target, regardless of the outcome of their attack roll.


Dark Dragon
[Grand Tier: 11 HP]
A dragon driven mad by a corrupting infestation. It is not yet reduced to a dragon zombie, instead existing in a state where it can still draw upon its native draconic power.

The Dark Dragon has the Shield class along with the Tough, Strong, Accurate, and Speed buffs. It cannot roll critical failures; if it rolls a 1 or a 2, it simply misses and fails to do damage instead of taking damage itself.


Demon Lord
[Grand Tier: 12 HP]
Highly intelligent, towering over other creatures, and possessed of terrible powers, the Demon Lord is one of the greatest horrors to arise from Ragnarok. Other monsters seem to respond to their will, and they have been witnessed commanding hosts of lesser creatures to achieve an objective. Their goals and motivations remain unknown, but they are not to be challenged with anything less than a small army, if even then.

The Demon Lord has the Shield class along with all 4 permanent buffs (Tough, Strong, Accurate, Speed). It gathers and wields preps in the same way that characters do, which stack with its inherent buffs. If it fails to deal damage when rolling for an attack, it instead summons a random monster to aid it in battle, drawing from the following list:

  1. Zombie
  2. Revenant
  3. Skeleton (Melee)
  4. Gargoyle
  5. Beastman (Warrior)
  6. Hellhound
  7. Evil Eye
  8. Gorgon
  9. Cyclops
  10. Dragon Zombie


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These are some stats for Talix-Engine drones, many of which are left over and still functional even after the superweapon strike. They can be found within the ruins of Talix-Engine specifically, either roaming in a mode of general aggression or potentially co-opted and under the control of human survivors. Their rarity increases by orders of magnitude with their power--for instance, before the Event, Talix-Engine had 120,000 ordinary combat drones, but only 50 BlackBeaks, and a mere 5 of the legendary Bullet Golems.

Talix-Engine Surveillance Drone
[Bottom Tier: 2 HP]
These floating, spherical machines are about the size of a man's torso and do not carry weapons, but are capable of flying at high speeds. Their original purpose was to surveil the population and relay information back to security administrators. Now, various factions utilize them as field scouts.

The surveillance drone does not attack. Instead, it attempts to send a signal out to alert nearby Talix-Engine drone forces. If its attack roll would have dealt damage, it instead summons an Enforcer drone as a reinforcement on a roll of 5 or 6, or a Combat drone on a roll of 7 or 8. On a Precise hit or Lucky strike (roll of 9 or 10) it summons a Raptor drone. On a Lucky strike (roll of 10) followed by a re-roll of 9 it summons a Heavy mech. If it rolls 10 twice in a row, it summons a BlackBeak. The Surveillance drone can only summon one reinforcement, and summons the highest ranking unit that it rolled during its turn (so a 10 followed by a re-roll of 4 summons a Raptor drone). After a successful summon, the Surveillance Drone attempts to flee from battle, and can only be pursued by high-speed characters.

Talix-Engine Enforcer Drone
[Low Tier: 4 HP]
Humanoid robots used for civilian police tasks. They are armed with taser weapons, and also pose a general physical threat, but are not excessively durable or powerful compared to human warriors.

As units designed for crowd-control, Enforcers are programmed to target the greatest threat in the area and attempt to neutralize it immediately. They always target the character with the highest HP remaining, or choose their target randomly from among those sharing the highest HP value if multiple characters are tied in this regard. Characters struck by their stun weaponry have their speed reduced by involuntary muscle spasms; characters inflicted with this effect cannot attempt to protect other characters while it is active, and high-speed characters lose that trait. The stun condition lasts for 3 turns. Character that are highly resistant to electricity may be unaffected.

Talix-Engine Combat Drone
[Mid Tier: 6 HP]
Sturdy combat models designed for use on the battlefield. Built for strength and durability, and programmed with precise close-quarters combat algorithms, they are a solid match for any human opponent. Typically wield swords, but are capable of using a wide range of weapons and tactics as the situation dictates.

Combat drones have the Shield class. They employ swarm tactics on the battlefield, coordinating their fighting patterns with increasing efficiency as their numbers swell. If at least 4 Combat drones are present, all rolls against them suffer a -1 penalty. If at least 8 Combat drones are present, they gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls.

Talix-Engine Raptor Drone
[High Tier: 8 HP]
Swift gunships that hover above the ground. Roughly the size of a horse, they pursue their targets at high speeds and open fire with a pair of fore-mounted repeater guns.

Raptor drones have the Arrow class and the Accurate buff. This enemy cannot be fled from in open spaces. It may be unable to pursue characters into enclosed spaces such as buildings, however.

Talix-Engine Heavy Mech
[Nova Tier: 10 HP]
Designed as heavy shock tanks, these bipedal walkers sport missile pods and a large cannon mounted on their turrets, along with an internal shield generator for added durability. They stand more than twice the height of a man and are heavily armored; even if their munitions are depleted, they can still pose a threat simply by kicking or stepping on smaller enemies, as they are capable of running men down fairly easily on foot.

Heavy mechs have the Sword class and may choose from any 2 of the 4 permanent buffs on any given turn, corresponding to its various armaments (Tough: Shield Generator Strong: Cannon Accurate: Missiles Speed: Legs). These buffs are switched out as desired at the same time that the mech attacks on each turn, then remain in place until it acts again.

Talix-Engine BlackBeak
[Nova Tier: 10 HP]
BlackBeak Special Operations drones are modular units designed to rapidly adapt to complex threats. BlackBeaks do not have a defined form, and are instead composed of a network of microscopic clockwork capable of re-arranging itself on a molecular level. They therefore display a wide range of shapes and armaments, changing their form drastically and nigh-instantaneously in response to analysis of the target's own tactics and abilities. Their one distinguishing feature is also their namesake; regardless of what form they take, they tend to wear a black "face" in the shape of a plague doctor's mask somewhere on their chassis, commonly theorized to be the unit's nerve center (however, they are so few in number and so difficult to interact with that conclusive analyses of their design are nigh-impossible to conduct).

The worth of preps is halved against BlackBeaks, rounded down. Therefore, 2 preps are required in order to receive the effect of 1 ordinary prep when interacting with this foe. It may choose and change its class at will; whenever its class bonus procs, it may choose which bonus out of the six classes that it receives. It has no permanent buffs, but uses preps in the same way as player characters and may prep twice per turn.

Talix-Engine Bullet Golem
[Grand Tier: 12 HP]
Ancient superweapons recovered from the depths of the Engine. Their technology is so advanced that even the current residents of Talix-Engine do not fully understand it. This unit takes the form of a massive four-legged tank, bristling with ballistic armaments and dwarfing any other drone unit on the field. It appears to possess some form of miniaturized internal factory and matter processor, as it seems to be capable of manufacturing all of its own munitions out of a wide range of materials, even random bits of scrap metal.

The Bullet Golem has all 4 permanent buffs and the Shield class. Every time another drone is destroyed within the Golem's vicinity, it processes the unit's scrap to repair itself and enhance its capabilities, gaining the following according to the unit that was consumed:


Surveillance Drone: 0.5 HP, Arrow class
Enforcer Drone: 1 HP, Kamikaze class
Combat Drone: 2 HP, Sword class
Heavy Mech: 4 HP, Aegis class
BlackBeak: 4 HP, Gambler class
Bullet Golem: 8 HP, all classes not already possessed

The Bullet Golem additionally gains a prep of its choice when consuming the remains of another drone. If a Heavy Mech, BlackBeak, or Bullet Golem was consumed, it gains 2 preps.

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If one wanted to disable or take over a drone would that be an attack roll or something else? 

Or what of utiilizing and Emp something that in real life would most likely shut them down? For this one o wouldn't t be opposed to a character who Hayes it taking a debuff.

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Sample human enemies for use in general human military factions.


[Bottom Tier: 2 HP]
Young trainees who are still learning the martial arts. They are not ready for a true battle, but are capable of swinging a sword in one if they must do so.


[Bottom Tier: 2 HP]
Pupils who are just beginning to learn the arcane arts. They can fight using basic magical techniques.


[Low Tier: 3 HP]
Ordinary men armed with bow and arrow.

This unit will hide behind stronger allies if able; it cannot be attacked while the number of melee fighters on its side exceeds the number of Archers. Characters that are able to fly may be able to circumvent this tactic.


[Low Tier: 3 HP]
Low ranking members of the clergy who use holy magic to support their allies.

This unit targets allied units instead of enemies. Instead of dealing damage on its attack rolls, the target's HP is restored by a value equal to the damage that would've been dealt by an attack. This unit can attack Undead enemies normally (Zombie, Revenant, Skeleton, Dragon Zombie).


[Low Tier: 3 HP]
Common criminals who look for opportunities to prey on the weak or rob those who are vulnerable. Though they have no particular skill or strength, they can be persuaded to fight under one's cause for even a modest sum of coin, but their loyalty remains highly questionable.

If a Ruffian falls to 1 HP or less, it will attempt to flee from battle.


[Low Tier: 4 HP]
The rank and file of any army, levied from the common population and given basic armaments.


[Low Tier: 4 HP]
Journeyman spell casters versed in combat magic.


[Mid Tier: 5 HP]
Muscle-bound thugs with few morals. Organized criminal groups or roving gangs of bandits often employ these men as their bread-and-butter.

Brigands have no class, either literally or figuratively. They always attack female human targets first when possible.


[Mid Tier: 5 HP]
Disciples of the blade constantly seeking to hone their swords in battle.

Duelists have the Gambler class.


[Mid Tier: 5 HP]
Mounted soldiers who harry the enemy with long-reaching spears.

This enemy cannot be fled from in open terrain, but may be unable to fight in enclosed spaces. The cavalryman may dismount and fight on foot, losing this trait in the process. He cannot re-mount in the midst of battle. Cavalrymen have the Sword class.


Pegasus Rider
[Mid Tier: 5 HP]
Soldiers who ride winged horses into battle. Their mounts require light loads, meaning that they must fight without armor and most riders are female, but their mobility is unmatched.

Pegasus troops share the mounted traits of cavalry; in addition, they can attack any character freely, and cannot be blocked. They have the Arrow class.


[Mid Tier: 6 HP]
Foregoing protection or even general caution in favor of raw power, these fighters follow a philosophy that the best defense is a good offense.

Brutes have the Kamikaze class.


Heavy Infantry
[Mid Tier: 6 HP]
Veteran soldiers wrapped in heavy armor. They form the hardened center of an army.

Heavy troops have the Aegis class.


Drake Rider
[Mid Tier: 6 HP]
Airborne cavalry outfitted for frontal assaults. They are slower than pegasi, but tougher, and able to hold riders in armor.

Drake Riders have the same flying mount traits as pegasus riders. They have the Shield class.


[Mid Tier: 6 HP]
Experienced mages who have learned a number of more advanced spells. They are versatile assets in battle.

This unit may either attack enemies or heal allies at will during its turn (its heal ability functions in the same way as the Cleric's). Each Sorcerer has its class randomly selected at the beginning of battle.


[High Tier: 7 HP]
Well-practiced archers who have perfected their craft, boasting superior range and deadly aim. The closest one can get to field artillery short of deploying magic.

Sharpshooters have the Arrow class and the Accurate buff. If their attack rolls a normal miss, they may roll again.


[High Tier: 7 HP]
Deadly master swordsmen who cut down their foes with lightning-speed strokes. They also seem to possess angsty personalities and an overblown sense of self-importance for some mysterious reason. Perhaps such is simply the way of those who live only to get stronger.

Edgelords have the Sword class and the Speed buff. They deal double damage on Precise hits and Lucky strikes (rolls of 9 or 10).


[High Tier: 7 HP]
Fortune seekers and treasure hunters who move through the shadows, stealing their way to wealth. Though they rarely engage in open battle for its own sake, they are capable fighters when they do so.

Rogues have the Gambler class and a unique buff, Evasive. The Evasive buff applies a -1 penalty to all attack rolls against the unit.


[High Tier: 7 HP]
It's a rare man who can wield a bow effectively from the saddle, but a valuable asset if you can find him.

Rangers are mounted units that have the Arrow class and the Speed buff. Only high speed characters may attack them in melee range.


[High Tier: 8 HP]
Saboteurs and covert agents who engage in espionage and eliminate targets from stealth. While not trained for open battle, they remain effective fighters if called to serve in one, where their knowledge of the killing arts allows them to swiftly eliminate weaker opposition.

Assassins have the Arrow class and the Accurate buff. When an Assassin rolls a 9 or a 10 against a Low or Bottom Tier target, that unit is instantly killed.


[High Tier: 8 HP]
Wild men who harness an uncontrollable rage in battle. As dangerous as they are to themselves, they are more dangerous yet to the enemy.

Berserkers have the Kamikaze class and the Strong buff. When they fall below 4 HP, all damage they deal is doubled, and all damage they take is doubled (including damage to themselves on Critical or Miserable fails).


[High Tier: 8 HP]
Lifelong professional soldiers and expert horsemen, equipped with high quality gear and riding into battle on well-bred warhorses. A committed cavalry charge from these troops threatens to scatter and overrun enemy lines.

Knights are mounted units that have the Shield class and the Strong buff. They use the momentum of their initial charge into battle to deliver devastating first strikes; a Knight's first attack roll during an encounter gets a bonus of +2.


Pegasus Knight
[High Tier: 8 HP]
Veteran pegasus riders who have seen many battles atop their mount. Their matured mounts develop an innate resistance to metaphysical energies as they enter full adulthood.

Pegasus Knights are flying mounts that have the Sword class and the Accurate buff. Magical attacks against them suffer a -1 penalty on the attack roll.


Dragon Knight
[High Tier: 8 HP]
Drake riders who have become one with their draconic mounts. The creature's tough hide and the rider's plate armor afford considerable protection from physical damage.

Dragon Knights are flying mounts that have the Shield class and the Tough buff. In addition, physical attacks against them suffer a -1 penalty on the attack roll.


Wyvern Knight
[High Tier: 8 HP]
Fliers trained to strike on swift serpents. Their breed of wyvern emphasizes speed and finesse over raw power; they excel at exploiting weak points in the enemy's defense.

Wyvern Knights are flying mounts with the Sword class and the Speed buff. The damage they deal cannot be reduced by more than 0.5 per strike.


[High Tier: 8 HP]
Mages trained specifically for war, who deploy a wide range of elemental magicks to destroy enemy forces. By adapting their element of choice to the enemy they target, they can bring down nearly any foe.

Battlemages have the Sword class and the Accurate buff. Instead of attacking normally, they can apply a permanent debuff to an enemy unit, with the effect corresponding to an element as follows:


Earth: Target deals -0.5 damage on all attacks
Fire: Target takes 0.5 damage per turn
Water: Target's attack rolls receive -1
Wind: All rolls against target receive +1
Lightning: Target takes 0.5 additional damage from all incoming sources

Moving the debuff to another target or changing it to a different element requires another turn to be spent, just as the initial application. This includes re-applying the debuff to a new target after the original victim has died. The battlemage may only deploy one such debuff at a time.


[8 HP: High Tier]
Powerful sorcerers who have delved deep into ancient arcana and unlocked forbidden knowledge. They can direct the flows of mana around their allies to empower them.

Warlocks have the Shield class and the Strong buff. Instead of attacking normally, they can apply a permanent buff to an allied unit (including themselves), with the effect corresponding to hidden strands of magic as follows:


Secret of Strength: Target deals +0.5 damage on all attacks
Secret of Protection: Target takes -0.5 damage on all incoming damage
Secret of Regrowth: Target regenerates 0.5 HP per turn
Secret of Fortune: Target's attack rolls receive a bonus of +1
Secret of Vengeance: All attack rolls against target receive a penalty of -1

Moving the buff to another target or changing it to a different secret requires another turn to be spent, just as the initial application. This includes re-applying the buff to a new target after the original beneficiary has died. The warlock may only deploy one such buff at a time.


[High Tier: 8 HP]
Senior members of religious orders who smite down evil with divine powers. They are also well versed in the healing arts.

Bishops have the Arrow class and the Tough buff. Instead of attacking normally, they can choose to target allies with healing magic instead. All damage they deal is doubled against enemies based in dark or demonic magicks (Zombie, Revenant, Skeleton, Evil Eye, Gorgon, Dragon Zombie, Dark Dragon, Demon Lord).


[Nova Tier: 9 HP]
Elite shock cavalry that represent the heaviest human cavalry available. The nearest a human soldier can get to serving as a literal tank.

Cataphracts are mounted units that have the Shield class and the Strong and Speed buffs. They have the ability to trample over groups of enemy troops; on a roll of 7 or higher, they deal 0.5 damage to up to two additional foot units adjacent to their primary target.


[Nova Tier: 10 HP]
Knight-masters encased in layers of armor, renowned far and wide for their combat prowess. They represent the peak of human martial potential.

Paladins have the Aegis class and the Accurate and Tough buffs. If an enemy rolls a normal miss against a paladin in melee combat, it takes advantage of the opening to deal a counter-attack of 0.5 damage.


[Nova Tier: 10 HP]
This title is given to the most fearsome of warriors, men who have slain many great beasts and accomplished many dangerous quests. They tower over others in both body and soul.

Champions have the Sword class and the Tough and Strong buffs. Their unshakeable willpower allows them to continue fighting on against all odds; thus they regenerate 0.5 HP per turn.


[Nova Tier: 10 HP]
Mages who have given themselves to the dark arts in exchange for inhuman powers. They no longer resemble men, nor do those that they summon back from the grave to aid them in battle.

Necromancers have the Shield class and the Strong and Accurate buffs. Once per turn, when a human unit dies in battle, regardless of which side the unit belonged to, the Necromancer may attempt to revive the corpse as a thrall. To determine success, the Necromancer performs an attack roll; if the attack roll would've dealt damage (roll of 5 or higher) the revive succeeds, according to the following format:

Melee fighter: Summons a Melee Skeleton
Bow fighter: Summons an Archer Skeleton
Magic wielder: Summons a Revenant
Mounted unit: Summons a Zombie


[Nova Tier: 10 HP]
Sages who have spent a lifetime studying magic--sometimes several. They have mastered many schools of magic, and can perform them all with equal skill.

Wizards have the Arrow class and the Strong and Accurate buffs. During their turn, they may apply a buff or a debuff in the same manner as their lower tiered brethen, the Battlemage and the Warlock, though they may still only have one (de)buff active at a time; they may also heal allies; or they may attack normally.


[Grand Tier: 12 HP]
It is said that once every generation, a man is touched by the gods themselves, and granted the power to change fate. No matter how insurmountable the obstacle, these legendary figures always succeed, as if some cosmic hand were guiding them along an inevitable path.

Heroes have the Sword class and all four permanent buffs. Heroes never fail; they only succeed less. Thus, Heroes roll d8s instead of d10, with their outcome list starting at 3 on the normal d10 list (so a 1 is a normal miss for a Hero, while an 8 is a Lucky Strike).


[Grand Tier: 12 HP]
Grandmaster wizards who have often lived for centuries, accumulating knowledge and power beyond the comprehension of ordinary men. They are no longer human at all, having transcended their mortal form to become vessels of pure mana. Reality itself responds to their will.

Archmages have the Shield class and all four permanent buffs. Once per turn, in addition to their standard attack roll, they may warp reality by choosing any actor's attack roll and changing its outcome to a number of their choice, up to a limit of 5 points away from the original outcome (so a 1 may be changed to a 6, or a 10 to a 5).

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LAright now I have to ask ... where do you find these sprites? 

7 hours ago, Robbie Rotten said:

; Edgelord_zpsne9mbf4a.png

[High Tier: 7 HP]
Deadly master swordsmen who cut down their foes with lightning-speed strokes. They also seem to possess angsty personalities and an overblown sense of self-importance for some mysterious reason. Perhaps such is simply the way of those who live only to get stronger.

Edgelords have the Sword class and the Speed buff. They deal double damage on Precise hits and Lucky strikes (rolls of 9 or 10).


Oh that's great XD

kirito you... 

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