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Serphus Aluminum; The Rise and Fall of the Righteous, Decaying the Heart and Honor

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2 hours ago, Rin said:

Alkaline... The black heart whispered. What secrets do the dead hide? What secrets do you hide? Come spill everything to me. Allow me in and we can become stronger. Powerful. Everything you desire. 

The black heart began to beat as the tendrils of the demon within came out and attached to her tissues, connective nerves, veins organs and everything else. The demon slowly showing itself to her mind. It's appearance of a beautiful demoness longing to be born to this realm through Alkaline. It would become her then, intertwining the two. 

I am Ashlyn. I have come to help you, guide you, be you. With my power you shall become a new. A new life with the slaver. His perfect tool to use. A perfect new creation. 

Ashlyn then crawled into her bones as her structure started to become Alkaline's very own. Esben watched as he readied the next syringe with the green liquid.

She simply nodded, her eyes glued to the locked door across the room as he readied the next syringe with a strange orange colored liquid. As the needle slipped into her flesh once more she flinched from the pinch, lowering her gaze down to her arm when she felt the liquid. Her once blue green veins began to turn the color orange as the serum ran it's course through her blood stream. She clenched her teeth so hard they grinded against each other with pops and cracking sounds. She screamed through her teeth, gripping the arms of the chair with a tight grasp. She felt the tight squeeze around her lungs and heart before everything suddenly went dark. Her heart crushed by the orange liquid's strong grasp making her body go completely limp in the chair. She remained completely still for about five minutes while her heart was reanimated, Ashlyn's voice filling her head. She gasped for air when her new heart finished reanimating in her chest, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Her green bangs began to lose their color, slowly fading to the color white while the black remained. Her iris's shifted to the same color white, her pupils slowly receding back to their normal size as she lifted her gaze to his own, a small smirk playing across her lips.


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Esben was pleased the first two phases had gone on without a problem. Alkaline hadn't resisted too much and yet she was not done yet going through such pain. Picking up the third vial, he allowed the needle of the syringe to pierce its bottle and drain the pink liquid into it. As he finished and placed the vial down, he looked at her. She called him master, oh wrong she was at that. However, he said nothing for a moment as he looked her over. The demon he placed in her was slowly replacing the girl. 

Of course she had to retain a piece of the original Alkaline to pretend to be her. 

"Phase three my dear, is the most painful of all. You're not going to like it. But after this, there will be one more before you are reborn." He said as he then placed the needle into her arm once more. "But it will have to do, for you will need to be rebuilt into that little demon I placed in you."

Esben chuckled before he took the needle out and watched her. How the liquid went through her bloodstream and Ashlyn ate it up. Her form growing larger in the girl as she over took the body. Her tendrils cramming into every spot filling the girl with such power. Of course at the price of losing her free will. Throbbing veins would throw themselves into her brain over and over again with such messages of false promises and hopes. Ashlyn ate the girl until she and Alkaline were one.  It was here that her skin would become alabaster. And her heart blackened along with her blood. 

Enslaved to the dark magic and the demon within. 


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Again a needle was pushed into her arm, though this time she didn't flinch from the pinch of it piercing her skin. Her eyes were glued onto his own before the pain settled in. This pain was unlike anything she ever felt. It was almost as if he just injected her with pure acid. Her voice rang at the top of her lungs and bounced off the walls in pure agony as she wreathed in the restraints. She could feel Ashlyn's tendril's slither their way through her body, knowing she was being taken over by another. The change felt like being born again. Hot, disorienting, and terrifying. There was nothing she could do but wait for the pain to stop, panting heavily once the wave's stopped. Her eyes were filled with tears, some spilling down her cheeks and off her chin to her lap. She was trembling like a leaf, smirk gone, face drawn and furrowed. She was beyond exhausted, her eyes half lidded and wet. Once her labored breathing calmed to a normal pace she slowly lifted her head, raising a weak white gaze up to own icy ones. Ashlyn's voice echoing through her head.

'We are now one in the same Akaline...'

She closed her eyes, feeling defeated and weaker then she ever had in her entire life. What did she get herself into? She mused silently before responding back to Ashlyn.

"I....will f-fight you...."

She whispered under her breath before her eyes fell closed and her body went limp in the chair. Sleep finally consuming her.

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Silence came. 

Esben didn't move as he looked at her. Alkaline had succumbed. And he was pleased. Yet he felt as if it was not done. And it wasn't for he had one more phase to put her through. Though phase four would be the kindest of the phases. He readied the syringe once more as he filled it with a blue substance. Piercing her skin, he allowed the liquid to flow within her. Once he did this, Esben left the room. He locked the door behind him and left her bound in her chains. 

Are you awake Alkaline? Came Ashlyn's words. She was speaking in Alkaline's mind. Can you feel that? The new life calling for you. We are one. You and I. Now that pathetic mortal coil is no longer in our way. My, my you did put up a fight. But I won in the end. You are nothing more than me, a powerful demon to serve the scientist. 

It seemed as if she was dead, though the blackened heart of Alkaline would beat softly. Slowly. Ashlyn opening her eyes for the first time in the flesh and skin of Alkaline. Yet the two were entwined. 

The room was cold and the light was dim. The only thing that could be heard was Ashlyn's cold laugh. 

Of course I am sure he has plans for us outside giving me your body. He doesn't just make slaves. Sometimes we become weapons. Or... He could have something entirely different for you. Seeing you were dead to begin with. I'm going to enjoy having your body. You can fight me all you want but you know you want this. You know this power is what you crave. 

Ashlyn laughed again, she was enjoying taunting the girl. 

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