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Canon Defense Team

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In an effort to streamline Terrenus canon defense, below is a short list of members I vouch for as board leader to take charge of any canon defense they feel necessary. They're able to use any level of canonically established resources, personnel or materials. Where technical control is already established (such as where a member listed is also a moderator) they're free to lock threads at their discretion. They also have limited ability to rejecting content for canon, as I trust their judgment and understanding of what Terrenus is supposed to be. 

  • Amenities
  • Desolate
  • Lastlight
  • Mag
  • Paroxysm
  • Praetorian (afv)

Let's take note of some important rules in Terrenus. Violation of these rules can result in intervention from the team, both/either in-character and as a GM. 

  • Teleportation isn't allowed or feasible outside of the Warp Gates. Under special circumstances (see: arranged and agreed) it can be achieved at great cost and attention. 
  • No autoing of structures larger than a building in listed locations. Readymade villages and towns are an exception. 
  • Terran citizens are smart, strong, and capable. You're free to NPC mooks as it serves your story but understand that mooks are the exception, not the standard. 

The purpose of the defense team is to be general enforcers of Valucre's rules in Terrenus and defenders of the IC canon. A defense team member will intervene if you auto a city because he's defending Terrenus's citizens as well as because it's a violation of the rules. With this in mind, the decision of the team with regards to their interpretation of the rules is considered backed by administration (in Terrenus) unless specifically ruled otherwise. If you have a problem with a team member's action, bring it up to me and desolate in PM.

Other examples of powers that defense team members have:

  • Intepretation of mild powers (within reason, where supernal's ruling is absolute)
  • Rejection of autos against NPCs or setting
  • Rejection or nerfing of metagaming and godmodding
  • Executive control of any military personnel, materials, or equipment
  • General low-level game master abilities stemming from the above. That is they can tell you what you can and can't do in-character to a reasonable degree and in some circumstances kick disruptive parties out of threads. 
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