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{ Sabine }

Sabine was flung fully formed into the world of Valucre during a massive volcanic eruption. Washed ashore on the coast of Terrenus, just outside of the city of Last Chance. Little more than ash clung to her skin, and her only memory was heat and fire, magma and rock. She had no idea of what purpose she had been born to serve, beyond one word that seemed to ring through her mind: fight. Born in the flames of chaos and destruction, as a warrior whose presence on a battlefield can turn the tide, the spirit struggles with forming an identity outside of her skill in combat. Due to her lack of upbringing, she does not speak more than a couple basic words and her name.

Sabine’s form takes after that of the indigenous peoples who reside near her volcano. Curvaceous hips and strong legs, but she is rather petite through her torso. Muscle is visible in both her arms and legs, giving her the distinct look of a brawler. She appears in one of two ways. In day to day life, her hair is an obsidian shade, a purple so dark it's nearly black. However, when particularly emotional or engaging in combat, it is as though lava erupts from her roots and flows freely past her waist. Unlike her hair, Sabine’s yellow eyes are always luminous and have no visible pupil.



Luminarie of Mars     



Volcanic Spirit     



Neutral good     

Reserved, curious     

Selectively mute     

Large bodies of water     

Battle, books     






     130 lbs

     Yellow, pupiless

     Midnight or Lava




     Seven Sacred Luminaries

     Pele, the Volcano Goddess


     Outside of Last Chance

     Current Residence



Strength: high
Defence: average
Speed: high
Agility: average
Endurance: high
Intelligence: low    

Dance: Taught on her travels, Sabine practices a couple forms of dance. Her grace from battle and knowledge of her body's movements translate well, making her a natural.
Meditation: To balance her mind and prepare for combat, the spirit uses a simple meditative ritual similar to Tai Chi. She can and has lead others through the ritual, though the process can be tough due to her lack of vocalization.

Molten Core: Sabine’s nature as a volcanic spirit results in an abnormally high internal temperature. She radiates warmth, and has been known to accidentally boil water while angry.
Magmatic Meltdown: Sabine’s emotions manifest as physical changes.



Spear that Scorches the Earth: By pouring mana into this spear, Sabine can create lava or superheat the area around her as form of defence. It functions as her primary weapon in close range combat, and can be used as a thrown weapon as well.

Lava Crystal: A glowing jewel that appears to be made of magma. Sabine stores mana in it when she can, and uses it as a backup when running low during battle.
Bangles of Stone: Matching obsidian bracelets and anklets with glowing red/orange flowers blooming in them at regular intervals. The flowers bloom when Sabine is using her mana.

Headwear: An obsidian crown, streaked with fire as though a volcano is constantly erupting atop it. At its centre is a lava crystal.
Upper body: A corset made of volcanic rock that still allows for some freedom of movement.
Lower body: A silk wrap-skirt, cut open on one side, whose colours move and change like magma.
Feet: Bare.

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