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Galen Wolfe

Linked [QUEST] Where the Bloody Hell?

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Waiting at the perimeter of the lot was the constables he'd asked for, but he felt really foolish now for having sent for them. We never expected them to completely abandon the place... That was the truth of the matter. Everything indicated there was a snake pit here full of Naga. He spotted a familiar face further along the alleyway, and sighed, walking down it to meet up with PeaceKeeper Wirth.

So, job well done and all, though this is going to be a right mess to clean up, you know.”

We know, but at least Osiris is alive and well.”

This is very true,” and Keeper Wirth seemed very relieved at that. “So, how shall we settle accounts this time?”

Galen had been about to say something when a flash of opalescent white scales caught his attention at the entrance of the alleyway. She was tapping her foot, and she knew that he was trapped. “Umm... I think I could do with some really thick armor about now... or at least a solid cup... and maybe a head start...”

The PeaceKeeper turned to look at what Galen was suddenly afraid of and then made a low whistling sound, “And she is pissed. What'd you do?”

I lied to her face.”

Wow. Now that takes some balls, which she's probably going to lop off and let you watch her eat them, I should tell you.”

I know, which is why I thought you might be willing to help me out...”

And have her even think I'm aiding and abetting you in your escape? Are you insane?” Galen looked sidelong at the PeaceKeeper and then back at what he'd survived and then back at the reptilian woman who was still impatiently tapping her foot. “Yeah, good point, but still, sorry, you have to deal with her on your own.”

Yeah, I know... but I thought I would ask. You might arrange a bed for me at the hospital,” Galen said in a resigned tone as he hesitantly made his way towards the irate female that was awaiting his arrival.

If she doesn't dispose of the body herself, you mean?”

Galen groaned, having been trying to avoid that thought. When he got close, Galen was surprised to find himself suddenly jumped, a pair of clawed feet landing firmly in his gut while her clawed fingers dug into his cloak. And then further surprised when she pushed her snout into the cloak and kissed him deeply. Having been prepared for evisceration, this was very much appreciated. And then she leaned away from him, hauled a fist way back and clocked him one with every ounce of her wiry body strength and weight, which, though they might not be a lot on their own, it was enough to stagger him in combination. “You ever lie to me like this again and I will hunt you down and string you up by your entrails and let you watch me eat your heart! Do you understand me Galen and Aku?!” she screamed, garnering the attention of everyone in earshot.

Yes, Ma'am. “Yes, Ma'am.” came the subdued and properly chastised responses at the same time.

Now, you will carry me home and then you are both going to spend a good deal of the next few days apologizing to me.”

Yes, Ma'am. “Yes, Ma'am.” On the one hand, they were elated about the idea, on the other, the order filled them with dread.

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It was a couple days later, and Galen looked haggard, to be polite. He had been worked over very thoroughly the last couple of days, and not all of it had been the nicest of experiences, though he wouldn't dare complain. At least she hadn't neutered him. He shook his head and drank down the chilled glass of water in a couple of gulps before refilling it and doing the same again. “Anyway, I have my doubts, now, about Osiris, and our being able to rescue him so easily.”

Wirth was sitting across from him, and he was nursing a relaxing drink. “I have to admit, some of the things making their way to me makes me wonder as well. Though we have no actual physical or magical proof yet, we think the Naga are getting in and out of the store undetected now. What we do have is missing wares that had been there the day before hand and none of it passes seen out of the front door with a proper buyer. He's ordered more of the rare items he reported missing through normal channels, in larger quantities, but we can't stop the process of them getting to him, since we have no proof of any wrong doing...”

Galen remembered the substances he'd pulled from the bite mark on the feline's neck, and resolved he would need to have that properly analyzed. “Oh, and don't forget that thing he described, a drider I think he called it. Something like that, capable of altering the potency of serums and poisons specifically for the intended victim? That's a dangerous thing to have running around.”

True, but we only have his word for that, and that word is shaky right now. No one else has reported seeing anything like it here in the city. Not that I'll ignore it for false, just, hard to task anyone to look into it officially.”

Yes well, you'll have to find someone else for anything in the immediate future, I'm kinda, sorta...” and the rest was lost to mumbling.

I'm sorry, didn't catch that last part, why can't the PeaceKeeper assigned to this town depend on your abilities when the need arises?”

Galen gave the seemingly innocent and sincere face a cold stare, mentally taking back the nice things he'd said about the man since the hospital. “I said, Kirin's grounded us until she's sure I won't lie to her like that again.”

The man didn't laugh, he was too much the professional for that, but he did cough, then take a drink. Giving a sage nod, he finally said, “I see, well, I think I can probably be without your services for a short time. Why is Aku grounded?”


You said we were grounded. This implies she is as well, and I'm just a little curious as to why she would be as well, if it was only you that lied.”

Aiding and abetting. She knew I could lie even to a skilled telepath, and did not tell or hint this to Kirin.”

Hmm... tough break, my friend,” This said without a hint of sympathy as he finished his drink and stood, making to leave the restaurant, “I wish you both the best of luck with her.”

Why don't you come and visit?”

And have her think I'm trying to effect a rescue?”


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Quick summary:

Galen and Aku were asked to investigate the disappearance of a local shopkeeper, Osiris Noworthy. In their preparations they met and befriended [putting it mildly] a lonely lizard woman simply known as Kirin. The actual task seemed to be a cake walk, as there was no resistance in rescuing the Feline Shopkeeper. But something is wrong...

Full Summary:

PeaceKeeper Worth found the twin souls, Galen and Aku, in the hotel room that was part of their reward for their previous work for him. This brought them back to work for him as he needed a feline male shopkeeper found. Osiris Noworthy had filed a burglary report about several rare items being stolen from his place of business, and then had vanished. This was several days ago and now the PeaceKeeper was worried, though he refused to actually say why he was involving himself in this or what his worry was.

On his referral though, the pair inhabiting one body came to a store owned by a blind albino lizard woman by the name of Kirin. It was immediately obvious she was a powerful psychic, easily able to anticipate whatever was being said or done. After their first foray to find the shopkeeper, it became obvious that the lizard woman and twin souls were fast becoming more than just passing acquaintances.

When the actual job of getting to Osiris was finally undertaken, the den discovered the first time is found empty, protected only by illusions. The shopkeeper is found under a drug and seemingly poisoned, but alive, and Galen is quickly able to reverse this, or at least, is made to believe he did, but Galen has his doubts, now about this.

Payment shall be listed as Other.

Possible Quests:

There are several Naga and a Drider, a half human half spider creature, hiding in the city, the Police force is very interested in locating them.

Osiris Noworthy is acting strange since his captivity, but is it PTSD or has he been altered in some fashion by his captors?

Galen has a set of crystals that need to be investigated. They contain what should be a poison and a truth serum, but both crystals are the same exact color. Galen now has suspicions about this and about Osiris.

[Both of the last two quests may be combined for one quest, or run separately.]

If you need help with the stories, I'm willing to help or even partner with others for them.

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