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Nth Time's A Charm

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Hey fellas. The name's LoganDub, soon to be DubNui, but you all can just call me Dub. I've been a user for quite a while, and have made more than a couple return threads, but I haven't really gotten back into the swing of things since my first couple months back in 2015. I really hope that this time I am here to stay, and I thought I'd introduce myself to anyone who never got to know me before I left!

I'm in love with archetypal adventure stories, and my character arcs have generally looked that way, but I want to dive into smaller, more personal tales, where the adventure is a secondary goal, or a side effect of my characters' motivations. I am a big Dungeons & Dragons buff, having played a character in a few campaigns, and I'm currently running one with my buddies. It's great, and has really let me explore my creative side while away from Val. I'm cool with being in charge of multiple characters during a scene, and I'm willing to experiment with being "NPC"-type characters if need be. Starting out, I most likely will NOT be working on character sheets, because I would rather be engaging in roleplay when I have time to write here.

If it's important, I'm nineteen, and I'm currently a slave to a grocery chain, so I will most likely be unable to post multiple times a day most days. My hours are unpredictable, but I will try to put in some writing where I can! 

I can honestly say that Valucre's Discord community has been the single biggest reason for my return, so I must say thank you to everyone there for keeping me engaged!

Anyone who would like to discuss any roleplay ideas, feel free to shoot me a message! 

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