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Corvinite Ecclesiarchy

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Soulseekers are the embodiment of the Great Authority, and the will of Corvinus. The abilities cannot be taught or copied by magical or psionic means as they are born from Corvinus, and therefore anathema to magic, psionics, and various other forces that exist outside of nature. As such, Soulseekers must give up all ties to these forces and embrace the Great Authority in full. Thus they gain an increase in in their abilities while in the Anathematic influence of the Emperor.

Those who aspire to be Soulseekers must undergo rigorous physical, mental, and spiritual training. Many often die from the harsh methods employed by the Eichmann Academy on Caelorum, a manufactory that orbits above Valucre in the Sea of Stars. Beyond their scholastic studies they must read and understand Corvinite Scripture and Doctrine, meditate upon them. In this way they begin laying the spiritual foundation of what is to come next.

The first test along the road of becoming a Soulseeker, is a test of martial ability. The students must face off against veteran Soulseekers, or Prince Deiter in a martial test. If their superiors are satisfied they move on to the next. A test of their Scriptural and Doctrinal knowledge, in which their understanding is evaluated. Finally their last test is a test of Faith and the most important, and deadly.

The student must meditate and fast for five days, emptying their minds and steeling themselves for what is to come. After their meditation they are brought before the God-Emperor himself and the highest ranking Soulseekers. Only a rare few have had Paragon Saints involved in this ritual. A highly complex ritual is enacted, and they are brought not just spiritually, but physically into the plane of the Great Authority. It is here that their Faith in not just themselves but Corvinus is tested. The details are never discussed afterwards.

Should they fail, their Faith found wanting, they will die. Their physical body adding to the white ash that makes up the field of Ashen Silence, their souls, however; are not denied entrance into the white light of the Great Authority. Should they succeed, they are brought directly into the collective will and virtues of Mankind, where body and soul they are blessed as the divine carriers and warriors of Corvinus’ will. It is then that their abilities as a Soulseeker are bestowed upon them.

Soulseekers are directly connected to the God-Emperor, while their worship is not required an unshakable faith is. They can sense his will as much as he can sense them, and is capable of communicating with them no matter the distance. Should their Faith break and should they seek to turn against Corvinus their abilities will be violently stripped from them, breaking the body and the mind, and can even result in death. Should a Soulseeker be captured, they can enact what can only be called a self-destruct, in which they can unleash the full extent of the Great Authority's power to “burn” away all supernatural forces in a 100 foot radius.

Infuse With Soul (Su): The Soulseeker can infuse their weapon, and armor with the power of their soul and the God-Emperor's, making mundane equipment effectively Masterwork. This ability effectively makes the armor part of the Soulseeker's body, reducing the speed and armor penalties associated with heavier equipment. Soulseekers may forego their armor for better equipment. A Soulseeker's infused weapons deal extra damage to Non-humans, Deamons, and Undead, this damage cannot be healed naturally.

Innocence Transference (Su): Soulseekers who are targeted by Divine, Arcane, or Psionic spells that deal damage may return 20% of the spell's damage per prep and effectively block it if the preps are equivalent.

Return The Darkness (Su): Spells that would afflict the Soulseeker with an ill-effect, such as poison or paralysis, instead grant the Soulseeker 15% resistance to spells and physical attacks per prep.

Pray To Deaf Ears (Su): Divine Spells not born of Faith to Corvinus which would deal damage to, or otherwise negatively affect the Soulseeker are resisted by 25% per prep.

Imbecile's Attempts (Su): Arcane Spells which would deal damage to, or otherwise negatively affect the Soulseeker are resisted by 25% per prep.

Reject (Su): Soulseekers may exchange a Standard action to prepare "Reject", an ability that allows them to reflect a spell or other supernatural abilities that targets them. Area of effect spells deal no damage, but are not reflected.

Providence of the Mind (Su): A Soulseeker can grant allies within 20 feet of them a 20% resistance to supernatural spells.

Anti-Magic Zone (Ex):The Soulseeker exudes a powerful air of energy that destroys the ability to cast spells, or manifest powers within 30 feet of him. Sustaining this zone requires a Standard, or Move action of focus.

Ascended Soulseeker | Paragon Saint: The highest level of fulfillment for a Soulseeker and only obtained so far by Deiter and Cornelius. The Ascended Soulseeker has refined his soul and its connection with the Great Authority to such an extent that it has infused his physical body, fundamentally changing him. Bone and muscle have become like crystal, yet possesses the tensile strength of kadian steel. His blood is like liquid light, suffused with the powerful essence of the Great Authority. Though outwardly his appearance is normal, the mark of an Ascended Soulseeker are wing-like tendrils of light that emit from the back, much akin to wings when so desired.

Though unlike Ascended Soulseekers, masters of their craft, the Paragon Saint has the ability to infuse weapons and armor, while amplified like the rest, has fundamentally changed. Using his soul he is able to assimilate weapons and armor, changing them with his Soul Essence. It allows him to use his weapons and power armor more effectively as they quite literally become a part of him in this state, body and soul.

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The Great Authority

The Great Authority is the metaphysical representation of the collective will, souls, and virtues of Mankind and Mankind alone. It exists as anathema to Non-humans, unfaithful Psions, mages, and of course daemons from the Sea of Corruption and the forces they wield. It is here that the souls of faithful humans are drawn and safeguarded, adding themselves to it. It exists outside the worship of man, yet ultimately can grow from the souls and wills of the faithful. It is the from the subconscious of the species that it is born when Mankind first came into existence, ever undeniably connected to them as a species. No matter their nation of origin.

Corvinus, the God-Emperor of man, is the physical representation of the Great Authority. Mankind’s will made flesh. It is through Him that the Great Authority may manifest itself in the physical world and exert the subconcious will of man over it. It is through Him, and the worship of Him, that Mankind connects directly with the Great Authority. For the two are one and the same. Two beings one essence. The grounding of being for Mankind. The truly faithful and pure, those deemed truly worthy, become touched directly by the Great Authority and become Soulseekers. Those who are not deemed worthy die, reduced to ash for their failure of purity.

The Great Authority exists as a pure bright crystal sphere of light above a desert of ash to human souls who have found their way into it's embrace. The light represents the purity of Mankind's will and virtue. Beneath it is the ash of countless men and women who were tested to be Soulseekers and found wanting. To the Non-human, the unrepentant mage, the psion, and the daemon, it is a black and foreboding light above a desert of black ash. It represents the wrath of Mankind, the black ash all that is left of its enemies.

The desert of ash is known only a Purgatory, and is patrolled restlessly by the Corvinite Host, who fight back daemon incursions as well as seek out and guide those who have reached absolution. It is here that those deemed unworthy, yet not impure, wander until they have obtained the revelation of absolution. It is then that they are drawn back to His light and admitted into the world within the sphere called Ilios, Throne World of the God-Emperor, Ilios is said to be an Golden city of eternal peace, happiness, and understanding, bathed in the light of the ever watchful Oversoul. It is the resting place of Corvinite heroes, martyrs, prophets, saints, and the Faithful.

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Corvinite Host

The Corvinite Host is a collective term given to describe the Soulseeker armies of the Great Authority. They are the forces that guard the Sea of Ash and Ilios of the Great Authority from the daemonic incursions of the Sea of Corruption. They are comprised of the Faithful Dead, who upon entering Ilios are raised to an Ascended Soulseeker status. The armies are each lead by a Paragon Saint, the ruling body who act on the behalf of the Oversoul that is Corvinus within the realm of the Great Authority.

They are a powerful force of warrior in the metaphysical planes, and possess both the experiences of the Faithful soldiers of the Corvinite Imperium in life, as well as the shared battle experiences of their brethren in the afterlife. They are disciplined fighters, and their unity allows them to defeat the sheer numbers of daemons. Each Paragon Saint, when present on the battlefield, fills their troops with the virtue they represent, strengthening them against the dark forces wielded by daemons of the Sea of Corruption.

They serve as both of the defense of the Great Authority, and the inner sanctum known as Ilios. Yet they have another purpose, they are the vanguard of the Emperor's will against the Scourge of the Kraken. It is not unheard of that they have launched their own retaliatory invasions of the Sea of Corruption, often stopping incursions into the Great Authority, as well as the Waking World. They are the vanguard of Mankind, and its last defense.



The Corvinite Host is composed of many types of specialized warriors. So far the following types have been observed:

Warriors are resilient, carry heavy white and golden armor, and usually carry massive Two-handed weapons. They mostly fight on foot, and may operate or repair siege weapons.

Scouts are unarmored and unarmed, carrying light white and golden robes, but adept in the use of Soulseeker abilities, able to operate siege weaponry, expel demonic corruption and project shields of Authority to protect allies.

Lancers bear light plate armor and long polearms, which they use to strike from above, soaring upon the enemy and using their ability of flight to outmaneuver and outflank foes.

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“Consider the moment of the Kraken’s birth. The desires of an entire species meeting and merging, caught and reflected endlessly in the Sea of Corruption. Think of the billions upon billions of psyches merging in impossible depths, drawn together by the deadly undertow of their own sins to meet and intertwine, finally awakening to become something Other.”

“Imagine the moment of merged consciousness awakening, tearing free from the last bonds of sanity. Picture the glory of release, the unbridled forces of the id ripping open the walls of reality and feasting upon the shattered ruins of the super-ego.”

“Ultimate ascension awaits the ravening meta-entity, a place upon the throne of the greatest powers as old as the stars themselves. In the fever realms of otherspace it becomes as a god fuelled by the death-screams of its progenitors. Reality is breached, godhood achieved and the cosmic balance tilts yet further against the fragile substance of reality and order.”

“Mourn, if you will, for an entire civilization so cruelly snuffed out at the height of their power, and then begin to consider what manner of survivors such a cataclysm might breed.”

--Liber Corvinum; Birth of the Kraken

The Kraken is a creature that cannot ever truly be understood by the minds of mortals and immortals alike. Be they the brightest minds, loftiest Gods, or even the most depraved of hell’s beasts. It is the Lord of Corruption, the God of Seven Faces, and the Grand Maw. These are the names given to it by the Corvinites and Heathens alike, either regarded with hatred and disgust by the former, or worship by the latter. It is the Adversary of the Anathema, the corruptor of the original inhabitants of the Kadian Island, the sole cause of their vampiric and bestial behaviour. The Kraken, above all else, is the God-Emperor’s and by extension; Mankind's greatest enemy. Soon even the acclaimed Blood God of Eastern Genesaris will learn that such a being is not so easily contested with.

The Kraken is an entity of the Sea of Corruption, it is hard to know if it was created from it or if it created it. What is known is that its very birth was at the cost of a non-human civilization predating most of Valucre’s known history. These non-humans were debaucherous creatures, having a history of death, violence, and twisted acts against the younger species; especially Man. It was only at the height of their civilization that a religion was born. With its birth their rose to even greater heights of depravity. It is not known how the religion came to be, as there are many speculations surrounding it by our scholars. What we do know for a fact, that it existed and its effects would have far greater consequences to the world than one might believe at first glance.

Its birth took centuries, if not millennia, to reach completion. When it did, it was in violence and death. Madness. The non-human creatures, vampiric in nature, eventually turned upon themselves. Amidst the human sacrifices, those of their own, and cannibalism, a great catastrophe erupted. They fell to madness as the birth of their foul god came near, and on the eve of it their great civilization had toppled, transforming them into monstrous abominations. For centuries more they were contained on their own island, the massive magical fluctuations too powerful and rampant for them to leave without risking death. It was when the storms dies, and all had been forgotten that the natives of today arrived. They fought the creatures in conquest, pushed them back into the depths.

Defeat is not always obvious where the Kraken is involved, even if one thinks they have already won. It was just this case concerning the current natives of the island. Though they pushed back the corrupted curs, it had incurred a higher price than they could have ever imagined. That price was the splitting of their people and the utter corruption of their bodies, minds, and souls. Imperial Scholars are unsure of how this exactly happened, as the truth is obscured by either myths or outright lies. What is known is that the Ekimmu, as they call themselves, bonded with the original inhabitants after centuries. Perhaps they had forgotten them with time, though from what has been pieced together; their religion had been corrupted.

Tezca at the center of this, either as some resistance against the Kraken’s machinations or the tool. It is uncertain.

The end result is the foe that has harried us since we first set foot on this island. During the day they are humans, much like you and I; that is an illusion at best. It is at night that they reveal their true face. Vampiric beasts cloaked in shadow, maddened and hungry. Hold no pity for them, as they are a mockery of the purity of man, it is a mercy in itself to kill them and send their souls to oblivion. Mankind must not only finish this amalgamation of the non-humans which gave birth to the foul Kraken, dealing a great low to the creature, we must also put to rest the corrupted. So ends my entry, and I go once more into the fray; Emperor protect you who reads this.

--Captain General, Demos Ecclesius

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