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Port Caelum Festival Games

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Port Caelum is hosting a Festival to honor it's beginning, a brand new city in the Arcane East with a diverse population separated by the inlet that is the port itself. It is also a celebration held to honor the ascension of the Baroness Red Yusuke into the position of Queen of the Scarlet Region, which is made up of Predators Keep in Terrenus as well as Port Caelum in Genesaris. The Regent of Port Caelum is being celebrated as well, Akako Akari is the reigning regent beneath Queen Red. 

The Festival is beautifully decorated in golds and silvers, the theme a wonderful mixture of the sun and moon. Lanterns, lights, streamers, decorations of all kinds line the streets where music is played and the guests dance and enjoy the many shops opened to provide food and drink. 

The main attraction for the Festival is the many different masks, a much more intricate Masquerade. Each mask is designed to create an illusion of the wearer, completely reshaping the person into whatever face the mask may represent. Children, men and women, beasts and faeries, whatever mask you wish to hide behind. 

There are events and dancing, a live band, being a city-wide Festival there is plenty of activities to partake in. Where the Port meets the base of the mountain, where the two different orientations that divide the city meet is where the Band will be playing and where some of the festivities are going to be held. Dancing, food, drink, events to partake in, it will be the most crowded section of the new city, and where Queen Red and Regent Akako will be beginning their evening. 


Festival Games

This section of the Festival is not specified to a certain section of the city, along both sides of the Port there are many different carnival style games set up for the guests enjoyment. From coin tosses to ring tosses, balloon popping with darts to target games ranging with all kinds of different prizes. This thread is designated to games that each user can play to their hearts content. (The Prizes are mild in use, but are to the users ability to decide what it is they wish to win. I will be monitoring, and I will step in if the prizes are too extravagant. )

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The buzzing atmosphere was nothing like the peaceful tranquility of his homeland. Not that he had been very attached to it anyways. Kyle loved humans and all of their wildness. All his life, he had been restrained to the harsh laws and rules which his family had set for him, expectations that he'd never live up to. And now, he was finally freed from the shackles of his father's reach. Truly, it was something to be remembered.

As a small boat docked along the shore, a winged figure climbed out of the side. The metallic glint and unnaturally stiff movement of his left wing was easily distinguished from the seemingly fluid movements of his right wing. They stretched out, extending to their full 6 metre wingspan.

Kyle peered across the Harbour, the boat bouncing along in the choppy waters.

So its true. It is as beautiful as they say it is.

He looked under the canopy which covered the small ferry. The robotic captain tipped its hat back at him.

"Rise and shine ladies," Kyle beckoned to the sleeping figures of A'aria and Devin.

Heather Sulfuras was nowhere to be found. But knowing her, she would be somewhere close by, ready to spring at anyone who posed a threat to her Mistress. A soft growl could be heard in the hull of the boat, where a small hollow space had been carved out for A'aria's bear to sleep.

A sudden jerk almost caused Kyle to fall off the boat. The rubber tires which lined the boats eges wheezed as they rubbed against the surface of the peer.

"We're here," the captain said, "Welcome to Port Caelum."

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"Okay, kid, here's the rules. Stand with ya back to the bullseye, right there on the line, yeah. Now toss the coin over your shoulder. Closer you get to the center, the better ya prize!"

Ivas nodded his head eagerly. This was gonna be all kinds of easy! He did as he was bid and gripped the solid circle of metal in his right fist, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath to concentrate. Any who were paying attention would notice that in this moment, the orange gem in the center of his holstered sword's pommel lit up and glowed slightly for a moment. He threw--the glow faded. A large bullseye had been painted onto the ground fifteen feet away. A veritable sea of coins littered the area around it, the lion's share of them not even touching the outermost of the concentric rings. A few managed to hit it in a more or less random and even distribution. However, none had yet struck the bullseye.

Ivas's did, dead center, heads facing up.

"Ha! Told you I could do it!"

The woman to his left just stared in disbelief. The referee scowled at him.

"You cheated! No one could be that accurate!" the referee insisted, inspecting the back of Ivas's head as if looking for eyes hidden within the depths of his hair.

"Nope! I was just born lucky!" he shot back, giving the woman a smile. "Now! My prize!"

The referee growled, but unable to find any obvious means by which he could have cheated, assented. The prizes were a wide assortment of useful objects, everything from potions, to weapons and armor, spell books, spell scrolls, and even a few magic staffs. Having hit the bullseye, Ivas was eligible for any one of them that he wanted. The boy passed up all of the adventurer gear, though, in favor of something else entirely: A large, stuffed teddy bear. The referee stifled a laugh, but happily obliged, suddenly much more okay with Ivas's uncanny ability when it was only used to claim one of the lowest and least valuable prizes. He took the teddy and snuggled it briefly to make sure it was sufficiently fluffy, then offered to the woman he'd made a bet with, who accepted it with an awkward smile and a blush.

"Oh, you don't have to--" she began.

"Nah, it's fine. I don't need any of that crap anyways. That look on your face was the best prize! Haha!"

He slapped her lightly on the shoulder like they were old buddies having a good laugh, then promptly turned and walked away without another word. The woman was left staring at him in a mixture of confusion and slight attraction, but he didn't look back even once.

The pommel of his sword did, however, glow briefly for a moment.

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Devin groaned as a beam of sunlight fell upon his face, raising a hand to block out the blinding light. He struggled to find footing on the wobbly seacraft, examining his surroundings while he did so.

Along the deck of the small ferry, the Pegasus child, Kyle, stood with his wings spread wide, enjoying the powerful winds of the morning breeze.

Devin himself stepped out from the Low roofed canopy that the ferry provided, raising a foot and planting it on a rubber tire.

"Wow... I never knew Genesaris had anything other than radioactive zones and wasteland," he joked to Kyle.

Indeed, the sight was impressive. A sturdy dock was just one of the minor attractions there. If one looked down the coat, they would see a fully functional port, with huge ships docked into the loading bays. Several stalls lined the coastline, and the road opposite it. People swarmed the streets, playing carnival games and buying treats for young kids. But one particular thing caught his attention.

"What are those?" he pointed at an elven man handing out masks to passers by. Curious to find out for himself, Devin grabbed a rope and tied the boat to the dock.

When he approached the man, the man didn't even ask who he was or what he wanted. A mask was instantly shoved into his hands.

His immediate instinct would be to suspect some sort of foul play, but looking around, it appeared that almost everyone had a mask of some sort.

He was unfamiliar with anything outside of Predator's Keep, so throwing himself in the middle of a bustling crowd in an unknown land probably wasn't the best decision he had made.

Screw it.

He slipped the mask over his forehead and panicked as an ethereal mist began to wrap itself around his body.

He quickly pulled the mask off his head. He had no reason to conceal his identity. Perhaps it was best to leave those be for now. And with that, he disappeared into the crowd, looking for something out of the ordinary that would provoke his interest.

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A'aria was always slow to wake up, yawning and rubbing her eyes to chase away the temptation of going back to sleep. It was especially tempting on a boat, the waves rocking back and forth in a soothing rhythm. 

Sleep could not call her for long, however, when there was something new and exciting to see, and she soon summoned her usual energy and rushed out onto the deck to see where they had landed. And what a sight the place was! Decorated all over, with lanterns and streamers and so many decorations she didn't know the name to, all in gold and silver. There were games, more than she could count and she wanted to try them all. And the masks! Before her eyes, when someone put them on, their appearance would change completely! It was fun to watch, and she suddenly desperately wanted to take part in it. 

The first person immediately in her sight was Kyle, and then Devin. She was sure Heather would join shortly- the girl was always close by. And so A'aria ran up to the two, giggling when the mask took Devin by surprise. While she hadn't spoken to him much, he was still someone she was getting used to seeing, and was familiar with him. A shame when he slipped into the crowd, seemingly to find something of interest to him. She didn't mind sticking to just Kyle for now, though. 

Could we play some of the games, pretty please? Oh, and wear the masks, too! I've never seen someplace like this before- It's incredible! I want to see it all! 

She then frowned slightly at a thought. 

Don't want to see it alone, though. It's more fun to play games with friends, after all, right?

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In the skies above, a small falcon glided with the wind, occasionally releasing a few pieces of molten rock from its wings. It soared across the skies, getting a good view of the landscape. In the skies, the falcon saw a few other small birds that flew around. Nothing of its interest though. Having been satisfied with the view, the falcon descended downwards, gaining speed very quickly as it rocketed towards the ground.


Heather hadn't pulled off this stunt for a long time, and she admitted that it was extremely reckless of her. The idea was that she'd shape the elemental energies in her body to take the form of a girl, and use the trailing fires that seeped off her skin to form a parachute to slow her descent.

It did not go as planned.

At all.

Heather soon found that she was descending too fast for her to form matter from fire. This was bad. If she didn't find a way to slow down soon, splat. Dead.

So she tried something else. She released the energies in her falcon form, turning her surface area even smaller, causing her to accelerate like a bullet. However, this also caused a dramatic decrease in her mass. Now just a tiny canary, she spread her tiny wings desperately to try to slow herself down.

And then, she started to decelerate. Extremely quickly. Science had saved her. Soon, she was drifting through the air like a feather, having only a few metres above the ground to spare.

I am never doing that. Ever again.

As her tiny canary feet touched the ground, she released a large amount of energy from her body, which encased her like a shell. It began to solidify, forming muscles, flesh, bones. And finally skin, topping it all on top with a flowery orange dress. The people around her didn't seem to suspect a thing. After all, Port Caelum was located in one of the most arcane heavy circles of Genesaris.

She groaned as her feet began to turn jelly. That terrible descent had completely rattled her. "Miss A'aria?" she called out through the crowd. Heather didn't have a tattoo. She wasn't a human, and her curse prevented her from taking the oath of the Rose Offensive. She didn't know how she was going to find her mistress. She was hopelessly lost among the crowds of people.

She approached the window of a building, and stared back at the reflection of herself. During her descent, she had expended a lot of her energies, which would take time to replenish. Or A'aria could heal her, since they were both of nature's descent. Due to this, she lacked the energy to create a larger body of form for herself. She had been reduced to the form of a tiny 10 year old girl, the dress which she had imagined herself to be fit with now loosely fitting over her tiny body. The remaining fabric was clutched in her left hand, like a tiny blanket.

Maybe she would just rest and try to find her mistress later on when she had replenished her magical energies.

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Kyle's elven ears ticked nervously.

"Looks like it's just you and me," he grinned at A'aria, staring off into the vast crowd.

It was a new experience for him. He'd never participated in a carnival before.

The first game stall that he came across was a ball throwing game.

"Well, we can't just be walking in circles, can we?" he reached over and bought two throws.

The objective was to throw a ball into a basket. Piece of cake right? Kyle threw is ball upwards, such that it would land exactly on the base of the basket. To his surprise, the ball bounced against the elastic base of the basket, flying back out towards him.

"This game is rigged," he cursed, handing A'aria the second ball, "Your turn."

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A'aria giggled at that, taking the ball offered to her. 

Rigged? Its only tossing a ball. Maybe you just got unlucky, hm?

Though she teased him, she did recognize the game could be difficult if the ball bounced right out of the basket. But she found she didn't mind- it was fun to participate anyways, and just seeing all these decorations and festivities was wonderful. In the end, who cared if they won? 

She still wanted to try, however, and narrowed her eyes in thought a moment before mimicking Kyle's throw, but intentionally weaker. With less force, it was less likely to bounce out than his, right? And she almost succeeded. It bounced just barely at the bottom, but enough for the ball to slip it's way out of the basket. 

Oh- that was close! Can we try again, please? I bet we can get it right this time!

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Kyle almost said no, before realizing the earthen bear was staring at him, expecting a satisfying answer. He gulped.

"Okay, go ahead," he said sheepishly, grabbing another pair of balls from the stall manager, and giving both of them to A'aria.

"You're the lucky one here, I haven't had much going for me in this life," he stared off into the distance, flapping his metallic wing about. He had parents. He had parents alright. He had parents and he hated them. When both of them were killed in a genocide, Kyle praised Gaia for seeing justice.

His eyes fluttered around, taking note of the different forms that people had decided to take. There weren't really many objects of interest.

The carnival was off to a pretty boring start for the angel.

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While the carnival may have been boring for Kyle, it was already exciting for A'aria. The forms people took with the masks weren't too exciting, but it was fun to try and imagine who was under the mask. There was no way to tell, and it was quite the game to her. The games themselves were new to her, and the decorations and festivity were beautiful. What could she say? Even she had to admit, she was easily satisfied. 

She didn't notice her bear was giving him any sort of look, and so she took the offered balls with a grin and small thanks. 

That faltered a moment though, at his seemingly offhanded comment. 

Well... I think you're luckier than you think. The beginnings of life can be difficult or even terrible, I've noticed, but... look at what you've got now! You've got the Rose Offensive! When your wing was hurt, you had access to what you needed to replace it so you could fly again. It's a matter of... perspective! Lots of people don't get second chances. Or whats sort of like a second family. 

This time, when she threw the ball in, it stayed. Just barely, having bounced on the bottom and nearly flown out over the edge, but it stayed, and she grinned with delight, already distracted from her previous point. 

Got it! I knew it couldnt be too rigged!

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While she was at most times deemed things such as "the great healer," "the High Priestess," "that weird angel chick," and other such monikers, tonight was a rare occasion for Nieve to deem herself a Lady and truly be considered as such. She walked with serene grace through the various carnival-style games, oblivious to the antics and merriment of those around her. Heads turned at her passing, drawn by the radiance that she exuded, both physical and otherwise. Her empathic power bloomed fully on this night, presenting an aura of calm and tranquility to all those in her presence. Even so, a few of the more rowdy men couldn't help but whistle at her fanciful appearance (attention which she seemed not even to notice). Granted the ability to alter her appearance into whatever she wished for a single night, Nieve had crafted an illusory dress for herself that complemented her "golden angel" nicknames:



Her dress was complemented by a full-faced, expressionless golden mask, its slightly upturned lips hinting at a sense of superiority yet conveying nothing of the wearer's true feelings which may lurk beneath. Nieve's appearance and aura lent her an overall sense of other-ness, the impression that something more than human walked among mortals tonight. In some ways, this was actually correct, though what the citizens of Genesaris might interpret as haughtiness and arrogance in her attempt to appear god-like, Nieve thought of more as a simple experiment, a foray into the extravagant fashion senses of these people among whom she now lived, whose ways were still very foreign to her. Many whispered at what such a majestic creature was doing here amidst the children's games. Certainly, she did not seem interested in playing any of them, instead moving steadily forward with a purposeful stride, winged hips swaying in perfect rhythm. The towering lady did have a point and a purpose in this place, though. She knew that specifically because these were children's games, this was where she would find the person whom she sought. Sure enough, he quickly came into view ahead of her.


Ivas tossed the small rubber ball towards the basket, throwing it with a careful underhanded lob to give it the high arc it would need to land inside. He was close, but his aim was a bit off--the ball rebounded off the basket's rim. Rather than allow himself to be defeated so easily, though, he drew Edge in a flash, the sword's blade extending out over the basket and swatting the ball down and into it. This time, it landed dead center! Ivas let out a small cheer as he sheathed his weapon again.

"Yeah, first try! Told ya I'd get it!"

The game's attendant looked at him with exasperation.

"That--It doesn't count! You can't hit it in with your sword like that!"

"Huh? Why not? You didn't say anything about using my sword! You just said stand here and get the ball in the basket!"

"Yes, well, um! I didn't know your sword was capable of extending itself with magic, or else I would have told you. You can only use your own body for this game--no extra, err, tools like that!"

"Man! This isn't fair! I won, and now you change the rules on me?!" Ivas protested.

"The rules aren't changing! You just didn't understand them!" the attendant insisted.

"Children. Please."

Nieve's authoritative voice cut their argument short. Both of the young men turned to look at the strange creature who had deigned to grace them with her presence. The attendant gulped, having no idea what to say to such an imposing figure. Ivas, meanwhile, furrowed his brow in concentration.

"That voice! Are you..... it is you, miss Nieve! I can hear you in my head! Haha, what are you doing here?"

"A great deal of memes gather in this place tonight, my child. I have seen their gathering and come to witness what their admixture might give birth to."

"I have no idea what you just said, but it sounded about right! Where's Martin?"

"I know not. He has been more and more rebellious as of late. I fear that since accepting your spirit into our fold, some of your fierce independence has rubbed off on him."

"Oh well, I'm sure he'll show up at some point! I was just about to get my prize, but this guy's cheating me!"

"I--I am not! You're the one who cheated!" the attendant shot back.

"Children. Allow me to settle this matter. The ball must pass into the basket, while I stand from this line, using only my own body?" Nieve asked the attendant, taking her place at the throwing line. He looked rather shock that such a regal-looking lady was seriously interested in simple ball games, but nodded his head in agreement.

"Very well."

The attendant yelped in shock as Nieve summoned and unfurled her massive white wings, their feathery tips extending far up past even the roof of the small booth she was to throw the ball into. Taking the ball in one hand and furling a wingtip down to her shoulder level, Nieve deposited the ball into its feathers; the tip stayed curled tightly around the ball as she then extended the wing out horizontally into the booth, depositing the ball directly into the basket from her wing's grip.

"What! N-no!" the attendant shouted.

"Does this act not fulfill the requirements of your game?" Nieve asked in genuine confusion. Meanwhile, Ivas roared with laughter.

"Y-you can't use--those!" the attendant said, pointing at Nieve's angelic wings.

"Why not? Are they not a natural part of my form?" she asked, waving to him with them for emphasis before dispelling them back out of existence.

"You're supposed to--ughh!! You know what, fine! You win. You people just claim your prize, then move on!"

Nieve placed a golden-sleeved hand on the attendant's shoulder, staring into his eyes for a moment as runic symbols briefly lit up all across her body. They flashed momentarily before fading once again; as they did so, the attendant's demeanor changed completely, all of his anger and frustration melting away into calm acceptance.

"Do not stress yourself over mere frivolities, my child," Nieve said to him.

"Yes, I'm sorry..... I don't know why I was getting so angry over a silly game. You folks have a good evening and enjoy the party, alright?" the attendant said.

Nieve nodded to him, then looked at the prize selection.

"Well, Ivas, what prize shall we claim?"

"Why are you asking me, miss Nieve? You're the one who won. You pick!"

"Hm. I want none of it. Simple material possessions such as these have no use to me."

"Why did you bother winning the game then?"

"To please you, I suppose. Remember, we are bonded, Ivas. I could feel your desire to succeed, even if I do not share it myself."

"Wow, that's real nice of you! Okay, lemme see..... how about this!"

Ivas pointed at a pink, heart-shaped bottle with a label that read: "LOVE FORMULA #69: SPICE UP YOUR EVENING!!!" Nieve frowned at his selection.

"'Love formula?' What is that?" she asked.

"It's, y'know..... like when you and Martin, uhh, get naked in bed together?"

"Of what do you speak? Martin and I do not--ahh."

Ivas projected the briefest flicker of an image into her head, allowing her to understand immediately the purpose of an aphrodisiac.

"How..... odd, that you think of me, that way, child."

"What?! No, no!! It's not for you! Crap, that's not what I meant!"

"Ah, good. It would be a shame to disappoint your carnal lusts. Who do you plan to drink it with, then?"

"I dunno. Just seems like a handy thing to have at a party! I mean, since we're both here, we're gonna try to bring some new people into our flock, right? Open their eyes to the memes, and all that stuff?"

"If any can be persuaded, then yes. I shall make the attempt."

"Well, this stuff should help loads with that. They won't be able to stay off you with this stuff in 'em!"

"Ivas..... I do not know if this is the proper way for me to gain followers....."

"C'mon, let's just try it and see what happens! It'll be funny at least!"

"If you insist..... your mind works in strange ways, my child....."

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"So your saying I hit this little circle here, and if I make that puck ring the bell up at the top, I win a prize?" asked John Wilder, as he smiled pleasantly 

"Exactly right sir!" chirped the attendant standing before him, "But be warned! Only the strongest can ring the bell and claim the prize!"

Wilder's smile widened slightly, "That shouldn't be a problem."

The ex-assassin raised his fist above his head, ready to bring it down in a thunderous blow, but was stopped by the attendant, who looked at him like he was daft.

"Wait, wait, wait!" the man exclaimed, "You can't just hit it with your hand! You have to use the mallet!"

The attendant presented Wilder with a comically over sized mallet. Though the smile on his face never wavered, he did quirk his eyebrows at the sight of the tool he was expected to use.

"Very well."

Wilder took the mallet from the attendants and raised it over his head in a one handed grip. He brought the instrument down on the target with sufficient force to flatten the little metal circle. The puck soared up the pole and struck the bell so hard that both rocketed into the air. Satisfied, Wilder turned his gaze to the attendant.

"I win."

The attendant sputtered, "Y-you broke it!"

"Yes. Now give me my prize!"

"You weren't supposed to do that," said the attendant in a tone of indignation, "I'm not giving you anything!"

Wilder blinked, though once again the smile never left his face. In a blur, he grabbed the attendant by the throat, and lifted him into the air, bringing him close to his face.'

"Give me what I am owed, or I'll carve you up and literally take it out of your hide," he said, the threat delivered in a conversational tone of voice.

The attendant nodded frantically, and Wilder let the man fall to the ground. The terrified worker scrambled to his feet and grabbed a festive looking hat from the prize display and handed it to Wilder. His grin grew wider as he put the hat on his head. He then pulled out some money from his coat pocket and dropped it at the attendants feet.

"For the damages," he said as he walked off. This night was off to a great start.

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56 minutes ago, Kalmuli said:

Kalmuli had gotten through half the plate, sometimes sighing or twitching when his fingers brushed a particularly sensitive spot on her foot that was ticklish. She would switch between eating and wine, watching Ivas and then glancing at the provocative display on the floor from too many people having tasted the tainted wine. Kalmuli's ear perked when she heard Ivas whisper, looking across the way and seeing someone approach them with eyes on Ivas.

Should she just let him go and deal with his own chaos on his own?

It wouldn't be a bad idea, but it wasn't the best one either. Kalmuli would slip her foot away from Ivas' grip, sliding her feet back into her heels and rose to her feet. "We should change locations for a time...that potion of yours will last a few hours unless they just sweat it out...so let's go play some games. I want to see where you got that thing to begin with."She said, gesturing for him to rise and take her arm like a gentleman. "Besides...I've only seen the banquet hall. I wouldn't mind if someone showed me around a little bit more. This is the first time I've been to the new capital."

Kalmuli would look at the woman who was approaching them, raising an eyebrow. She would probably get the hint if they left. "Let's go...Win me some prizes."Kalmuli said, giving him a nudge. "I've always wanted one of those obnoxiously big plush toys they have for prizes at carnival games."

@Robbie Rotten

"Oh, yeah, those are great to cuddle with huh!"

Sighing in relief at being allowed to get away from the by-products of his ill-advised "prank," Ivas hurriedly stood up and took Kalmuli's arm, leading her away in a bit of rush to stay ahead of the young lady that had set her sights on him. Glancing sideways over his shoulder, he could see her frown markedly and quickly give up once he locked arms with Kalmuli, probably assuming they were "together." If only! Of course, all of this was contingent on Kalmuli's willingness to be moved along quickly, given her proven ability to stand in place against all resistance if desired. If she allowed it however, he would get her rather swiftly out of the banquet hall--didn't want any of the afflicted men getting eyes for her, either, after all--before settling into a more leisurely pace once they were outside.

"Well! This is it! It's pretty crazy out here, huh? The band stage is over there. Those guys are nuts! I don't know if they're actually playing music or just trying to make people go deaf! You Genesaris types sure have some weird tastes when it comes to entertainment!" Ivas said, gesturing in the direction of Dancing with Destiny's show, which could indeed be heard at a fairly large volume even at a far distance.

Heading in the opposite direction of the absurdly loud band show, Ivas led Kalmuli over to the festival games section, which was a large area resembling a carnival with all manner of tents and booths set up in rows. It reminded him of the Fall Harvest Fair back in Dougton, and that was why he'd gone straight to it when he got here! Ivas loved simple festival games like these, and his chances to play them once he started traveling were few and far between. Plus, he was wicked good at them now that he had Edge! The prizes here were way better than in Dougton, although apparently the love potions still weren't that great of quality..... but there were hardly any magical prizes in Dougton at all, so!

"Oh! Oh! How about this one?! Can we do this!?" Ivas asked, sounding like a kid begging for candy as he insistently tugged Kalmuli towards a large wooden tub nearly large enough for a man to fit in.

The tub was filled with water, and dozens of apples floated within it. Ahead of them, one person held the other's wrists behind his back while the main player dunked his head into the tub, trying to grab hold of an apple with his teeth before he ran out of air. A rack of delicious candies and treats were available as prizes behind the tub, including caramel covered granny smith apples! Ivas's absolute favorite!

"Pleeease?! Bobbing for apples is like, a total classic! If you use your time magic after you do it, you could even do it without messing up your hair and makeup!..... Right? I think!"

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Kalmuli laughed, wandering around the festival grounds with him as he pulled her along. With the length of her skirt, she had to use one hand to lift the hand while the other one held onto Ivas' arm. She fled with him until they slowed down, Kalmuli releasing the front of her gown and fell into step with him. She looked about the festival grounds, taking in the energy and excitement. The band though she stopped for a moment to look to see who was playing, recognizing a few of the players. "They've always played that loud...It's more of a human style of music."She smiled as she moved along.

She hardly had a chance to listen to a full song before she was pulled along, nearly stumbling when he pulled her a long to one of the games. She saw the big tub, raising an eyebrow and leaned to see that he was gathering apples with his teeth. It was a game she was familiar with...but didn't really want to play. "I could but I can't really bend down much in this dress. Even sitting is a bit of a chore...It's the corset. I can't move much in it."She said, patting her stomach. The boning knocked against her hand and she was reminded out tight it was against her torso. "If you want to play, go ahead. We should play a strength game afterward...or maybe a shooting game? I'm usually pretty good at those."

Kalmuli would release his arm, waiting to see what he could do. As much as she wished she could play too, moving was just too uncomfortable. "Why don't you try winning two of those candy apples and we can eat them on the way to the next game? I think we passed one that had a big rabbit plush. I want to see if I can win that."She smiled, waiting off to the side.

@Robbie Rotten

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"The what? Oh, you mean your dress? Huh."

Ivas looked suspiciously at Kalmuli's torso, remembering how parts of her had felt strangely hard against his fingers when she was sitting in his lap earlier. At the time he had assumed it was something to do with her superpowers, but he supposed it could be the clothing too, he didn't really know. Noticing how her hand bumped against it like it was a solid wall instead of something made of fabric, Ivas leaned down and rapped his knuckles curiously against one side of the bodice, jerking a bit in surprise as they rang off of the corset's struts.

"Whoa! Your ribcage is on the outside, miss Kalmuli! Is that supposed to be like that?! Huh!"

The ignorant boy screwed his face up in thought for a minute, trying to make sense of this bizarre phenomenon.

"So your dress has an extra ribcage in it? That is the weirdest thing I've ever heard of! Why would anyone wear that! Unless maybe you're gonna go fight in the arena later, and it's like an armored dress, I guess? But if not, you should totally take that thing off! Man, Genesaris is so weird!"

Still shaking his head in disbelief, Ivas lined himself up with the edge of the tub, drawing Edge from its sheathe and then dutifully holding his hands together behind his back, with both of them clasping together over the sword's hilt while its blade faced downward into the ground, running parallel to his legs.

"Okay! Hold my wrists and keep me steady! Here I go!"

The boy plunged himself face first into the water with no hesitation, bubbles coming up slowly around his face as it turned this way and that just beneath the water's surface. While his ability to hold his breath was fairly impressive, at just over a minute and a half, his ability to actually get any apples appeared to be lacking, as he came back up without any. Ivas took a huge gulp of air to refill his burning lungs, then whipped his hair all around to clear the water from his face, oblivious to the fact that this would probably spray droplets all over Kalmuli like a dog shaking itself off after coming in from the rain. He looked a bit frustrated, but determined nonetheless.

"Alright, that was a warm up! Now I'll show you how it's done!" he declared, as though grabbing one of these apples with his teeth would truly be an impressive feat worthy of one's admiration.

Diving back into the tub, Ivas changed his strategy this time around. Having used the first run to get a sense of the thing's size and proportions, he channeled his will carefully into Edge, drawing a thin tendril out of the blade and in between his feet, which snaked up the side of the tub and down into the water, using Ivas's bent-over top half as cover to prevent anyone from seeing as it slithered past his belly, which was almost pressed flush against the lip of the tub. As long as she was looking over his shoulder, Kalmuli wouldn't notice a thing! Once inside the tub, the tendril speared an apple and pressed it helpfully up against his mouth, easily allowing him to gain purchase with his teeth. This technique allowed Ivas to come back up with a prize between his lips in only a few seconds, an incredible speed by apple-bobbing standards! He made a sound that sort of resembled "ta-da!"--highly muffled by the apple attached to his face--and leaned forward to poke Kalmuli in the forehead with the captured fruit, then spit it out and off to the side.

"One caramel apple, coming right up! Another, on the way! Told you, I'm a champion at this, haha!" he said, seeming to genuinely expect some kind of astonishment on Kalmuli's part.

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