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A new land ( survivors destination:High rock)

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The land was full of pride and success, it was a time before the great collapse of government and the evacuation of corporations......

Now left within starvation it looked as if this great nation wouldn't last any longer.....that was until on day in the night an object crashed almost directly at the capital of the nation missing it by merely several yards.

The object happen to be a transport spaceship, when it crashed at first it had caught the people by surprise, soon people surrounded the fallen ship then around 11:34 A.M the ship began to open up to reveal 8 people who looked like they were human with the exception of being taller by a foot or two.

The people questioned wether they should welcome the survivors or act hostile....

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(Prologue 2 with some talking)

The people who had exited the large vessel stared in severe sadness that much of the supplies that were being transported were lost, however they didnt seem to notice the people staring until after they checked the supplies.

Voices arose from them

(Man 1) "It seems that weve lost half our cargo including some of those warheads"

(Man 2) "What? How meny?"

(Man 1) "about 4"

(Woman 1) "the damage is too excessive to repair"

Thats when they noticed a couple of vehicals and a crowd of people staring in their general direction. With both sides dazed and confused stared into the moonlight as it glimmered. 


After finding out that they all spoke the same languages they all decided that peaceful talks would inform all that were present about situations on hand

Previously the meny chaotic events caused by anarchy tempted meny to reform the government yet all attempts failed due to no one ever thinking of the civil rights of others causing a division between the cities ....however after this crash an opportunity would arise... one that would succed in the eventual reuniting of the cites.


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