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Isabella's Secret {Fated Quest}

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Isabella Morcia Bartolome

She had traveled across the inky blackness of space and past many bright and beautiful stars, galaxies that glittered in the unfathomable distance, and past tremendous clouds of sparkling galactic dust that was left over from the very early days of creation. She moved at a speed that was very near that of light, upon an elegant ship that had been perfectly designed to swim across such vast distances, connecting stars with stars and planets with planets. How in the world Areder DuGrace had managed to find his way to this obscure little corner of the universe was beyond her, but when his call came she was all but glad to answer it. Of course, for propriety's sake, she had to tell her husband that his brother (her brother-in-law) had invited them to what could only amount to as a century-long vacation in the strange little world he had found, upon the tiny gem of an island where he had founded a new colony for Atitlan. And while he urged them both to come, his brother and his wife, Isabella knew that Areder only wanted to see her.

It had been some sixty years since the youngest DuGrace brother had climbed aboard his spaceship and gone out into the stars to try and find his claim to fame. She missed him dearly every single day of his absence -- but it didn’t feel like a long time. Time worked differently for creatures such as them. And so when she told her husband, King Bonifacio of Atitlan that his brother had asked for them to visit the man, the vampyre, seemed flippant about excusing himself and granting his blessings for his wife to go on her own to represent him. She did well to hide her pleasure, and he all the more to hide his disgust and disdain. The king knew very well that his Queen did not love him, that she never had, and that she never would. It mattered little. All they had to do was produce a child and then they would be husband and wife only in name. However, a nice hundred year long vacation from her scowling face seemed absolutely wonderful to him, so off he sent her.

If the quickness of her husband's answer had hurt her, it didn’t show. Sadness didn’t really register for Isabella, whom had ever really felt pain on the day it had been confirmed that she would marry Bonifacio instead of his brother Areder, after her eldest sister passed away. She had felt a deep disappointment, a resentment, and eventually an icy unattachment to the entire situation. She married, and she tried to produce an heir -- so far, they hadn’t had any luck.

“Majesty, please let me welcome you to the Cathedral de Sangre. Lord Areder is eagerly awaiting your arrival in the throne room,” it was a vampyric servant who opened the door to her carriage and held out a hand to help her down. It was nothing more than show and pomp, but she didn’t mind adhering to the cultural norms. She took the offered hand and climbed down.

The technology here was dreadful, it was one thing to pretend at living in the dark ages and a completely different thing to actually abide by the technological restrictions. And yet -- there was something charming about having to travel by horse and carriage, about having to leave her beautiful ship floating somewhere in orbit, and to have come down in a rough and thrilling ride upon a small and cramped pod. But here she was, and Areder was just beyond the large stone pillars and heavy wooden doors.

“I’ve waited a very long time to see Lord Areder, tell me -- does he remember me fondly?” Her voice was a song, a sweet siren’s song full of bright notes and sweet lifts. It was musical and bubbly, quite contrary to her personality, which was difficult to perceive beneath the mask of innocent beauty. She appeared a young woman of twenty five, younger even with her dark hair falling down around her nearly bare shoulders.

“For over a decade, he’s spoken of nothing else but your coming to see him. He’s waited rather impatiently,” the servant smiled and began to walk, leading the way for Isabella to follow. “We all rejoice at your presence here, Majesty, and we mourn the lacking presence of your husband, King Bonifacio, but we understand that he cannot be pulled away from his work at this time.

“Yes, it isn’t possible for him to travel at this time. Things are difficult back home. But I am sure he’ll have it all settled by the time I return to him.”

“Do the human revolts continue, your Majesty?” asked the servant gently, assuming that he had been given leave to speak earnestly, and his concern for the motherland was quite earnest.

“To a degree,” she replied, keeping in step with him as they climbed the stairs to the front gates that lead into a beautiful courtyard. There were patches of grass, perfectly manicured, and lovely fruit trees growing within massive terracotta planters that had been painted gold and red. The smell of orange blossoms blew across the breeze, and she had to stop to take it in. She had been on her spaceship for something like 7 years -- she missed the smell of fresh fruit and fragrant flowers. “It’s not as bad as when you all left, but you know them. The humans of Eden and Ayenee simply refuse to learn their place. It will take time, as all great endeavors do. How do things go here? From what I’ve heard, Areder has had a much easier time with the creatures of this island. It seems it didn’t take him long to become lord and master of this land. The King, his brother, is rather impressed.”

“Oh yes, Lord Areder has seemed very inspired in his approach to bringing the island to heel. Perhaps he’ll share with you what his plans are moving forward, he hasn’t spoken much about it to anyone else.” The servant stopped, they were at the foot of a great stair case, after having walked through the gardens and multiple long and tastefully decorated halls. “Would you like to freshen up, your Majesty? Or would you prefer to go straight to your brother?”

“Take me to my beloved brother,” she answered with a decadent smirk that made her blood red lips a dreadful temptation. “I’ve been too long without him, I cannot stand another moment.”

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Know your place you Cur.✿*´*✿♥ L ҉ O ҉ V ҉ E ҉ ((♥‿♥)))_(¯`:´¯) ..¸✿¯`•.•´ ._♥ ¯`:´¯ ✿  t by Sara Forlenza:

An Offering.

Flames marinated with mangled bodies and dying screams as the young boy ran through the streets. 'Too slow! I'm too slow!!' His mind raced as his feet slipped through the blood and mud mixture beneath his feet. Fear gripped his very chest as another scream came from further ahead. Was his route of escape cut off?! How?! Who were these creatures!? These nightmares of darkness and phantasms of pure evil!!? The soft touch of a cold hand around the back of his neck brought child to the realization he was no longer safe. Urick could still remember how it felt to be picked up in the icy grip of Lord Areder and hurled into the throng of his minions. There, Urick had been feasted on and broken into submission in more ways than one. 

Turning over within the vast empty bed, black sheets covered his half nude figure from sight. Yet that did not mean he was safe in the least. Unlike the rest of the people, Urick had become a Blood Doll having proved himself rather useful in more ways that one of course. Lord Areder did not appreciate wasting talent therefore he made use of it after breaking them into slavery. Fear of his blood thirsty superior was ever present even during training. His neck throbbed roughly as if bitten. No.. It was not as if, he was being bitten by another being of the house hold. The icy cold grip around his wrist forcing him down into the sheets in submission. He made no noise even as the figure suckled from the nape of his neck. "Today is your lucky day Urick.. You will be a gift to the sister of Lord Areder as a gift. Rejoice youngin you will no longer deal with my kindness, but her kindness from this moment till the day your pass on." The voice was cruel and twisted as the figure soon released Urick's wrist allowing him to regain himself.

The world was spinning he was light headed but that soon passed within a few breaths. Such was the pattern of his life. Rising from the black sheets the small trickle of blood could be felt upon his ebony skin. 'I will.. Find a way..' His mind slowly throbbed as a strong sense of dehydration struct his temples. Shifting slowly he rose up to his full height of 6'4" and stretched carefully. Muscles rippled in a healthy fashion as a single scar marked his chest. The scar upon closer inspection was a torture mark from his child like years. A single claw like tool had been stuck into his chest. Interlocking with his sternum and main rib section, this tool was designed to bring about a painful death if needed. No matter how many times he had tried to undo the device it had become infused with his bones. 

Taking another breath, it used to hurt to breath with this tool in his chest but now it didn't. Rotating his left shoulder lightly, Urick went to bathe washing his skin with oils and soaps to properly prepare and present himself. Usually Urick wore what ever he wanted but as of today that was no longer his choice for the time being.  What Lady isabella wanted him to wear he would wear. The hot water baptized his skin with bliss, this was another privilege he truly appreciated, the ability to have hot water. Of course there were times where he was tortured with scolding hot water. His skin bore the signs with large tinted marks upon already black flesh. The scent was something he did not know how to describe. All he knew is that it would be appealing to the Lady Isabella as picked out by Lord Areder himself.  Once he was clean the young man stepped out of the bathing closet and into his bedroom once more. Eyeing the closet he slowly turned to examine his room. Upon one corner sat a mirror on the other corner sat his scimitar and shield. Finally the last two sections was the bathroom and shower and the other was where his bed was. 

Beside his mirror was a small desk with a chair and lamp, upon the chair was a neat set of clothes for him to wear. Was that a clean white shirt? The Lady must have meant more to Lord Areder than just family, black was a cresting symbol for most events but white was a rarity. There were only a handful of moments that Urick could count that he was allowed to wear white. One of these moments was the subjugation of a renegade troupe he single handedly put to death with ease. Flash backs of his sword work made the hairs on his arms stand up straight. Fighting was something he truly enjoyed and yet at a time like this, he could only tremble in fear. This was his first encounter with a Lady Vampyre of high caliber. Reaching out his soft yet firm hands clutched the material and donned himself in its embrace. Long black pants that were lose but suitable for his muscled appearance. Black boots that easily tucked in the bottoms of his pants to be presentable. Upon the top section he wore a long sleeve white shirt made of sick, with a black vest trimmed in gold. Upon his hip was a brown belt with a holder for his scimitar on the right hand side. The shield on the other hand would be left in his room, adjusting the cuffs to his sleeves the lad smirked in the mirror. His neck had stopped bleeding and this pleased him deeply.  

Breakfast was something to behold!! Blood dolls were fed far better than the rest of the population. Dinning upon sweet juices and meat the male filled himself swiftly before cleaning his face and rushing to find his Lord. Upon arrival at the library the door was firmly locked into place. A single sign hung on the door reading do not disturb with a blooded hand print. 'Someone got into trouble... It seems as though I must greet the Lady Isabella myself.. I ought to do that swiftly.. I will be a painful night if I do not..' The sheer thoughts of what might happen put a pep in his step towards the front of the mansion. Quickly stepping past other maid servants, Urick slowed his breathing and heart rate. A trick he had become very accustomed to in the present of any Noble. To maintain a calmness of self was the way to keep out of suspicion.  Clearing his throat slowly the large man made sure his low cut hair was in place before stepping outside to counter greet the Lady. 

"Greetings Lady Isabella.. I am Urick and I have been sent on behalf of my Lord Areder.. He is unfortunately busy at this time but will come to you by lunch time today. I am here to present myself as a gift form my Lord." Taking a low bow the man did not look up until told to. He was still and calm well trained what was expected of him. Urick refused to disappoint. 

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Larke's body lay on the bed beneath her spirit. A buxom figure, curves full to bursting, she watched the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed, the way her raven-black hair spread out across the pillow below her head. She dismayed at the breadth of her hips, but was thankful they curved nicely to a well-proportioned waist. Her breasts, which caused her so much pain and trouble when she was awake, could finally be appreciated from the perspective everyone else saw them. They were still too large as far as she was concerned. Her eyes were closed in a face the colour of teak. She was asleep. At least, her body was, but her spirit was wide awake in the world of spirits. Whether it was truly another world or just a reflection of their own, Larke couldn't tell. Nobody really taught her about it. She discovered it herself, when she was asleep, like now.

It was largely the same as the real world, but... sharper somehow. There were new colours - colours she couldn't describe - in the most mundane things to the sari her sleeping form wore, to the fire in the fireplace, to the sky outside. Blue was an understatement. There were new senses too. She could see living things but she could feel them, too, and the sounds.

The sounds were what she was here for.

She could hear the crackling of the fire, hear the mice scurrying under the floorboards. Through the ceiling above her she could hear a noble couple arguing about the size of their shoe wardrobe. Below she could hear two maids chatting as they scrubbed clothes across washing boards. The higher one went, the more miserable things seemed. Oh, the irony, that everyone wished to be higher.

The world of spirits - as she had come to call this peculiarity - had become more and more her home since her eighteenth birthday two months ago. The real world was full of terrors but this place was full of beauty. Even the terrors were beautiful - Lord Areder appeared like an evening star, a halo of original colours surrounding him even in the distance. She couldn't hear what he was saying or make out what he was doing from this point, but but she was always aware of him. Even when he travelled far away. There was a new star today, though. One she presumed was like him. His beloved. Isabella.

Relief fought with raging jealousy in her mind, though the jealousy quickly gave way to fear. If but a glimmer of it showed on her face, they would snuff out her life in an instant. Jealousy because she had been his, and - as absurd as this sounded - he was hers, too. Her lord. Her master. Her source of joy and light and life and hope. But there was always relief, because his attention always came at a cost.

Perhaps now, she would not be so busy for him.

It wasn't healthy to stay in the spirit world for too long. It was full of energy she couldn't handle, and which flooded her body which handled it the only way it knew how - by contributing to her curves. If she stayed too long Lord Areder would notice. His punishments were... severe. So it was with reluctance she sank back down, through her body and into her own mind, and became aware of the more mundane senses. How grey the real world looked through blinking eyes. The fire still danced merrily but only with three colours - red, orange and yellow. Not the exotic colours of the spirit world which had no name. She knew she should get up and eat, for her stomach was empty and sucked on her insides like a vacuum. But she didn't need to eat. More than enough energy came from walking in the spirit world.

So for the moment she lay on her back, awaiting her master's call and enjoying the time she got to herself, however long it lasted.

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Unfortunately for the young noble, young as far as a vampyre goes, many things tore him away from the his research. He swore, often times, that his parents chose their time to enter their torpor purely to spite him. However his visit to the chapel this time was fortuitous. Not only did he conclude some business in regards to his family’s interests but he had to opportunity to cross paths with another of the ruling family. It didn’t take long for the buzz to reverberate throughout and it wasn’t difficult to locate her presence.

Closing his tomes and his notes he slid into his jacket of white and green before leisurely almost subconsciously scooped up his notes before leaving. Flipping through and scanning each of the pages in deep introspection. It easily passed the time on his way to introduced himself. His parents speaking of centuries past, long before they ever came to this place, ran through his mind. It almost made him laugh as he considered turning back in favor of his research. That thought, he jested, would wake his parents from their sleep. He hated political posturing and games. Though he knew what was expected of him and he knew how to handle himself appropriately. It honestly just seemed like an incredible waste of time. Though, he had to admit that the past few times he had been backed into a corner  with respects to interacting in such a field, had proved rather useful.

This meeting was not the same as the other gatherings. It wouldn’t be posturing or deftly dodging some attempt at some unifying agreement through marriage or some such thing. No, this visit seemed to have little serious intent as of yet. But he doubted were it some sort of official trip it wouldn’t be broadcast to the masses, or even the nobles. He pondered a moment as he closed on her location. Someone of her status should be greeted with more than a few pleasantries. His hand went instinctively to the pendant that hung at his chest. Letting his hand drop to his side again he neared where she was with someone. A light inhale and he knew, perhaps he was a pet, a gift… both? Either way, he was of little import at the moment.

A respectful approach and a bow, “Your Magesty, welcome.” he didn’t bother directing more than a passing glance to the man with her. “Forgive, the intrusion, yet as it seems our trips here have overlapped one another I would like to introduce myself. I am Santino Damonval. As I understand it you are acquainted with my parents, Lord Vincent and Lady Colevera. Perhaps I could provide some minor distraction while you wait unless you have some event you are waiting on?” He tucked the folio under his arm to keep the temptation of going over what was within again. The last thing he wanted is to offer his time and then ignore her in turn.

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The first day of the rest of his life. When everything would turn around, and he would finally get what he deserved.

Areder had mixed feelings; Isabella coming alone granted him all the time he wished, but without his brother’s presence, how could he bask in his successes? Surely, when Isabella returned to their homeland, she would tell his brother of his triumphs and conquests, in how he brought the mortals to bear and kept them under tight control. Then he would wish to see it for himself, and then he would come crawling across the stars, just to steal a glimpse of his good work. Perhaps then, he would finally be better than Bonifacio.

Knocking at his door interrupts his reverie.


Areder fights to keep his voice level and calm. The servants know better than to bother him with trivial matters. No need to remind them of this every time they approach.

“Milord, Lady Isabella has arrived.”

Areder softens slightly, feeling nervous for the first time in over a hundred years.

“Excellent. See to it that she is comfortable.”

The servant leaves, knowing a dismissal when he hears one.

Areder strolls to his wardrobe, picking through his lavish collection of clothing. There is something funny about having such a sizable selection, and yet never being able to find the one thing that fit the situation. Perhaps he was making a bigger deal of this than he need be. Isabella treasured him, not his brother, so why would he need to dress to impress her? She came alone, despite his brother’s arrogant refusal to enjoy his hospitality. Areder knows he spends too much time giving thought to his brother’s intentions. To hell with that worthless runt, he would soon be fucking his wife.

He picks out something that works well enough for the occasion. Areder smiles as he dresses, counting off his accomplishments thus far. He brought a new land under his subjugation, and with that created a vast store of readily available playthings there for his pleasure. He found a way to feed on the magical presence of La’Ruta and with each feeding, he grew stronger. Soon, he would be unstoppable.

“Perhaps I should attend to myself before going out.”

Areder saw no point in going out with all of this pent up energy. There would be time in due course to fulfill his needs with his beloved sister-in-law, but for now, he needed to compose himself. Although the temptation of the one who should have been his wife tempted him so, he could settle for his plaything for now. The servants would keep Isabella occupied for the time being.


As usual, Areder does not knock before entering the quarters of his blood doll. Though treated better than any other mortal, she was still his property and bore no rights to privacy, or dignity for that matter. He found her lying on her bed, perhaps waiting for his next visit. He wondered how the girl took the news of Isabella’s arrival. Would she find relief? Fear that her relevance would fade? He knew better than to think she enjoyed her position, but he was sure she was well aware of how much worse things could be.

“Do not bother with getting up. This visit will be quick.”

Areder climbs onto the bed, straddling his doll, cupping her breasts briefly before moving on, ridding the girl of any articles of clothing or bedding that might get in his way. He is straight to fulfilling his needs, giving no explanation nor compliments. He uses her until he reaches the point of climax, at which time he simply climbs off, straightens out his clothes, and then leaves the room, offering not an extra word. He slips out of the room as quickly as he entered.


Areder works his way to the lower levels. He merely glances at a servant and is quickly told where he can find the Lady. They know whom he seeks, and they take care not to interrupt his arrival.

When he comes upon her, he feels his breath halt.

Hundred years had passed, and still she looked the same.


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Valentino FW 2015 couture www.valentino.com:

“Greetings, Lady Isabella… I am Urick and I have been sent on behalf of my Lord Areder… He is unfortunately busy at this time but will come to you by lunch time today. I am here to present myself as a gift from my Lord."


That beautiful face was etched with a sharp incline of pride that now turned to the servant who had accompanied her this far. He was a vampyric youth, unlike Urick who had seem to come out of the woodwork with nothing but bad news upon his tongue. She regarded the servant now with dismay, and did not bother to look at the blood doll again.


“He’s busy?” she said aloud, a hint of hurt, of anger, of something akin to a child not getting their way was thick in her sweet, sultry voice. Her’s was a spanish accent, and it rolled off the tongue thick and sweet like a mouthful of raw, dark honey. “You said he couldn’t wait to see me.” She was near a pout, but she managed to control herself. What were a few more hours when she had already spent nearly a century pining away for Areder? Still, she felt a sharp ache in her ego and she knew that word would spread that the Lord of the Land had made her wait.


Somehow she had to take control of the situation -- she had to feel powerful once more. These were strange lands, and these were strange people, and the only link she had to a familiar past and culture was refusing to put her first. Areder would not hear the end of this most grievous insult, but for now there was at least some manner of outlet for her frustrations.


“I suppose it’s all the same,” she said with roll of her pretty crimson eyes. Her eyes were quite a sight -- pools of deep burgundy, a wonderous crimson-purple that was as rare as it was beautiful. “I could use a little rest and,” she glanced over her shoulder at the dark-skinned youth that was exquisitely dressed in white, “-- a manner of refreshment after such a long journey. We didn’t have fresh blood on the ship,” she went on to explain while her eyes took in the measure of Urick.


“I suppose that’s what I’ll do then. Go, and tell Lord Areder how very disappointed I am in this delay,” she snapped at the vampyric servant who couldn’t help but wear a look of amusement. He didn’t seem to be worried in the least, though he had heard of the Queen’s quick and oftentimes, painful, tember.


“I will deliver your message, Your Majesty,” he said with a bow before turning and leaving the petite woman with the massive slave. There was no reason to worry for the Queen’s safety when she was one of the oldest vampyres currently residing on the island. Her strength, her power, her charms were unmatched by any other female vampyre in the castle. Still, for the sake of appearances, two knights were left behind -- at a safe and respectable distance.


“Urick, my darling,” she purred softly as she moved forward and linked her arm around his. She stood quite a distance below him, and her figure was less than half of what his was. Her dark hair was pulled back and pinned just above her ears, leaving her stunningly exotic features open and exposed the world. She was modestly dressed, with her black coat and gold garnishing, though it was clear that beneath she wore nothing but a sheer cover of black lace and matching pair of undergarments -- and nothing else. “You will show me to my private rooms. And then you’ll be a good boy and you’ll show me why it is my beloved Areder is so very obsessed with this godforsaken planet.”




There was a knock at the door. It appeared that word of her arrival had spread and she was about to receive her first visitor. She was in the sitting area of her private rooms, a grand space with a full arrangement of finely made and matched sofas around a short table made out of black-polished wood, glass, and metal. Her coat had come off and it lay across a high winged chair, while she sat reclined in nothing but her sheer gown, which left not a thing to the imagination. The swells of her perk breasts and the darker-pink flesh of her nipples, the slow rise and fall of her flat belly and the curious little upside down comma of a bellybutton, and the intricate pair of delicately woven or stitched panties she wore over her groin and across her hips.


“Your Majesty, welcome,” said a vampyre who had been let in by her guards. He approached and bowed, and she regarded him curiously as she toyed with one of the thick, coarse twisted up dreadlocks that hung down her blood dolls back.


Urick was kneeling on the floor besides the sofa, his shirt had been unbuttoned and pulled down, but not all the way. It stopped halfway down his arms, and had caught around his elbows. There were two mean, ugly wounds on the side of his neck where she had torn into him and not bothered to heal the flesh. Bright, crimson blood continued to ooze from the wounds and slowly spill down the front of his neck, soaking into his shirt just below his belly.


“Forgive, the intrusion, yet as it seems our trips here have overlapped one another I would like to introduce myself. I am Santino Damonval. As I understand it you are acquainted with my parents, Lord Vincent and Lady Colevera. Perhaps I could provide some minor distraction while you wait unless you have some event you are waiting on?”


“Oh -- your mother is Lady Colevera? I remember her from when I was a girl. It’s been so long since I last laid eyes on her. I had forgotten that father of yours had dragged her away, kicking and screaming, on this miserable adventure. How is your mother? Well I suspect! I just sampled what it is that makes this place so worthwhile,” she motioned to Urick, “ -- and  must say that La’Ruta is unlike anything I’ve ever sampled. You and the rest of the nobles are quite lucky to be here and have such a supply at your disposal? As for a distraction…” she thought for a moment, and just as she was about to suggest that the young man, Santino, should partake of her newly acquired blood doll, the doors to her chambers opened for a second time.


A joyful and girlish squeal left her pump red lips as she jolted off the sofa and up onto her feet. She was across the room in a second. Her entire form flew into Areder’s arms, whether they were ready to catch her or not. Under the sheer black fabric of her gown, her all but naked form crushed against his as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“It’s so very good to see you brother!”

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What did you expect? This is our life.Blood moon werewolf                                                                                                                                                                                 More:


The sound of Isabella's disappointment made the Blood Doll shiver in slight fear and understanding. According to custom it was not often the host was late, it was something of a party foul one might say. Like inviting someone over for pizza without ordering pizza  till the end of the session. Moving on! 

Daring to straighten his posture the lad waited silently  as the Queen spoke with the man servant in a bit of a salty tone of voice. 'Lord Areder had better be quick, I doubt I can be that amusing to such a.. Ominous guest..' The thought remained buried and his own as he was swiftly called back into reality. With her majesty on his arm Urick did not fail to follow directions to the lady's bed room. With quick steps Urick entered the mansion once more with grace. Glancing around he had to double check his bearing before leading her up to her well organized and prepared bed room. Outfits were already provided but her baggage was also brought to the room during her talk with the servant. 

The cases and trunk were set neatly to the side while the room was decorated in hanging bed curtains and a giant closet worthy of her presence. Allowing the woman to look around Urick waited till she had made all her own arrangements before departing to explore and explain the workings of the new place Areder had built. For this however the male was sure to double check his blade before leading her out. Guards or not, he would be the closest to her as was his duty and so in light of the situation that meant protecting her. 

'The trip around the land was somewhat,

trying for myself..

Her presence alone made all shutter in fear,

those who had been able to subdue vampyre before

 dared not fight the Queem herself. I can not lie,

there is a deep hate for these beings within the human race.

I can not help but feel this hate.. But what can I do?

- Urick Queen's Blood Doll

How long had it been since he had last been feasted on so heavily. With bent knee and bowed head in submission the man swayed where he knelt beside the Queen's chair. With eyes closed he did not need to open them at all, what he needed to do was keep his heart rate low. It would be a shame if he were to die now, Lord Areder would be very unhappy. That fact alone threatened to increase his heart rate intensely. Gritting his teeth the somewhat nostalgic feeling of having his braids played with soothed him.  'Must not die here.. Be Strong.. Be Strong..' He lurched partly to keep himself from falling over as the crimson ran down his neck. This was one of the only times he would allow his clothes to be dirty.  When the sound of a knock rolled across the door his senses resharpened themselves. Yet the voice of another noble sounded before him, could he really feed too savages with so little time to replenish? He would have to try if that was the case.

Yet even as the two exchanged words and her subtle comment, a familiar presence presented itself. The Lord himself had come to meet the lady with haste. This was good and bad news depending on the mans mood and her detail recount of his duty. A bad report was not good, unless those were not given once tranferred. He did not know the answer but what he did know, was that he was still bleeding and there were now three nobles in his presence. Great would be his task of feeding, he wished to survive this just for the right to sleep in his bed again peacefully. Already someone feasted on him that morning and now this but these fang marks were deeper still. It was somewhat, terrifying. 

Silence came from Urick as his eyes remained closed and his head down in submission. 

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“Oh -- your mother is Lady Colevera? I remember her from when I was a girl. It’s been so long since I last laid eyes on her. I had forgotten that father of yours had dragged her away, kicking and screaming, on this miserable adventure. How is your mother? Well I suspect! I just sampled what it is that makes this place so worthwhile,” she motioned to Urick, “ -- and  must say that La’Ruta is unlike anything I’ve ever sampled. You and the rest of the nobles are quite lucky to be here and have such a supply at your disposal? As for a distraction…” she thought for a moment, and just as she was about to suggest that the young man, Santino, should partake of her newly acquired blood doll, the doors to her chambers opened for a second time.

He nods slightly at her assessment, "Yes, it's quite a unique force and the subject of my family's study. My parents are quite well, though they slumber currently. This is why I am here to greet you instead of them. Though I am greatful for the opportunity, your Majesty." Santino hung on her words but he backed up a step offering a slight bow to Areder though he suspected it went unnoticed seeing the warm greeting he was getting from Isabella. It gave him a flash of various gatherings he was made to attend. He never was one for the niceties or the politics and often got a wide variety of reprimands.

 While the pair greeted each other he managed a brief glance to the blood doll and a slight sniff. The scent was unique. Noticeable enough to tell that he was from this land. Everyone from here had unique bouquet brought on by the saturation of La'ruta. He had always felt a strange tie to the force and his own research hand further enforced his link to the energy. It didn't take a deep inspection to notice the man was stretched thin though he performed admirably. Perhaps Areder had trained this one as a gift to his... what was she to him. He knew the familial relationship yet... there was something else there. No, no speculations it didn't rightly matter. It had no bearing on his research and therefore was nothing more than a distraction. His mind flipped through some of his data that he held in the folio under his arm.

While standing there quietly introspective the pendant he wore, partially obscured by his jacket, glowed a light green that complimented the details of his attire. It was a unique item and gave off an interesting and familiar aura to any who knew or could sense a concentration of the magical force that permeated the land. 

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Areder intended to make a grand and sweeping entrance. He wanted to impress Isabella with his status, to show her and by extension his brother just how far he had risen since they last set eyes upon him. Here on this world, he finally cultivated the respect he deserved. The great and powerful Isabella waited on him now, and to punctuate that point, he needed an entrance befitting such an improved station. Only, things did not go as he intended. His pride and intentions remained tangled together in knots, caught in his throat and never quite reaching his hungry lips. Seeing Isabella, and the way she reacted to him, made him momentarily forget everything he had worked for up to this moment. Even in the presence of others, he forgot himself, and let Isabella clean to him just in the way she did in ages of old.

“Sister… indeed, it has been far too long.”

Areder knows that his voice is far softer than it rightly ought to be in the presence of the blood doll and especially the other nobles. A glimpse of weakness would be more than enough to fuel backbiting conversations between his rivals. Better to quickly nip this one before it got out of hand, before anyone even begin to contemplate treasonous thoughts. Areder steels himself, and reestablishes the hardened edge to his tone.

“I see that you have already quite the gathering before you. Ever the popular one, my sister.”

Areder straightens his back and rolls back his shoulders, regaining his noble standing. To outside viewers, his is a stiff and regal stance, one born of suffering the careless advances of his eager sister-in-law. However, he lets just enough of the guard down in the front to ensure that his ever-observant Isabella knew that the act was for the benefit of others and no insult to her. As much as he craved respect from her and through her his brother, he could not bring himself to put up such vast barriers between them just yet.

“Has my gift sated you properly? Does the taste of La’Ruta excite your senses?”

Areder is eager to hear her answer. When he wrote back to them extolling the virtues of this mysterious force, he meant every word he shared. La’Ruta was a mystery, but a satisfying one that left him feeling more vigorous and powerful than ever before. He also saw it as an opportunity, a resource his brother could learn to crave and be entirely dependent upon him for access. Having Isabella backing him in its qualities was the first major step in eventually bringing his brother beneath his thumb.

In his excitement of simply seeing Isabella, he had not taken inventory of her appearance and choice in wardrobe—or lack thereof. He slowly, then quickly and all at once, became acutely aware of her nakedness pressed against him. Despite his visit with his blood doll earlier in that day, he still felt his appetites quickly mounting, demanding access to goods denied to him for far too long. Santino could not leave soon enough.

“I have much to show you. I am sure Santino has research to get back to as well. Perhaps a tour of the grounds are in order?”

Areder slides his arm down to the small of her back. For a moment, it feels like old times.

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She hung from around his neck like a jewel. She was all bright and glittering, with a wide smile that showed off such pearl-white teeth, and glowing eyes that swept the expanse of the room, only to return to the face of her beloved. There was little doubt that she called him brother, she did not mean the term in the least. Her feelings for the man were near palpable, especially with the way her lithe body hung over his, her breasts crushed to his chest, her body pressed into the side of his hip so that her legs parted on either side of him. She was forced up to her top ties just to keep steady, but she hardly seemed to mind.


“These two were just keeping me company since you decided to keep me waiting,” she complained, but she had no eyes for either the blooddoll or the noble, both of whom remained still and quiet -- perhaps even nervous -- in the presence of the Queen and the Lord of the lands. And their presence and discomfort was so meaningless to her that she hardly thought of even dismissing them.


“Has my gift sated you properly? Does the taste of La’Ruta excite your senses?”


“It has but wetted my appetite. You must remove this little delectable treat before I decide to devour him completely. How you’ve kept yourself from drinking the whole island dry is beyond me.” Isabella couldn’t have realized the prophecy in her words as she turned, at long last, to regard the kneeling blooddoll who had not moved so much as an inch from where she had left him. She imagined the glorious sight of his throat slit open and his blood rushing down in thick curtains of red.


She sighed sadly.


“I have much to show you. I am sure Santino has research to get back to as well. Perhaps a tour of the grounds are in order?”


Her sad sigh turned into a visible pout. The idea that he wanted to show her around the damn palace instead of throwing her over his shoulder and taking her to bed made every muscle in her stomach clench. But she resisted the urge to argue, deciding to shower him with sweetness before showing her more fickle side.


“Yes, I would love to see what you have done here, and perhaps sample more La’Ruta if you have any more dolls around. I must say that I’ve never tasted anything like it. Are you planning on sending samples back home to Eden? Your brother will be green with envy when he realizes that this is the true Eden and that you’ve found the real fruit of eternity.”


A grin, playful and dark spread across her face as she turned to regard Santino. “It was good to see you, I will be sure to call on you again and soon. I would love to hear about your research, and see what you have to show.”

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tumblr || drawcrowd || artstation || behance || facebook || instagram i decided to revisit an old sketch. stronger colour, stronger emotion. the tattoo is recycled from an older...Do you remember when the sun used to shine?

Numbing Sensations

'Dark were the times that held me captive. My keepers were gluttons for my flesh and blood. Scars long since healed mark my body. 

I have no complaints for I am still alive to document the key points that would break this Kingdom to its knees. Such is the burden of

The Blood doll.

Lavish is the word most people would use to describe our living, I would say I envied those who died. Never to be beaten or tortured into submission. No crude machinery placed within their flesh to wake up to every night. Little is known about us because we're never to be seen on the outside. I am amazed they have no exhausted the human supply here within the land of La'Ruta. My heart goes out to the families that fell prey to the Queen and King who toured the lands. Their deaths were ones I will bear forever upon my shoulders..

Time is short for some, and this Kingdom's time will be shorter still. Death to Vampyre.. Death to the Master of Darkness.' ~ Urick Blood Doll of The Queen. Leader of the Insurrection. 

What was this sensation that clutched his very core? Was it the fact that death was upon him? Nay. It was the words that struck him despite his near unconscious state. The Queen sought out to devour more than his blood alone. This revived a fire in his blood as it began to clot slowly. A thrum of energy rolled faintly within his chest and mind as he put what little he knew about spells to work. Healing was in the process and hopefully he could do better next time. Even under the eyes of his captors and tormentors he had gained a small sliver of distaste.

Not that he didn't already hate them; but surely there would come a time for retribution. The goal was the climb yet he still feared their works. The memories of nightmares and deep sucking pains made his head spin. The magic was feeble like his concentration. It nearly broke as blood pushed through the holes in his neck. The revived sensation of pain from how deeply he had been bitten. His outfit from his Master had been somewhat ruined by the blood. Would he be punished for such a lack of care? It wasn't even his fault but he could still be punished regardless and this startled him. 

Taking a low and slow deep breath he did his best to remain quite. His fingers twitched as the magic thrum picked up once more. Healing himself in order to prepare for his next task at hand. His eyes remained closed while his lips remained slightly parted. His nostrils flared from time to time showing signs of life. He thought to speak but made no motion to do so. He hoped his lord would take the lady out upon the town, no doubt he would be used later on tonight or tomorrow if the Lord did his job properly or improperly. There was a mall level of comfort knowing his presence was not acknowledged, it allowed him to remain albeit in pain but at peace. 

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Santino waited as the Queen and the lord left. But something tickled at his senses. Glancing down an to the side at the blood doll he quirked a brow, "You'd do well to wait a little longer before exerting yourself like that. Lord Areder has consumed much of La'Ruta and I am uncertain as to what sort of link he as with it." he looked a head as the pair apparently left, to do what? He didn't really care such goings on never really concerned him despite it being all the buzz among other nobles... including his parents. Taking his folio in one hand and turning to the man. "A lesser human would have succumb to the feeding that you endured." He tapped his chin lightly, "Perhaps, her majesty might be inclined to lend her gift for a test or two." Tilting his head first to one side and then another examining, though most of what was going on was internal than taking in what he was observing here. "The lifeblood of the land is an amazing force to behold. I have seen more of what it can do than most can imagine and even I am continuously amazed by it's intricacies."

He offered an amused smirk before nodding slowly, "Tell me, did you learn this talent or were you born with it?" He finally expressed though it was difficult to tell if he was voicing a thought or actually asking the blood doll an actual question. What was certain is he opened his folio and flipped to a page and with a few quick motions made a few notes, "Either way, unique opportunities should not be squandered." Turning to step toward the door he said the first thing that could actually be discerned as being directed at the human. A glance, his vibrant amber eyes fixed upon the man, one could almost see the cogs turning furiously. To what end would his machinations drive toward? Many had woven quite the story from assumptions and his lack of expounding on others suppositions had made him out to be the sociopolitical puzzle to unravel. To the young Lord Damonval, that was quite tiresome.

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She called him brother for the benefit of the little people. The rabble. Those who were blessed to have stood in their presence, his presence. Areder knows she does this to prevent rumors of impropriety—well, rumors with substance at least, for surely those rumors would start even if she were nothing but proper. He knew better than to believe her coy phrases even without the reminder of her bosom pressed tightly against his chest. She knew what that did to him. Arendor wanted her for his, there and then, to hell with what the little people thought. He would rip out their throats and dare those that survived to go rushing off to tell his brother.

Arendor sensed her disappointment. No doubt she wanted him, just as badly as he wanted her, but he needed to show to her his growing superiority. His brother thought himself the most powerful vampire in existence, but the fool knew nothing of La’Ruta and its potential. Isabella rightfully belonged to him, and soon he would prove it. Oh, Isabella knew how to play him. Mentioning his brother, and the envy that man would feel in having so little access to a power that now swelled within him.

“But of course dear sister. Samples are being loaded as we speak. And there are always more dolls for the taking, if you desire. They come in a variety of forms.”

Arendor leads her away, doing his best to keep his own temptations in order. Were he a simpler man, he would have taken her to some secluded site and ripped her dress from her body, taking her with the ravenous hunger befitting a queen. But he is no lesser man. He has control of his baser desires and can put off his need for gratification long enough to satisfy loftier goals. First she would see the fruit of his labors. Isabella would come to know all his achievements, ensuring that she can report to his brother in full detail. Let the man sit in his jealousy and impetus, knowing he can only sample the greatness that now swells inside his brother.

Arendor leads Isabella through a traditional tour of sorts, sticking to his script for the most part, only daring push the boundaries with subtly placed innuendos at the most opportune times. More than once, he stood close by, letting her feel the warmth of his body as he explained his future plans. He knew she craved him, but he also knew she would see the merit of his work. This was the future of their people, sitting ready to bear them into the next golden age.

“Tell me Isabella, is this not all that we dreamed about? A land that not only nourishes our bodies but brings about its greatest potential. Each feeding is a stepping stone towards greatness.”

He speaks to her as he leads her back towards his private chambers, gradually slowing as they grew closer. Arendor wanted to savor this moment, and draw it out for as long as he could.

“I think greatness is at hand.”

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