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Leonardo Dreamhell (Character)

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General Information

First name: Leonardo
Middle name(s): None
Surname(s): Aldrin Dreamhell
Age: 22
Date of birth: December 31, 1995
Race: Italian (Born In America)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current residence: Los Angeles, California
Relationship status: Single
Social status: Middle Class

Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): Italian (Not Very Visible)
Language spoken: American
Other languages known: Italian
Style of speaking: Largiloquent
Volume of voice: Medium Loud

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'3 (192 Cm)
Weight: 160 lbs (72.5 Kg)
Eye color: Bright Orange
Skin color: Olive
Shape of face: Somewhere In Between Narrow And Wide
Distinguishing features: Very Clean Teeth, Has A Small Scar Right Above His Eye (Barely Visible, But It's There)
Build of body: Kinda Muscular Upper Body, Lower Body Is Kinda Skinny
Hair color: Jet Black
Hairstyle: Leo Valdez Style
Complexion: Smooth
Posture: Straight
Tattoos: Has Tattoos Of The Twenty Tarot Cards On His Arms
Piercings: None
Typical clothing: Wears A Top Hat And A Suit Undershirt (Whatever You Call Them.)
Is seen by others as: Well I Dunno, That's For Them To Say


Likes: Chocolate, Funny People, Energetic People, Jokes, Laughing, And Entertaining Things
Dislikes: Depressing People, People That Are Too Serious, Liquorice, And Marzipan
Education: Master's Degree In Engineering
Fears: Not Defined
Personal goals: Making People Laugh
General attitude: Happy
General intelligence: A Bit Above Average
General sociability: REALLY Social


Illnesses (if any): None
Allergies (if any): Allergic To Oranges
Sleeping habits: Sleeps In When He Can
Energy level: Pretty High
Eating habits: Eats A Lot Of Chocolate, But Besides That, He Eats Pretty Healthily
Memory: Pretty Good
Any unhealthy habits: Eating Chocolate


Birth country: America
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
Childhood: Bad
Teen years: Bad
Adult years: Good
Past places of residence: Boulder, And Boston
History of family: His Family's Influenced A Lot Of Countries Over The Centuries
Briefly explain life story: Parent's Were Killed When He Was 9, He Was Put In A Children's Home. He Found Comfort In Magic Tricks, And Discovered His Powers By Trying Them Out


Parents: Joshua Aldrin, Lily Dreamhell
Siblings: Andrea Dreamhell
Any enemies (and why): None Until Further Ado
Children: None
Friends: Most People Are His Friends
Best friend(s): None
Important friends/relatives (explain): None (All The Important Ones Are Dead XD)
Love interest (if there is one): None Until Further Ado


Peaceful or violent: Doesn't Like To Fight, But Will Fight If Necessary. If You Piss Him Off Though (Which Is Quite Hard To Do), He'll Give You Everything He's Got
Weapon (if applicable): Magic Cards
Style of fighting: REALLY Quick, But Very Vulnerable. If You Catch Him, You Have A Good Chance Of Damaging Him


Occupation: Works In A Candy Shop
Current home: Los Angeles, California
Favorite types of food: Confit De Canard (Look It Up)
Favorite types of drink: Sport (Danish Soda)
Hobbies/past times: Magic Tricks
Guilty pleasures: Chocolate
Pet peeves: People Who Can't Take A Joke
Pets: None
Talents: Magic Tricks (I've Mentioned Magic Tricks Like Fifty Times Now XD)
Favorite colors: Orange And Blue
Favorite type of music: Pop/House

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