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A new land ( survivors destination:High rock)

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The land was full of pride and success, it was a time before the great collapse of government and the evacuation of corporations......

Now left within starvation it looked as if this great nation wouldn't last any longer.....that was until on day in the night an object crashed almost directly at the capital of the nation missing it by merely several yards.

The object happen to be a transport spaceship, when it crashed at first it had caught the people by surprise, soon people surrounded the fallen ship then around 11:34 A.M the ship began to open up to reveal 8 people who looked like they were human with the exception of being taller by a foot or two.

The people questioned wether they should welcome the survivors or act hostile....

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(Prologue 2 with some talking)

The people who had exited the large vessel stared in severe sadness that much of the supplies that were being transported were lost, however they didnt seem to notice the people staring until after they checked the supplies.

Voices arose from them

(Man 1) "It seems that weve lost half our cargo including some of those warheads"

(Man 2) "What? How meny?"

(Man 1) "about 4"

(Woman 1) "the damage is too excessive to repair"

Thats when they noticed a couple of vehicals and a crowd of people staring in their general direction. With both sides dazed and confused stared into the moonlight as it glimmered. 


After finding out that they all spoke the same languages they all decided that peaceful talks would inform all that were present about situations on hand

Previously the meny chaotic events caused by anarchy tempted meny to reform the government yet all attempts failed due to no one ever thinking of the civil rights of others causing a division between the cities ....however after this crash an opportunity would arise... one that would succed in the eventual reuniting of the cites.


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The only rooms that remained operational within the ship were parts of the storage, the reactor and,  the containment unit room.  The storage still had most of what it was transporting inside it including the two cloning labs, a heating chamber, 3 unarmed nuclear warheads,  a portable mind influencing device which had a few dents and bumps on it and several piles of crates of food stuffs with some fallen over near the gaping hole which opened to a 20 foot drop to the ground.

The ship itself was 360 meters long and was painted with various blue and green colors all over it, how ever since the colors were charcoaled it was hard to tell what colors actully made up the exterior of the ship.

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The representitives of the divided cities arrived within the next hour to talk with the leader of these new 'visitors'.


They had soon all talked in a secret room in what seemed like the capital building.

Eventully they all cane out 

And decided that that Lewis might be king if he can prove himself worthy

This never got to happen however due to the use of the mind control device which in turn made the representatives and their guards king.

Soon the people around would be affected by it .

And now in a years time sll of the cities had been reunited into one nation that now coexisted with each other, not only that but by using the mind control device the crew had hsnd pick several members of the native society and filled their minds with scientific information.

Soon these people would go on to teach others and soon advance structures would begin poping up and factories would be made.

Along the side were the clone devices which only cloned Emporians.

Meny ask of what happend to the old rulers.

Well they became Secret honorary citizens who have had their positions reappointed to vassles and mayors.

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The land was suddenly as it united began to grow and prosper in that year as once again the nation was whole as it was long ago

---- 1 year later

The appointed king Lewis sat on his copper marble throne as people outside the room were hard at work rushing to collaborate information and display it to him on a small round table.

"We need more tanks! We need more planes , and we need more oil! So what are we to do about that?"

As the other Emporians sat around a table relative to his own

Then an engineer sat up

"We build more oil rigs?"

Then a scientist stood up

"We find a way to make production more efficient in factories?"

He stopped them right there

As slowly he sat up and gazed at them all with eyes full of excitement.

"What grand ideas! We should build more oil rigs and have the factories create more stuff for us Yes! But we also need to find more sources for resources and more escavation sites for us to mine out and use...."

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(Meanwhile on the news)

Local news

"In Junkard city the demand for residential areas had begun to increase substantially, the mayor had foucused all of her workers to the construction of new high density residential areas, there was more room south of the city limits with a higher elevatio-


News at demand

-Itscolds cold war may finally come to an end due to a final peace noting that the three tribes have now done something they havent done in decades, which was all of them being under one roof-



-Look at this, its strange , we just found it inside of a cave. It seems to be some sort of.....  algae 

And its red to"


"Uhh sir you sho-"


"Oh shush you not to worry its perfectly safe-"

*quarantine crew arrives and pins the man down*

The screen goes black as Lewis turns back to stare at the rest of the political party.


About that algae

Have we figuared out what it does?, and why it was in that poorly patched up cave?."


"Reports show that there are no records. Of the cave, and our scientist have discovered that its evolutionary rate exceeds that of what we've seen here so far, also weve discovered that it tends to grow only when water is present even in the smallest amounts, and that it is dangerous to come in contact with"



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