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Deus Ex Aizen

Back Again

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Britty, my dear! If it weren't for your time away from the site, I don't think I would have had the privilege of befriending you as quickly as I did! I'm really excited to write with you at some point, as soon as I get a little bit of a schedule planned out. So...never. 

Kidding! I hope to see you around!

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Aww, don't mention it. Besides, you've been there for me as well!

Britty is back, and all is right with the world again! I'm immeasurably glad that you chose to return, the site on a whole would have been poorer for your absence, both IC and OOC, and I know I don't just speak for myself.

Here's hoping our Ravens do finally get to meet! 

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16 hours ago, Robbie Rotten said:

hey where's my mention

You don't need one, you already know what an unapologetic badass you are. Duh.

>_> [ Kiss ass ]

But really, between you and Vintrict we actually did have a pretty awesome conversation about things. It helped put things in perspective, thank you for that.

@Ataraxy It's a very long, complicated story that will never be told. I am here and ready to get back to the thing I enjoy.

@Art in Music Arty! I hope you've been good. Please castrate Avvercus already. NO MORE KIDS.

@Metty I miss your cutieflies. And the cutie who posts the cutieflies.

@Red the Ambivalent ...


...go home Red, you're dr--...actually, [ Squint ] You might be...

@Eagle-77 That would be awesome, especially since Raven doesn't remember half the shit (or any of it) that went down post OXY. A fresh slate and new faces are always welcome.

@LoganDub You're still a handsome face. Thank you for your kindness.

@The Hound [ Stabbed Kilos with a flag ] Mine.


Thank you guys. Really, I cannot thank you enough.

Anyway...now that I am awake and not dead to the world and feeling semi human again.


I'm moving!

Probably within the next week or two. This was literally decided like, four hours ago due to an unfortunate incident. Everyone is okay, so it'll hopefully be a smooth transition. As for when there will be internet, probably within that week or two, so don't expect to see much activity from me just yet. If you need me, or want to reach out, I'm predominantly on Discord. Once I get my bearings and footing I'll take off full speed.

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I-I'm so proud of you...;.; all sexy in your gym clothes an' stuff...

...so it looks like the move in date is May 13th.

Moving back to an old apartment complex I lived in when I was in high school. Hilariously, the unit we're moving in is--and I counted--five steps away from the old unit we last lived in.

So...I'mma try to play catch up in that time while I can, look at all the new stuff and evaluate where everything is and where to go from there.

@Al Sa-her I'll have posts for you on both Gaia and for our sparring match in the UC later tonight. If not, tomorrow after work since I'm opening, for sure.

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On ‎4‎/‎25‎/‎2017 at 11:32 AM, Deus Ex Aizen said:

First and foremost, many thanks to @Roen for dragging me back kicking and screaming. He did not give up on me when I gave up on myself. Biggest and bestest love to @Avvercus @King and @The Hound for being the greatest friends ever when I truly needed it. And if you didn't know, DubNui is seriously the coolest--please pry him away from Persona 5 long enough to shake his hand and get to know him, he is such a sweetheart. To @Eros' Passion I appreciate every moment you spent checkin' in on me. @Eagle-77 thank you for your unyielding support and care. @Red the Ambivalent you seriously rock, woman. Thank you for keeping the fire lit and being patient. You all deserve the absolute best I can give you in return, and I love you all to bits and pieces.

My time away was greatly needed, even if the circumstances of leaving were not so great. I spent a lot of time working on Hyperion in my absence, and on myself. I finally broke down and joined a gym and I have loved every moment of it, even when it left me anxious and terrified. I worked eleven days straight (and nearly got sucked into a twelfth, today)  so I will probably enjoy these couple of days off (aka: time spent working on travel agent stuff) before I pick back up where I left off. I will touch base with everyone I owe posts to, and slowly get back into the swing of things. Even if I had chosen not to return, I was ready to give up on the one thing that carried me through my worst times in life. Writing has always been a comfort, and creative release for me. When the stress was too much, when the weight felt too heavy I nearly broke. You wonderful people who cheered me on, encouraged me--and some of you even threatened me, I was able to find my footing again.

I am excited to bring back Raven and a host of other characters, to slowly (and finally) introduce Hyperion and its plots, and create great works with you guys again.


...but for now I'm going back to bed. [ Crawled away ]





I'm sorry that you were going through the bullshit!!! lol. it pleases me to see you getting back into the RP saddle though, all bullshit aside. You have been gone for like 45, 691 YEARS!!!




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