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[TOG] The Floor of the Test [North]

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Canting his head towards the pint-sized would-be princess, Arsene sighed. “I know a lot, little horny person.”






The hooded man paused to weigh the implication of his statement before grunting and moving on. “That thing is definitely angry. I’m certain of it.”


Thankfully his position didn’t necessitate repositioning, but he was nevertheless seized by a blend of confusion and fear as the crocodilian raised his arms to intercept the incoming foot. The smaller partner of the duo had the good sense to flee, at least--prompting Arsene to let out a “tch” of disbelief as the foot hovered over the crocodilian’s raised arms.


Regardless of the brute’s intent or actions things were working out for the hooded man. Finding himself with a split second to decide whether he would deliver a killing blow to one of three targets, he let his gut make the decision. There was little to be gained in assaulting either of the duo, at the moment. Besides, he wasn’t entirely certain a single blow would pierce the crocodilian's hide, nor was he certain he could actually land a blow on the bouncing midget mistress of murder. From a pure mathematical standpoint, the numbers were with the monolithic beast.


“Tck. Rock Lobster.”


Flipping the needle until the blade pointed downwards from his thumb, he hoisted it like a mini-javelin. Redistributing his weight, Arsene pivoted on his foot, gathered his shinsoo and let the weapon loose with alarming force. Positioned as he was, and from his angle of attack the spear was on course to strike the beast’s underside just below the chin and above the throat. Ripping through the creature’s skull the needle soared off in an arc to land somewhere else in the grassy field.


“Nice work, Gator-face. Hrm.”


With the barest modicum of luck, the creature would be dead by the time it came crashing down. It was a shame, he’d liked that needle too. Returning his hands to his pockets, the hooded man waited to see if the enemy of his enemy wished to be friends, or if there were to be hands thrown.


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Hyorin found herself twisting, using the large tail to balance as she flicked backwards onto the tail much like a kangaroo. She wanted to watch. A gleeful look crossed her visage as the needle tore through the creature’s thick skull, and while it didn’t seem to phase it for a moment, the creature still lumbering forward…Hyorin began to wonder if it had enough brains to realize it was supposed to be dead.

“Hey you big dumb thing, fall over!” The horned girl threw her hands up in a rather rude gesture, before squealing in delight as the ground was christened with the creature’s body. As it tumbled forward with a dust cloud filling her nostrils, the girl launched forward to grasp her fingers into the maw of the giant. Drawing back curled lips, she reached in, rummaging around for a brief moment before she drew out a large tooth with a sickening. Schlerpcrack Sound as the tooth was pulled from the jaw. The large canine was held up in a victorious moment.  

“Hey, dumbface!” Hyorin called at Arsene, standing up as she stalked towards him, tooth still held above her head. “This..” She paused dramatically, before driving the large tooth into the ground before him. “Is your trophy.” A wide grin split her visage. Her hand rose, neverminding the blood that had gotten on it, scratching at her cheek.

“Boots!” The girl suddenly turned, attention as flighty as a dog on crack, her figure bounding back for the crocodile.

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Success ushered in a toothy smile. His tail slapped the ground twice, loudly and coiled around him before idling on the ground---a habit, and gesture of satisfaction. Nodding to the spear thrower in response to his words Deuces attention fast fell on his partner and her expected rituals. She had many trophies, and the only surprise today was the fact that she offered it to another. The gesture in and of itself made it clear that this individual wasn't the next item on their agenda, and would clearly be shown a consideration that none elss on this battlefield would be awarded. For now anyway.

Hyorin's return to his form was welcomed, and it was to her that he'd try to pull some information. He'd give her a look during his inquiry, 'wonder what's next.."

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Arsene could only arch a brow in curiosity as the horned girl literally threw him a bone. The tooth was long enough and of an ideal shape to replace the needle he'd hurled skyward and through the creature's skull, if perhaps a bit thicker. Wrapping one hand around the base, whilst keeping the other in his pocket, he raised it and studied the tooth before hefting it to test the weight. 

"Hrrrr, Needs a proper handle," he muttered before letting it rest over his shoulder. The blood spatters concerned him, not at all--like Hyorin, he paid no mind to the creatures ick splattered upon his person. 


Arsene turned towards the crocodilian, the large figure's question fresh on his mind. "Tch. We either wait til the rest of them are killed, or reach the magic number ourselves." Arsene shrugged, his mood indiscernible from behind the hood. "Ffffffff. Neither of you is from one of the Families, hm?" His grip on the tooth tightened. Would their answer destroy this uneasy alliance? The hooded head tilted to the side, and a lengthy groan escaped. "Doesn't matter, I suppose. Not for now, at least." 

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Hyorin found purchase once more upon her crocodilian’s shoulder, her petite form stretching as she contemplated the next course of action. Hoodie bro’s question caught her off guard, and she stared as though he had grown a third head.

“Wut u say?” She asked curtly, a sure sign of impending tantrum. Her head swiveled towards him, that eerie “Reeeee” that came with horror movie doors following the movement. Her chest puffed, breath held inward before she began.

“Excuse you? No! We are the best family, just us! I’m gonna eat those families for dinner! And then I’m gonna wear their stupid crowns for myself!” Her hand shook at Arsene in a manner of defiance and assurance of this fact, clawed toes digging into the crocodilian’s thick hide. However, after a moment her tantrum settled and that held breath expelled harshly. Ok, moment over.

Now that, that was done, she peered at the large field, as if trying to discern which direction they should go next. She had been satisfied with the fight with the giant, but…would others take the hint of that and leave them to their devices, or would they view it as a challenge to overcome?

“Oi, let’s wait. I’m sure some fools will come to be dinner.” A shark smile crossed her visage. “I’m Hyorin!” An introduction, finally. This girl was surely raised in a barn.

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Deuce was lost within the intricacies of his own mind at the moment. A tingling at the base of his skull made it all but impossible to focus. Hyroin's words melted into perfect symmetry with the ambient noises of their surroundings. He even lost sight of the sensation of her weight on his shoulder due to the this mass unsettling of his being. Instincts were being driven into overdrive. Set ablaze by some unseen stimulate, some transpiring event not occurring directly within his line of sight, but still occurring. Maybe it was something mental. Some seen, hardly understood dynamic of intent that lingers and imprints on the Shinshu and contributes to some-----psychosphere if you will. Someones killing intent was so palpable it was polluting the air of things here, even from afar.

To those who were external of the turmoil unfolding within him, a series of clicks and growls could be heard resonating from the massive crocodile. As if he was trying to sort it all out. His head swept left and right and be it by chance he caught the glimmer of the sun off a lense from afar and reacted, every muscle in his body tightening up as if bracing for something beneath that armor like thick hide of his which today would serve the purpose of catching a small caliber sniper round square in the back just beneath where Hyorin sat. Deuce didn't flinch. Falter. Stumble or even give any indication of pain. He did grunt tho, and he did turn around in the direction of the bullets origin where the flicker of the lenses of the scope carried on. He'd have tightened his right arm, the shoulder, and muscles corresponding. Flexing them before forcing out he round from skin that had bruised and against reception of the round.--Thankfully of to small a caliber from to far away to have done him any real damage.

While it's physical effects were in short supply it did a number on his patience and temper. He was livid. A few shakes short of a blind rage. So motivated to return the favor for such cowardice and sneaky antics that his body would have shot off like a rocket and Hyorin would find herself tumbling in mid air from a height she once sat at. Their new found third would bear witness to the 15' monolith of a figure go from a bipedal stance to a Quadrupedal blitz across the plain before suddenly a massive  BOOOOOOOM!!!!! 

Shook the entirety of the field! A Deafening wave of force would spread from where a plume of fire and force had erupted as apparently Deuce had stepped on a MINE of sort, more then likely laid out by the person person who fired the shot---who looked on intently through the scope. Darkness enveloped the massive Wraithraiser. A veil of smoke. A pause. A silence, then his wild emergence from the obsidian smoke at nearly double the pace that he had before, spurned on by an elevated attribute triggered by the sudden surge of adrenaline. This was similar to what was spurned him after the titan stomped him out (2), but his movements were that of a berserk savage blitzing the lands in excess of even the most fleet footed wild lifes best effort! It wasn't until it occurred again, BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

Did the sniper behind the scope, who had the benefit of a 150 meter gap between prior to the Croc's mad charge, finally look from the scope to survey it with his own eyes. That was his last mine, and there in now was 50 meters between he and certain death if it didn't stop Deuce and for all intents it had done it's job, the Wraithraiser emerged out of the smoke yet again, this time worse for wear. Stunned, and visibly burned! He howled not in pain, but in sheer rage due to the fact that the flash and fire had made contact with his eyes and temporarily robbed him of his sight. His nose was filled with smoke and accelerants, it played hell on his senses, and he couldn't find the prick responsible and had apparently played into the hands of 2 more who approached from his flanks, spears ready, at 20 meters a piece, and that snipers eye returned to the scope to ready himself another shot.

A team of 3 had made itself present, and sought to do away the biggest asset of their own squadron and trim the numbers for an advantage.'


1 - Vigor

             2 - Vigor







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Eyes widened and something whizzed by Arsene’s head at phenomenal speed, very nearly blowing the youth’s hood back. Had the sniper missed? Or had the hooded figure merely moved imperceptibly fast? Preternatural speed was not uncommon amongst the test floor’s participants, given the varied backfrounds and walks of life Headon plucked his chosen from.


“Er…” Arsene grunted, in the wake of the crocodilian’s mad dash towards the gunman. “Gatorface isn’t one for patience, hm?” It was more of a statement then a question, but he turned his head towards Hyorin regardless.


Hands never leaving his pockets, the hooded noisemaker was content to watch Deuce clean up the mess, whether this inaction was out of interest or sheer laziness, had yet to be revealed. For the most part, he seemed to be following the smaller girl’s lead, having inadvertently found himself a new member of the pack.


“Hrgh, does he need help?”


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It would have been rather comical, the way Hyorin hung in the air like some Loony Tunes bullshit, before she fell, landing on her head like some Acme brand shenanigans. The horned girl growled at that, pulling her horns from the dirt as anger raged in her visage at the thought of someone hurting her boots, furthermore, how dare Boots leave her behind! Visibly irritated, cheeks puffed out with indignation as she watched the mines engulf her precious friend, she had no concern. Something as minor as an explosion was hardly going to stop the crocodilian.

However, their new friend might be of some use. While shorter, and arguably younger than Arsene, brute strength was something, however, coiled in her muscles and preparing for the oncoming storm. Tail thrashed about like a displeased cat, hitting the ground once or twice, though not with near enough force as Deuces’.

“No, we should eat them!” Hyorin roared, grasping ahold of the hoodie sleeve of their new friend, Hyorin jolted forward. Whether or not Arsene came was entirely up to him, though the sleeve of his hoodie might be at peril if he did not.

As she moved, the whip in her other hand fluttered behind her as she ran, before she drew it up and twirled it towards one of the offenders coming towards her Boots. The first one would the one on the left, her barefoot form veering steeply. As she threw the whip forward, catching the spearbearer in it’s wicked grasp, she tugged harshly, tearing through skin and armor alike with a victorious cry. As one fell, She motioned to the other, clearly a sign for Arsene (Should he have allowed himself to be dragged.) to handle the situation.

Whether he did or not, Hyorin was satisfied with the death of at least one. Flicking her whip to free it, her form sprinted once more towards the large Crocodile. “BOOOOOTS!” She screeched across the battlefield as she launched herself at him in an attempt to climb his form. Her bare foot would push harshly on his head as she launched herself forward that last bit, towards the sniper. “GONNA EATCHUUUUUU!”

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The Team of 3 were to engulfed in the pending results of their assult on the big one to have picked up on the response of it's team mates. Inexperience or bad decision will bring about ones demise quicker then anyone could ever be ready for. How easy it is to find false security in over confidence and arrogance, it's only Easier to find ones self vulnerable after the false security has been torn away. Like the Sniper---who should have had the right of mind to pull his eye from the scope so that his field of vision could expand enough to see not just the pissed of Hulking victim of smoke inhalation. But his even more pissed off miniature companion spring-boaridng off of his head and toward his position with intent on main-lining a heavy dose of DEATH. As if the blood of his comrades painting the swaying grass wasn't enough. By the time he pulled the scope back, one spectating this scene from 300--you know the one where the guy leaps over the crowd of Bomb throwers and lands behind their ranks, basically fucking em over? That one. One would start to feel sorry for what was to come. Which would more then likely be a grizzly death via they plethora of teeth, claws and aggression at the girls disposal. He came...he saw...he shot...he screwed himself.

Meanwhile there were others viewing this spectacle from afar and had made the mistake of coming close. How close? Close enough. Close enough to see the look on Deuce's face as he struggled to breath. Coughing out smoke and chemical fumes. Close enough to see the mental stability of an otherwise level headed beast start to crumble under the weight of rage, discomfort, not being able to breath and the feeling of being constrained. Then the feeling of being unsure. His rashness had put distance between him and Hyorin and quite frankly it was probably THAT, which caused him to quite literally snap. It was an audible snap. His eyes would fire to life like the COAL burning furnace engines of a train, similar sound to. An audible POP would spread wide, and LIKE wind, some unseen force would spread out in all directions taking the smoke away from him with it. HIS lungs found a gargantuan amount of air. His body found an equally quantifiable amount of vigor. That Air was passed through vocal chords that bellowed out a Roar of epic proportions, that would put a Bull Tyrannosaurus to shame. Two fists had reached to the sky, before they'd be brought down to the ground and quite frankly..

All fucking hell broke loose...


You see shit like this. On the floor. At the entry point. Random individuals who appear down here with significantly more to offer then the others. Even as far as wraithraisers go, Deuce was nothing near normal to begin with. While he may not put forth any epic displays of Shinsoo manipulation outside of amping his physical, what he will give you is a fucking show when he innately and inadvertingly uses shinsoo to amp his physicals! You'd think someone dropped an S2 Mine in here. The way things went utterly apeshit at impact. Winds went wind in every direction. The shockwaves were key though. Pressure against the rest of those would be headaches was sufficient enough to render em unconscious and whoever managed to stay awake wasn't upright or encouraged to press the issue any further. In the wake of it all there stood the Reptilian Titan within a crater a few meters shallow and many more wide with naked earth in every direction for 25 meters or so. His breathing drummed on like a heavy beat, a subwoofer in rhythm, before slowing down and the light in his eyes extinguished.

It was at that point he came back to it...his eyes snapping side to side, looking for...HER. He called out, wanting to assure himself that he didn't end her himself. "HYORIN!...."


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A loud siren split the air and echoed to every corner of the field. To all the remaining survivors, whether it be one by one or in groups all looked up at the sky as the noise rippled across it. After a pause, squelching microphone feedback assaulted the weary contestants, before the announcer's voice boomed happily.



A pause.


Laughter boomed from the floating observers scattered about the sky over the prairie. 


And it was just like that, the first test concluded. Two hundred regulars would now be forced to group up and pass together onto the next challenge. It would be difficult, but this was an important time; the Tower was cruel, and allies were an essential component to advance onward. Even Zahard did not climb himself, and the tale of the great King and his ten cohorts was legendary. These tests were an homage to that, and these fresh crop would have to forge their mettle for the trials ahead.

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It was obvious, beyond evident really--for anyone who possessed the barest amount of sensory perception, that yon Crocodilian, with his bounding bouts of booming and shit wrecking--held himself in high esteem.

Perhaps too high?  A faint voice inquired in the back of Arsene’s mind, prompting the hooded rapscallion to shrug his shoulders. He’d allowed the horned child to drag him along in her pursuit of glorious murder and dispatched the poor opposing soul nearest him with a swing of the mighty beast’s fang--still handled quite awkwardly due to the absence of a true hilt.The cacophonous shit storm of the wannabe dinosaur’s attack might have seemed impressive to the Crocodilian, but for all the power behind the attack and the earth shattering and hot air blowing that occurred, Arsene stood before Hyorin, unmoved by these forces.


Speaking of shinsoo re-inforcement…

Bare fingers bore down on the root of the fang, where pearly white did connect to gum and with severe force shattered the small outcropping of bone, forming the root into a makeshift hilt.

“Hrrrrrrr” he muttered at the announcement. It seemed he had little choice but to team up with the two, now--though the crocodilian’s latest display seemed to have awakened something in Arsene...something dark and powerful.


Amongst warriors of repute, it’s worth noting there are at their core two types of individuals. Those who burned bright, oft called hot steel, and those who sapped that warmth, oft called cold steel. The aforementioned display and the crocodilian’s ear shattering roar made it clear that the dichotomy played out upon the floor of test. For a power bubbled within Arsene, something festering and menacing--unlike others...Arsene didnt need to bark about it. Lowering his gaze to the horned girl, Arsene smoothed the handle of his new blade and slung it through a loop in his coat. “Hrrrr. Gatorface isn’t much a thinker, is he?”


It’ll get you killed...was the unspoken warning he levied to Hyorin before crossing his arms and peering out across the floor of test.


Something had set the hooded man on edge, but it was not the giant crocodile--Arsene had no need of crocodile skin anything in his wardrobe. No, there was something else, something further south that caught his attention.

Something odd.

Something off.


“Hrrrr, abbie someone.”




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The sniper had never known what hit him. Deuces’ tantrum, while more devastating to the foliage, was unnecessary, but then the duo seemed not to know what was deemed ‘unnecessary’ by any stretch of the word. The gore covered mess of what had been once a ..human? Maybe it had been a fellow lizard, or even a bee! One would be hardpressed to know that now, as Hyorin had clearly bathed in the entrails, and had emerged victorious.

Slinging the weapon over her shoulder for later inspection, she would hop back down, using the crocodilian’s face as leverage before moving towards Arsene. “Mmm…no, it’s ok, he’s not supposed to think. Just keep us safe.” A wide toothed grin, before the girl threw her hands up at the announcement.

“Abbie? Where?” Hyorin perked, picking a bit of ligament from the sharpened teeth – lord help the world when the girl discovered boys – and she peered in the direction that Arsene was facing, hopping once or twice in effort to see as far as the taller man could.

“Nope! Lessgo! It said we get to go now! Yay us!” Hyorin tugged at him, and flailed one hand at the Crocodilian. “BOOTS, COME ON, TIME TO GOOOO!”

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