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Lets Paint the Town Red

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"I need a job."

"Ah yes, Ms. Hope, I belie-"

"My name isn't Hope, Iskbandeer, that part of me is dead now, its Hate now."

"Ember of Hate? All right, if that is how you wish to be known, I will make sure my superiors and associates are made aware of this. Now, about the job, we need a specific item procured from a competitor, who had taken it from us first."

"Smash and grab, got it, just tell me where and I'll get it."

"It is not that simple, Ms. Hate, there are a few other forces at play here, it requires a bit more delicacy than what you may be used to."

"Are you saying I can't do it?"

"Not at all, only that you may want to call in another person to assist you. Things could get dangerous."

"Thank you for the advice, Iskbandeer, I'll call in a favor."

"Very good, I'll have the appropriate information sent to you via a courier, he should arrive within the hour."

With the press of a button, their conversation was done, and the tiefling was left alone to her thoughts, staring at herself in a mirror. She was a fit, attractive woman with blond hair and for today she chose purple eyes, tears threatening to escape from the corners of her those eyes. Anger filled her in a matter of moments, she taking out her frustrations on her mirror by striking it harshly with her fist, cracks forming all over from the impact, a single photograph falling from the frame it was stuck in near the rightmost edge. 

Slowly she picked it up with her left hand, the other bloodied by the shards of glass that cut into her skin, though she was too angry to really notice or care. Gazing at the photo, she took in every detail of it, a black and white picture of herself and another woman, smiling as Ember hugged the black haired woman from behind. She wore a green blouse with jeans on that day, the other woman wearing black robes that made one think she was some sort of witch. A single tear fell from her cheek, landing on the face of that smiling woman, the tiefling wiping it away before putting it back in her pocket with a sigh. 

"Get yourself together girl, its time to get to work."

In an effort to get herself out of her head, she would take a quick shower, then wrapping up her hand to keep it from bleeding much more. After getting dressed in some inconspicuous attire, she would make a call to someone as she set up a duffle bag of her gear. Preparation was key to her, which was why she always wanted to be prepared in case of an emergency, but it didn't feel like she was prepared at all for that ache in her chest. 

"Hey, yeah its me, Ember, I got a job and I need some help, you in? How fast can you get here? Sounds good, see ya then."

Turning off the device for a second time, she sat down on the floor of the room of her apartment, drawing her knees to her chest as she would cry for a short time.


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