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The Aria (OOC) [Still Accepting New Recruits][Event Seven here we go]

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We'd be happy to have you aboard as an assistant to our lovely doctor Sunny!

We have an open thread going on right now that is very much reminiscent of the ToL (so hopefully it's easy to get into) called Galley Days, and if you ever want to do an RP about how Wisp came to join the crew, just let me know!

If you have any questions or concerns, please make them known, and other than that, welcome aboard!

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Hey everyone, big news post, tl;dr a the end (but please read the whole thing. I know this is really long but I take a lot of time to write these out and I'd appreciate your attention to these info dumps >_<)

First of all, we're gonna be moving on to event seven soon (come January) and with it comes some changes. No longer will threads be limited to members who join in right at the start, threads are now open to anyone on the crew at any time over the course of the thread's existence that feels that they have something substantive to add to the storyline. I'll still be coming up with and providing scenarios (though as before this duty is available to anyone who wants it on a case-by-case basis) and we'll be doing away with the month-long time limit as well. From now on, threads will run for as long as it takes to finish them. If you feel like a thread is running too slow for your tastes, than feel free to jump in and move the plot along!

Obviously, with these changes there exists some potential for chaos, but I believe that we can all work together to create a cohesive storyline together. Additionally, with this change, all previous threads from months prior are re-opened to their original members to finish them out. Now, these threads will remain closed to except to their original inhabitants, and I apologize for that, but going forward we're all going to be able to work together on each new thread!

Next up, we will be saying goodbye to several members who have unfortunately proven inactive, and effective immediately the positions of Enforcer, Engineer, and Gunner are all taking new applicants. Additionally, as usual, new positions are available for creating as long as you can explain to me why that position should exist on the Aria. 

You may notice that the position of first mate is now occupied by an NPC. This character, one Talia Arkinson, is an old friend and ally of Cecil's. She's a diminutive human woman with a reserved temperament and a penchant for careful consideration. Expect more details soon about the specifics of her character and appearance, but know that Talia is always available for use in threads involving Aria members as an NPC. Simply ask me about what role you need her to fill in your thread and explain to me what your plans are and then feel free to write with her in your thread.

 Next order of business, I'm looking to turn the Aria into an official club, so get hyped about that. However, to accomplish this, we need 60 canonized posts. We're about half way there, but I need finished threads to make this happen, about 30 more posts worth. These threads need to fulfill the requirements for canonization, which means they must have a summary post at their conclusion detailing their effects on the world at large, as well as notable consequences. The easiest way to generate these consequences is to create some kind of quest resulting from the thread, and submit it to the board leader for wherever the thread takes place. The other easiest way to impact canon is to go on quests or pursue artifacts, both avenues open to enterprising members of the crew.

Finally, event seven itself! This storyline takes place in Cutpurse Cove, and as stated earlier, is open to everyone. The crew is on shore leave, and Cecil and some of the crew spent the evening partying and drinking. This is all well and good, but things got a little out of hand, and now the Captain and some of the crew have woken up in an alley with pounding hangovers and clouded memories. Last night was clearly pretty crazy, but the details remain hazy. Together, the crew will work to remember or figure out exactly what happened last night, and maybe how much trouble they got into. Writing in this thread will be a bit tricky, since it's a frame story featuring a group of characters in one moment remembering what happened in a previous instance. However, I believe that we're up to the challenge. Look for more details when I make the first post!

So, tl;dr:
Event seven coming. Open to everyone, as are all events from now on. Will run for as long as it takes to finish the thread.
All previous main event threads are now open to finish between the members who were originally part of them, time restrictions waived
Several crew members have been dropped for inactivity and we now have Enforcer, Gunner, and Engineer positions available!
We are now introducing Talia Arkinson as the first mate. She's an NPC available generally to the crew for use in Aria-related threads. Look above for more info
We are now trying to turn the Aria into a site official club, so let's get some canon threads out there! We need 60 posts and should be about halfway there
Event seven details coming soon. Will take place in Cutpurse Cove after the crew wakes up from a night of partying and merry-making that's left everyone more than a little fuzzy and hungover.

That's all for now folks. Thank you so much for reading this, I know it's long but take the breadth as an expression of my excitement and dedication to our project. I'm looking forward to working with you all in the future, and hope to get everyone involved together in threads from here on out.

P.S. @Hidden_Hood if you're still around, I would recommend following this thread to make sure you stay updated about what's going on. I think I made sure everyone else is following as well, but if you're not, I would highly suggest that you do so.

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Hey everyone, sometime during the night the thread will go up and we're gonna get this next event started! I'll probably post again here with more details when the thread is up, along with a link.

As an additional topic, me and a fellow Valucrean, @spacegy4 have been working on an idea for a plotline. One of their characters is a Terran military pilot, and a pirate raid near Casper could turn into a conflict between spacegy4 and their allies and the Aria and her crew. I'm looking for one, two, three, something like that, members to join me and spacegy4 for the thread. If you're interested, let me know here!

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Alright, post for our seventh event is up!

As stated before, this event takes place on Cutpurse Cove, after a wild night of drinking and debauchery. For his part, Cecil woke up in an alleyway with a pounding headache and the vague recollections of a wild party. He has no idea what happened to the rest of the crew, and figures his best bet is to make his way back to the docks, looking out for other crew member along the way. Who knows where your character ended up. Whatever was in those drinks last night was pretty strong, and anyone who went too hard is having a really hard time remembering specific details. Everyone might have part of the story, but no one knows exactly what happened to everyone.

Hopefully, the crew can manage to recollect themselves, and maybe fill in some blanks for each other about what went down. Maybe you have some funny stories to recount about what someone did while completely plastered. We'll find out together.

As a note, if you don't feel that your character was likely to get drunk, rather by choice or constitution, chances are they turned in before the rowdy crowd did. Maybe when you woke up, you discovered that some of the crew (or possibly even most of it) failed to make it back, and you've decided that it might be a good idea to go hunt down the stragglers. Maybe you have some insight into what happened before everyone got truly blackout drunk, and can explain some of that angle of the last night's events.

Real talk, telling a story like this can be tough, even for a single writer, but I think it can also create a really amazing, hilarious storyline. I'd recommend taking liberties with describing Cecil's actions when he was drunk, if your character has any recollections of that, and to feel free describing what have you (within the realm of common sense, use at least some discretion please)(as a note, Cecil is a very morose drunk, and he tends to wallow and swell with self-pity. Kind of a buzzkill honestly).

I don't know if other people are comfortable with having their character's actions described by others and I don't want to assume. So, if you don't mind people describing what your character might have done while drunk, I'd recommend posting so here, along with maybe a general description of the 'type' of drunk your character is. If you want to write actions that someone else' character might have done while blackout drunk and they haven't made their feelings on this topic known, please ask them before doing so, obviously. Make no assumption. Communication and cooperation are key for a story like this, but I have full faith and confidence that we can pull it off!

Looking forward to seeing your guys' posts, if you have any questions, concerns, need plot ideas, want input, etc. feel fee to discuss it with me, or indeed just with everyone! Let's get out there and do this guys!

P.S. Happy New Years

P.P.S. if anyone not officially on the crew wants to join in the fun, let me know and we can discuss it ^_^

Edit: forgot the stupid link to the thread XD


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My, oh my, oh my. Certainly can relish in the making of all of this. To start things off, I'm all for joining in on a fun conflict during a raid, since I'm far more available now. 

Second, to help others in our newly created thread, I'll post a general idea of how Claire is as a drunk. She's already aggressive and belligerent without alcohol, but while under the influence, she becomes far more obnoxious in her actions. She doesn't necessarily lose her abrasive personality, but she definitely becomes louder and more boisterous. She'll typically start fights on a whim while drunk, leading to many times where she has woken up with more than a few wounds and burn marks the following morning. Claire has an affinity to the stronger spirits, so she'll usually be among the first handful of drunkards. 

By all means, make her do something hilarious or stupid. If you have difficulty with figuring something out even with this information, just pass it by me and we'll find a nice fit.

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