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Imperium of Kadia

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Kadian Calendar: The year is 1 CE. Threads will be starting in this year unless stated otherwise by the original poster. Starts in Winter.



It’s assumed, that due to the enormous ranges of magic that had been wielded by the original Mages of Muhir, the Masons of Alterion, then the Ciar and the Ekimmu, and of course the large over-take of the Cold South Empire during The Progression, the climate of Kadia has changed significantly. Almost as if it is a place of its own, separated from the rest of Tellus Mater all because of the climate changes.

Thus, Kadia is very extraordinary when it comes to its climatic regions, ranging from tropical in the south to temperate and alpine in the north, where elevated regions receive sustained snowfall.


Temperatures gradually fall across Kadia, most of the country experiences moderately cool weather with temperatures averaging 50–59 °F, in other areas, lows can fall below freezing, dropping around 21 °F. There are constant fluctuations in climate causing random and very heavy bursts of rain and snow. Snow is a dangerous factor right along with heavy fog, making any sort of travel extremely dangerous.

Summer (pre-monsoon)

Temperatures average around 90–104 °F and even higher. Besides the obvious heat, there are strong, gusty, hot, dry winds, and direct exposure to these winds can be fatal. There are also immense pre-monsoon squall-line thunderstorms that commonly drop large hailstones that can be detrimental to one's safety.

Rainy (monsoon)

The season is dominated by the humid southwest summer monsoon, which slowly sweeps across the country beginning in late in the early spring months. During this time, Kadia experiences it's most productive wet season. Semi-deserts turn to vivid green grasslands where all sorts of plants and crops can flourish. Strong winds, contaminated water, diseases, and flash flooding are a few factors that are associated with this season.

Autumn (post-monsoon)

This particular season is usually cloudless and rather bright in comparison to the other seasons. There are the dangers of droughts if the monsoon season is a failure, also summer dust storms that can deposit large amounts of dust across the different regions of Kadia.

Flora and Fauna

Cities, Provinces, Territories

Axis Mundi

```the Heart of Kadia


```the City of Glass


```the Skywire

Mo Choi

```the Mining City


```the City of Gold


```the Soul of Kadia

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Kadia is a melting pot filled with various cultures due to immigration, technological advances forced on the new land, and the immerse of people that have increasingly exposed the people to other cultures. Cultural differences range simple regional differences, such as varying dialects, to divergent perspectives on timelines, productivity and communication.

Kadians uphold a standard of excellence that encompasses all aspects of life. Music and dance are robust, taking influences from the Cold South, Renovatio, and Alterion. Literature encompasses both realism and idealism, focusing on balancing both so that neither are romanticized.

Due to the constant conflict, the people are far more militaristic than any nation on Valucre, their utilitarian fashion mirrors this. They follow a code of honor and ethics with a high respect for laws and authority. Citizens and even visitors may encounter cross-cultural issues. Underneath the laws of the Kadian Empire, your general citizen is literate and capable of various magical abilities, they are also military trained.

Ciar & Ekimmu

```Above & Below

Both the Ciar and Ekimmu people are pastoralist, using the land and the prosperous opportunities to their advantage; knowing nothing else as they have been sheltered from the rest of the world. Both also practice scarification where the Ciar have three scars on each cheek and the Ekimmu wear their scars on their temples. For the Ciar the scars are used to represent the warm touch of their God Toci, the God of All, who had blessed them with his comfort during the time of Tezca’s betrayal. The Ekimmu believe that their scars represent Tezca’s abandonment of all his false believes the seven gods had forced upon him. Both bear their stories with great and wondrous pride.

While the Ekimmu are egalitarian, with women roughly as influential and powerful as men, the Ciar are not as welcoming where women have nearly little to no say and men hold all power. Their bias based purely on Evelia’s tale of woe, thus the Ciar put blame on all women as they are all birthed from the same gods who had birthed Evelia. Strangely enough, no blame is put on the men who also come from the same gods who had birthed Tezca.

Both peoples villages range in sturdiness from nightly rain shelters in spring when people move constantly in search of budding greens, to formalised rings wherein people congregate in the dry season around permanent waterholes. Even though the two acknowledge one another, they do not tolerate each other. Since the Ekimmu turn ravenous during the night, the Ciar are forced to move during the night and are fairly cautious during the day to hunt. The Ekimmu travel during the day and are pretty much active when it is light out, and at night they hunt but they hunt Ciar in attempts to completely annihilate them.

To continue with their similarities, women of both tribes use traditional gathering gear which is simple and effective; a hide sling, a blanket, a cloak to carry foodstuffs, firewood, smaller bags, a digging stick, and perhaps a smaller cloak to carry a child. Children are kept close to their mothers, until the age of ten for boys, who are taken by the men to be taught the usuals, whereas the girls stay with their mothers if they are part of the Ciar.

Men hunt in long, laborious tracking excursions. They kill game using poisoned tipped arrows and spears.

The remaining Ciar and Ekimmu whom are not enslaved or dead, live on the outskirts of Kadia on the Frontier. There they are left to die and dwindle.

Evelia (Ekimmu)


At night the Ekimmu transform into monsters manipulated by their own powerful will, beliefs, and the embedded corruption flowing through their veins. There is no real reason (so far) as to why they shift specifically at night, other then maybe it’s due to their interesting set of beliefs. As vampires they do not burn when sunlight touches them, they do not have to survive strictly on blood, and they do not become incapacitated from holy relics and garlic and what have you when you typically think of vampires.

In order to shift into Evelia, they starve themselves the entire day in a form of extreme fasting, causing their irritability and thirst to rise to abnormal levels. Nothing solid has been found as to why they even do this when they are fully capable of changing when they want, though there is a rumour it makes them just a drop more powerful and a dash more numb.

They change into creatures who look as if they were painted with tar; their features are completely drowned out. Their abilities are heightened (supposedly) to where they can do unimaginable feats of strength and can withstand various degrees of damage before passing. They use their bite to attack and inflict necrotic damage to their targets, unless otherwise planned. They are capable of turning another, but they do not gain the ability to change between human and vampire, they simply remain a bloodthirsty vampire.



Little is known of the Muhirian culture. During The Purging, the Ekimmu and Ciar made it a point to completely destroy any and all history concerning Muhir.

Muhirian's have a strong respect for one and only god: Tellus Mater, the All Mother. All, if not most, of the Muhirian's devoted their lives to follow the teachings of Tellus Mater. There are no differences amongst men and women when it comes to rank in society - all were treated with an equal amount of kindness and respect.

Belief rests in the mana rich soil that is natural to Muhir. It is claimed that the Goddess Tellus Mater has vanquished the forces of evil to the center of terra and through their will they will someday find cracks in the ground and sweep out across the land. In an attempt to prevent this Clergy must come and bless the land, while the Geomancer gets in tune with the land and makes topographical adjustments where the Clergy senses ‘evil’ slipping out.

It is also the task of the Geomancer to define the shape, and the materials used in the construction of the home, they are claimed to have an insight into what is Tellus Mater wishes; placed against a hill (where applicable) and facing towards the south for maximum sunlight—the homes are built in a way to reflect the natural wealth of the region they are within.

Due to the most recent changes, the beliefs which are heavily placed upon the land are no longer upheld as common practice. Very few call upon the remnants of the Clergy - hardly found due to the sudden progression of the Kadian Empire.




The main religion of the Imperium is a growing cult called the Corvinite Ecclesiarchy. It worships Emperor Corvinus as the manifest destiny and will of Mankind made flesh. They have gained a great deal of support from the Aristocracy and the common folk alike. The Ciar (The People Below) and the Ekimuu (The People Above) are polytheistic; both believe in a very specific set of Gods.


Tlaloc The God of Water

Ehecatl The God of Sky

Xantico The God of Fire

Centeotl The God of Earth

Itztili The God of Night

Citlalicue The God of Day

Toci The God of All


Tezca The God

Evelia The God of Gifts

*Evelia was the wife of Tezca and also the reason why the Ekimmu believe that they have two souls. In the light of day they are your common savages, but in the dark of night they become blood-thirsty creatures who are extremely dangerous.


Muhirians are monotheistic, worshipping only one God.

It is said that those who live their life well, and under the guidance of Tellus Mater, will join her once more in a realm beneath the roots of the Tree of Life. A realm where whatever you want can happen, those who lived well with a family, will once more be with them in the luminal realm beneath their birthing tree, under the care and watch of Tellus Mater, Our Mother and Savior.

Those who stray from the word of Tellus Mater, are still blessed enough to return to the realm of their birth, however, instead of living as they wish, they are placed within the stars and forced to eternally watch those who followed the way as they live evermore.


Education/Magitechnological Development

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Government and Politics


The only laws that govern Kadia, are those put into place by the Imperial Forces that now reside here. They govern the use of trade, the ownership of property and basic civil laws to protect the rights and lives of citizens migrating to Kadia. The punishment for breaking these laws is often harsh, and the main form of punishment often is impalement.

It is to be noted that the laws do not protect those of non-human/hume origin, especially those deemed Unnaturals. In fact, the likes of vampires are often persecuted openly or hunted down without remorse by imperial agents should they be caught feeding within Imperial borders. Elves and other humanoid species are often tolerated due to their close resemblance to Humans and their culture.

When concerning Imperial Politics, the Emperor and those of his family largely take a direct role, representing the upper classes. There are, of course; elected officials for the Middle Class and Lower Class citizens, a system that effectively represents the policies and laws of the ringed cities that are well known in the Kadian Empire. It is taken from its roots in Shrine City politics and culture.

There is also a Military Council, in which the Emperor, Primark, Marshal General, Grand Ucissore, and Captain Generals preside over. It is within this council that wars and peace propositions are declared or accepted. The conversations within this council is a private matter and only those taking part are privy to what is discussed in these meetings.

Kadia is an Imperial Monarchy with an Authoritarian Nationalist(Fascist) form of government similar in function to National Socialism. There is no distinction between civilian or military personnel as all citizens serve the military in some function, making for a combat experienced and highly educated populace.

The Aristocracy acts as the cogs of the Imperial Machine. The families of the center rings act as the representatives of the Imperial Family and as Government Officials who put the Emperor's policies into action.

Kadian Fascism

Kadian Fascists assert that in certain cases an individual’s freedom must be limited in order to protect the community. They believe that a people’s right to survive and prosper is the most fundamental right. Without it, individual rights become meaningless.

The concept of ”human rights”, as described by its proponents, is dubious. These rights are arbitrarily defined, and in reality, only selectively enforced. For example, freedom of speech is claimed to be a human right, but many nations have laws restricting freedom of speech.

Ultimately, rights are social constructs which must be upheld with force, and may be either beneficial or detrimental depending on how they are defined.

The idea of “human rights” or “international laws” applying to the entire world population is an absurdity. Such a situation is only possible if all existing states lose sovereignty and are replaced by a global state with the means to uphold such rights and laws. Otherwise, any such rights and laws will only be selectively enforced, by states or supra-national organizations who are not likely to judge in an impartial manner.

Foreign Relations

The Empire maintains a very close relationship with Renovatio through the betrothal of Ezio and Primera, the current Overlord. A newly made alliance is maintained between the Empire and Alterion by using Lyonene and Nadia as currency between Corvinus and Ocelot Royce. This has given each of these nations very powerful allies, and rich trade routes.

The Imperial Code

These laws are reserved explicitly for the Human populace of every imperial city. Violation of the laws will be dealt with swiftly, and in the harshest manner possible.


CODE 1.1

In order to be considered a resident of the Kadian Empire, you must first have registered address and place of employment for no less than three months. To be considered a citizen, you must maintain your residency for a full calendar year.

1.1-A: Residency may be denied at any time.

1.1-B: You may not seek residency in any other realm (city-state, city, town, village, etc.) while undergoing your residency process in the Empire.

1.1-C: You may not seek citizenship in any other realm (city-state, city, town, village, etc.) while undergoing your citizenship process in the Kadian Empire.

CODE 1.2

Residency may be offered to foreigners upon the marriage of a current Imperial citizen.

1.2-A: The foreigner in question must maintain the requirements of residency for two full solar years before they may be considered a citizen.

1.2-B: Marriages of this particular kind are considered permanent. Annulment and divorce are not options.


CODE 1.1

Only individuals under gainful employment of the Capital Ring may enter the district.

CODE 1.2

Under no circumstance may you transport items acquired within the Capital to any of the other districts without authorization and inspection.

1.2-A: This does not include items of payment for services rendered, or gifts.

1.2-B: Items acquired within the Capital Ring may not be sold on any other market within the city.


CODE 1.1

One man from every family must attend Academy and spend a bare minimum of five years in service to the Imperial Legion.

1.1-A: In absence of a male figure within the house, one woman must be chosen to serve.

1.1-B: In the instance of only one man being present, the family will receive monetary support.

CODE 1.2

Every female citizen must bear at least one child by their thirtieth year.

1.2-A: Children born out of wedlock, or those without proper families shall be taken under the charge of the state.

CODE 1.3

Individuals with genetic conditions and anomalies may not reproduce under any circumstance.

1.3-A: In the case of an accidental pregnancy, the pregnancy is to be terminated immediately.

CODE 1.4

Children born with defects, handicaps, and any other form of genetic mutation are to be turned over to the state.

1.4-A: Women with child must attend monthly check-ups. If the fetus is determined to be less than optimal at any given moment, the child will be taken at birth.


CODE 1.1

Upon your arrival to the city, you are to divulge the full extent of your abilities to the proper authorities. Those deemed too threatening, or forbidden, are never to be used under any circumstance, regardless of which district you find yourself in.

CODE 1.2

The usage of supernatural abilities outside of professional use should be moderated by a considerable degree.

1.2-A: You should move, and interact, with the people in a manner not deemed inappropriate or disruptive.

1.2-B: Using the knowledge of your abilities as a means of personal gain (extortion, threatening, etc.) is forbidden.

The Union Codes

These laws govern the entirety of Empire and all those who may find themselves within its provinces. Violation of these laws will be dealt with swiftly, and in the harshest manner possible.


CODE 1.1

All transactions within the city shall be done so honestly, with all known information readily available to all parties involved.

1.1-A: In the event of a dispute, the Legion has the final say on all matters within the Imperial market places.

CODE 1.2

All Imperial goods sold within the city are to be of the finest possible quality.

1.3-A: Items found to be cheap, or faulty, shall be refunded at triple their original cost.

CODE 1.3

With the exception of goods from Renovatio and Alterion, foreign goods are to be sold at a bare minimum of twice the standard price.

CODE 1.4

All debts are to be paid in full by the date decided by all parties involved. No timeframe may be smaller than one month.

1.4-A: In the instance of monetary debts, a 7% monthly-compounding interest shall be applied to the balance should it remain unpaid by the original due date.

1.4-B: In the instance of servitude debts, any attempt to deter the timeframe shall add an additional five years onto the original sentence.


CODE 1.1

You are to report any crime you bear witness to or hear, regardless of whether or not you believe it is a rumor.

CODE 1.2

All residents and citizens are to spend no less than two months’ time attending basic combative classes offered at the Imperial Academies.

CODE 1.3

You are to neutralize any threat to your fellow man, or the city, that is within your ability to do so.

1.3-A: Should you find yourself incapable of eliminating said threat, immediately report it to the Legion.

CODE 1.4

You are to treat your fellow citizens and residents with the utmost respect at all times. Be kind and helpful when and where you’re able.

1.4-A: Report any sightings of Unnatural species, such as but not limited to; undead.

CODE 1.5

The Legion speaks with Imperial Authority. You are to obey their orders, in times of peace and time of war, without complaint or question.

1.5-A: If you feel a member of the Legion is overstepping their boundaries, you are to report the situation to the nearest guard of the Capital Ring in the city of your residence.

CODE 1.6

Basic principles of right and wrong (murder, thievery, slavery, extortion, breaking and entering, etc.) and, to a lesser extent, many of the Genesarian-specific laws. Common law and morality  of the land apply to all corners of the empire, at all times.

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