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vy doodles | LIVESTREAMING

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Thank you for the kind comments <3 <3 


I figured out how i'm bringing Zamuri into this world and BOY am i excited. she's going to be a magical girl. i can't wait to destroy her OuO 


some late-night doodles of her outfit. most of her magic will be bird/chinese kite themed haha 

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Posted (edited)

u guys i found my old hard drive with all my art on it i'm so happy 

a comparison of the evolution of my art style: 

a jia design from 2011:


vs a jia design from recently: 


... i guess not too much as changed LOL hopefully my character design senses are better 


AAAND i'm done with school for the summer so now i finally have some time to work and draw!! this is probs the first thing i've done for myself in a while that isn't just a pencil sketch haha. Gemma sittin at some tavern: 



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